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AP reports Romney's thinking about running for president again.

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Sometimes, Boston's cab drivers are telling the truth; the credit card machines don't work - and it's not their fault.

According to (Boston's own) Charles Pierce of Esquire, the Romney for President campaign shut off staffers' credit cards in the middle of the night on Tuesday, leaving the Boston crew scrambling for money.

From the moment Mitt Romney stepped off stage Tuesday night, having

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During the final presidential debate, Romney boasted that MA is a leader in education and number one in the country.

MR. ROMNEY: — just about education, because I’m — I’m so proud of the state that I had the chance to be governor of. We have, every two years, tests that look at how well our kids are doing. Fourth graders and eighth graders... Read more

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Massachusetts sure came up a lot in the debate tonight. Some history to go with the references:

When Romney got his binder full of women (and why he had nothing to do with it).

When Romney got tough on a coal plant in Salem.

When Romney opposed a wind project.

When Romney signed a permanent ban on assault weapons.

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Who is Crazy Khazei?

August 25, 2011

For nearly a month, Democratic Senate candidate Alan Khazei has been mocked by a “CrazyKhazei’’ Twitter account that pretends to represent his voice and offers sometimes-nasty statements about the news of the day.

“Just got back from sunny California,’’ read one July 31 tweet. “Thanks to all the elitists

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Want Governor Romney back? We didn't think so.

Voters in Massachusetts know better than anyone else what a Romney presidency would look like—and we need to let the rest of the country know how terrible it would be.

That's why we're joining with other Massachusetts progressive groups TODAY for a rally to show that Romney was a failure as governor and we certainly don't... Read more

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Mitt v. Mitt, The story of two men trapped in one body.

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Mitt Romney's giant shredder truck

Looks like Mitt Romney's campaign has found a new way to keep little kids out of the parking lot of his North End campaign headquarters. A disgusted citizen reports:

Mitt Romney's giant Shredder Truck illegally parked outside his office on

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As Mitt Romney has taken to the national public stage as a contender for the Republican presidential nomination, Deval Patrick's administration has been asked many times to provide e-mails from Romney's time as governor. The catch: they can't find any to hand out.

Romney's staff paid the state to take their hard drives with them in a move Romney's campaign is calling "a longtime... Read more

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Romney's enforcers took no guff this morningRomney's enforcers took no guff this morning.

Tenacity runs a summer tennis and literacy program for North End kids at the park at the corner of Commercial and North Washington streets. Parents who dropped their kids off on the way... Read more

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Then a 14 year old teenager, Lisa Allen came forward Wednesday to tell her side of the story when Republican candidate for US Congress former police officer Sgt Jeff Perry, failed to protect Ms. Allen from Officer Scott Flanagan who performed an illegal strip-search of her. Police officers are entrusted to, and take an oath to, serve and protect. Ms. Allen said Officer Perry protected... Read more

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Guy who's supposedly a rap star (Ed. note: What the hell do I know?) reveals he was the guy in the tete-a-Mitt on that plane, and says Romney grabbed him first.

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No, not Bill Weld, silly. Mitt Romney, who, you may recall, sold his Belmont house awhile back.

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That darn tax-and-spender! Lance explains how the court case that started it all was launched in 2003 by the Romney administration's Revenue Department - not by Deval Patrick:

... [T]he next time Mitt Romney runs for president, he should be asked over and over again from Keene to Laconia why he wanted to impose a Massachusetts sales tax on New Hampshire businesses.

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Aw, our own Mittster is already running for president again.

The Outraged Liberal ponders Romney taking a different tack in 2012 to outflank hard righters like Palin and Huckabee:

... Could we be witnessing yet another metamorphosis, with Romney blooming as new (pretty) face and voice of the "pragmatic" wing that is expected to emerge? ...

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