By - 1/23/16 - 6:25 pm

Around 6:20 p.m., Harvey Leonard had this to say about the storm in the Boston area: "It's a very significant event" for the next hour or 2.

Megz reports: Read more.

By - 1/23/16 - 11:34 am

The Herald reports on comments by the lawyer for Edwin Guzman, a BPD sergeant facing charges in Quincy of dissemination of harmful material to a minor and annoying and accosting behavior, and how he doubts the photos were really that troubling to her.

"You can’t tell me someone her age has never seen a picture of a penis on the Internet," Anderson said.

By - 1/22/16 - 9:32 am

But wouldn't "the townie" say "dude" or "khed" instead of "bro"?

H/t Michael Ratty.

By - 1/22/16 - 4:31 am


By - 1/21/16 - 11:58 pm

Boston Police report:

At approximately 8:55 this morning, the Boston Police Department was notified of a threatening email that was sent to the superintendent of school’s office at 2300 Washington Street, Roxbury. Upon receiving the email, school officials immediately notified the Boston Police Department. The BPD along with our local and Federal law enforcement partners promptly initiated an investigation and quickly determined that the threat contained in the email was not credible.

Police say they and school officials took unspecified "appropriate" actions just in case.

By - 1/21/16 - 11:51 pm
Giant Boston snow blower

One of the snow beasts.

After last winter, Boston bought two giant snow blowers that, when coupled with dump trucks, can remove 2,000 tons of snow an hour.

WCVB reports that with the impending blizzard to end all blizzards expected to sock Washington, but mostly miss us, Mayor Walsh says he's offered to loan the vehicles to that city if they need it.

By - 1/21/16 - 1:09 pm

Boston Public Schools today announced that 70.7% of the 2015 class graduated. It's the system's highest number - and reflects a shrinking gap between the graduation rates of whites and blacks and Hispanics. Read more.

By - 1/21/16 - 12:36 pm

The Boston Licensing Board next week hears 12 requests for liquor licenses - all but two from either the North End or the South Boston waterfront - for one of the ten "all alcohol" licenses freed up by the state legislature for Boston last fall.

That's on top of the four restaurants whose requests they heard this week and two last week. Read more.

By - 1/20/16 - 2:40 pm

Connolly, who ran against Marty Walsh in 2013, writes that he agrees with a point Walsh made last night in his speech about getting both BPS and charter schools working together: Read more.

By - 1/19/16 - 9:31 pm

In his annual State of the City address, Mayor Walsh declared that "the city of Boston is as strong as it's ever been," but he laid out several proposals to make it even better and to keep Boston at the forefront of cities in which residents look out for each other and help each other out.

Walsh emphasized schools and assured those listening that "the Boston Public Schools ARE my priority." But in remarks that seemed aimed at pro-BPS parents who protested outside Symphony Hall before his speech, he added that he is equally committed to students at the city's non-BPS charter schools. And enough, already, with pitting schools against each other, he said. Read more.

By - 1/19/16 - 6:13 pm

Local filmmakers Richard Hawke and Paul Villanova created this 3 1/2-minute video of Boston in Flux to show Boston changing over the decades.

We wanted the film to be more than simply a photographic effect," says Villanova. "We wanted to visually demonstrate the paradox of Boston - how it is constantly changing, and yet, in many ways looks the same as it did 100 years ago. There is a tension we wanted to capture."

Then and now: Some Boston scenes.

By - 1/17/16 - 6:07 pm
Women exercising in Boston

Boston high school students exercising in early 1890s (from BPL). See larger.

The Massachusetts Historical Society fills us in on the movement to get women moving, starting in the 1860s: Read more.

By - 1/17/16 - 3:35 pm

MZ asks:

Looking to donate luggage to an organization dealing with foster children or domestic abuse victims.Any suggestions, please?

By - 1/17/16 - 9:55 am

With Boston booming, there's no real reason Boston schools are being ordered to make cuts that could mean teacher and program cuts, is there? There is if you look at it as one of the first steps in Mayor Walsh's long-term plan to completely reorganizes BPS and build a system with fewer, but bigger schools, Mike Freedberg writes:

Complete reorganization of Boston’s schools system is certainly Walsh’s goals, as it is the goal of the city’s employers and of many of the city’s school-kid parents. This cannot possibly be accomplished all at once. You can only reform an entrenched vested interest by chipping away at it, a little at a time. Walsh’s $ 50 million FY 2017 schools short-sheet looks like the first chip in his long term plan.

By - 1/15/16 - 1:08 pm

City Hall today announced an online dashboard that is supposed to let people know at a glance how efficiently various city services and metrics are being met - for example, stabbings (hey, it's the very first item) are apparently down from where the city expected them to be (yay!), while city traffic-light repair is going slower than it should (boo!).

By - 1/15/16 - 12:16 pm

A West Chester, PA man faces up to five years in federal prison after admitting yesterday he blackmailed a college student in Boston over some nude photos he had of her in a campaign that included a threat to drive here and "go on a rampage." Read more.

By - 1/14/16 - 11:55 pm
Berents-Weeramuni discusses the BPS budget

Berents-Weeramuni discusses the BPS budget.

They don't have $18 million in New York money, but some 300 pro-BPS residents and teachers said tonight they will run a robust campaign to protect Boston public schools by fighting proposals that would lift the cap on charter schools, meld charter and BPS enrollment systems and cut $50 million from the budget of the nation's oldest public-school system. Read more.

By - 1/14/16 - 10:03 pm

Tonight in Boston, over 350 parents, teachers, students and community members packed a community forum at Madison Park to resist charter expansion as well as the Mayor's third annual austerity budget for Boston Public Schools.

Boston is both a wealthy city and a poor city. In fact, Boston is #1 city in income inequality.

More than half of our kids in Boston Public Schools live at or near the poverty level. At the same time we have great wealth and lots of luxury condos to prove it.

Marty Walsh's choice has been austerity-- funding cuts -- to Boston Schools totaling $190,000,000 over three years. Enough.

By - 1/13/16 - 7:17 pm

Good Lord, look what popped up on the twitosphere today (and now we're picturing one last intern who somehow got locked into the Boston 2024 bunker when everybody else left).

Read more.

By - 1/12/16 - 3:39 pm

City Councilor Tito Jackson (Roxbury) wants to exempt Boston homeowners over 60 and people with disabilities from the requirement to shovel their sidewalks after snowstorms.

In a request for a hearing that will go before the council tomorrow, Jackson says: Read more.