By - 12/30/15 - 9:26 am

Some Globe columnist who isn't Shirley Leung took the time last week to wail about how we coulda been a world-class contenda, if only we weren't such penurious little bastards too scared to dream and spend big.

Not quite, as Evan Falchuk reminds us: Read more.

By - 12/28/15 - 2:28 pm

But fortunately, it happened in the middle of a light traffic day, like around 2 p.m. and they began functioning again after about 20 minutes.

By - 12/27/15 - 9:00 pm
Howard Leibowitz

Howard Leibowitz, who served at the side of both Ray Flynn and Tom Menino, died today, according to MassDOT Highway Administrator (and Menino Transportation Commissioner) Tom Tinlin, who writes:

World lost a good one today. Howard Leibowitz. Political genius, better friend. RIPHowardLeibowitz

Seth Gittell writes an appreciation.

By - 12/25/15 - 10:31 am

A.P. Blake asks:

Just got off work, not much food at home, and can't find an open Dunkins. Not even Rt 1 Saugus. Help me, @universalhub, you're my only hope.

By - 12/22/15 - 1:41 pm

Drew Starr asks:

Where to get the Norwegian cheese nokkelost in the Boston area? Difficulty level: not carried by Formaggio.

By - 12/21/15 - 3:51 pm

CherryOMighty asks:

Where can a person get goat for their Xmas goat stew?

By - 12/21/15 - 12:29 pm

EggBones asks:

Looking for a good Chinese food (or any food) recommendation for Christmas Day.

By - 12/18/15 - 8:06 am

An outside audit of Boston public schools finds that even with school closings in recent years, there are way too many empty classrooms in BPS schools.

According to the audit, highlights of which BPS released this morning, BPS enrollment this year is 54,000 in a system with 90,000 seats. Read more.

By - 12/17/15 - 8:45 pm

The Boston Board of Health voted today to raise the minimum age to buy tobacco in the city from 18 to 21. That includes e-cigarettes.

By - 12/16/15 - 2:13 pm

The Boston City Council today approved a resolution calling for restaurants with under 30 seats outside the downtown area to let customers bring their own beer and wine if they don't have liquor licenses.

The proposal now goes to the Boston Licensing Board, which has oversight of liquor service in the city and which currently bans all BYOB. Read more.

By - 12/16/15 - 1:50 pm
Yancey says goodbye

Boston city councilors and Mayor Walsh said goodbye to councilors Charles Yancey (Dorchester) and Steve Murphy (at large) at their final meeting of the city council.

Walsh presented the two with Revere bowls for their years of service - 32 for Yancey, 19 for Murphy. Read more.

By - 12/15/15 - 12:59 pm
By - 12/15/15 - 11:10 am
Band on a Boston street

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this photo. See it larger.

By - 12/13/15 - 2:07 pm

Boston Yeti had a Q&A session with the Associated Press the other day.

By - 12/11/15 - 1:41 pm
Where the speed limit will be lowered to 20 mph in Boston: Jamaica Plain and Dorchester

New 20-m.p.h. zones in Jamaica Plain and Dorchester.

Boston officials plan to drop the speed limit to 20 m.p.h. in small sections of Jamaica Plain and Dorchester - and to seek state permission to reduce the default citywide speed limit to 25 - as part of efforts to reduce the number of crash-related injuries and deaths in the city.

The "Neighborhood Slow Streets" proposals for the Stony Brook and Talbot-Triangle areas could then become blueprints for reducing bad crashes on neighborhood streets across Boston. Read more.

By - 12/11/15 - 11:22 am

Boston Magazine reports the BRA board voted yesterday to re-extend its urban-renewal powers over such bedraggled, down-in-the-dumps areas as the North End. The measure now goes to the City Council and Mayor Walsh.

By - 12/9/15 - 7:44 pm

Collegiate has a high degree of what the folks in the business (and charter schools are a business) call cohort loss. Cohort loss are all the kids who were admitted to a charter school but "didn't work out."

By - 12/9/15 - 2:32 pm

Are you trying to ring in the new year with some new goals and opportunities? Want to give back to your community in 2016? Boston Partners can help!

We're seeking adults in Boston to become academic mentors to students in the Boston Public Schools! Students in grades K-12 are in need of support in subjects such as math, literacy, and science. By spending an hour in the classroom each week with a student or group of students, you can make a huge difference in their academic and personal success!

To learn more, visit

By - 12/9/15 - 1:18 pm

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this photo.

By - 12/9/15 - 10:29 am

The mayors of Boston, Braintree, Cambridge, Chelsea, Quincy and Somerville today announced the Greater Boston Regional Economic Compact, which "will facilitate regional problem solving" in "the areas of housing, transportation, sustainability, and economic development that would benefit from a regional response."

The mayors will look to hire a "Regional Compact coordinator" and a separate full-time staffer to coordinate regional efforts by the six cities.

The 52-year-old Metropolitan Area Planning Council has a full-time executive director - former state Rep. Marc Draisen of Roslindale - as well as numerous staffers who work on housing, transportation, sustainability and economic development for the greater-Boston area.