By - 3/14/09 - 8:00 pm

Joel Brown reports the Roses for whom the Rose Art Museum is named are gathering at Brandeis on Monday; things could get pretty thorny for university President Yehuda Reinharz:

More than 50 members of the Rose family have come together to condemn the actions of the current Brandeis administration in closing the Edward and Bertha C. Rose Art Museum and selling the art works

... Read more
By - 2/9/09 - 7:24 am
Obey, now!

Booking photo courtesy Suffolk County District Attorney's office. Art via Obamafy Yourself.

The Herald talks to Boston's top graffiti cop (yes, of course Boston has one) about his arrest of the street-art guy:

... "He's always been a big problem," Kelley said. "He'd go from city to city to do this." ...

He's... Read more

By - 2/6/09 - 12:56 pm

The other day, I left my hermit's cave and actually ventured into Kenmore Square for a lunch engagement. Andre the Giant and oversized Red Revolutionary Peasant Women stared at me from every available surface, it seemed (except, of course from the world's largest anti-gun poster and the soft green that surrounds our local field of dreams). It was quite a shock for a country boy... Read more

By - 1/21/09 - 8:47 am

Jeff Hayes paints a still life and blogs as he goes.

By - 1/8/09 - 9:14 am

Joel Brown reports that on Friday, ART will sell $25 tickets for early performances of its current season shows.

By - 11/13/08 - 9:54 am

With Thanksgiving around the corner and the holiday season fast approaching, many people are in the market for holiday greeting cards for family and friends.

Project Bread, The Walk for Hunger is offering a wide variety of holiday cards for the 2008 season with unique images and heart-warming messages that will appeal to all. “Through the sale of holiday cards we help hungry families... Read more

By - 9/6/08 - 1:29 pm

ATM Envelope Art
ATM Envelope Art by stevegarfield, on Flickr CC BY-NC-SA

I saw this art on an ATM envlope yesterday at the Bank of New England on Centre Street. I thought it was cool so I took a picture and uploaded it to... Read more

By - 8/10/08 - 11:16 am

Come join the Boston Firefly Project for a night of art, poetry, and activism as we raise awareness around the issue of poverty worldwide. Local artists, poets, and writers will be presenting and displaying their work on Thursday, August 14th from 7-9pm at the Lincoln Institute for Land Policy on 113 Brattle Street in Cambridge, a short walk from the Harvard Square T stop. Come... Read more

By - 2/29/08 - 4:03 pm


Somerville has a well-deserved reputation for fostering and supporting the arts.

Some residents near Foss Park want to change all that. They've hoodwinked a couple of aldermen into asking the state to paint over a mural in the park, claiming that it somehow interferes with their ability to sell their houses.... Read more

By - 2/18/08 - 8:13 pm

If you can avoid one Shakespeare production this year, make it ART's "Julius Caesar," Zolok writes:

... Bloated, loaded up with inpenetrable symbolism, rife with robotic acting and glacially paced at a torpid three hours plus, this has to be one of the worst Shakespeare productions I've ever seen ...

By - 1/29/08 - 2:06 pm

Art wars are so much fun, especially when you have no idea who most of these people are but really appreciate some good high-brow vituperation.

By - 1/22/08 - 4:14 pm

Chris and Erin report on an interesting collaboration between two Dot. Ave. businesses to build a permanent sculpture project: Dot Art Clay Station will be installing sculpture in the window of the Dot-2-Dot Café now readying for opening at 1739 Dorchester Ave.

By - 1/21/08 - 12:37 pm

Today a one time opportunity for free viewing of the Symbols of Power Napoleon exhibition and all of the Museum of Fine Arts during the Martin Luther King Day open house

Wear a universalhub symbol of power... Meet other people at the museum who've read the bits of local interest at Read more

By - 1/20/08 - 1:37 pm

Alecia Batson describes going on an audition at the American Repertory Theatre:

... I set my pitch pipe and music on the chair that was available, expecting to read first and sing second, which is what happened, but only after what seemed an eternity of awkward silence in which one looked me up and down, another perused my resume, and the artistic director introduced

... Read more
By - 10/14/07 - 6:55 pm
Whole lotta cellies

If you're Robert Pettit, you call it art. Pettit, an Allston artist, is trying to add to his 1,000-phone pile for an installation:

... If you have some old phones you want to donate to my project my building is having open studios on the weekend of November 10. swing by

... Read more
By - 9/18/07 - 8:33 pm

Thomas Garvey: Have the folks singing State Street's praises actually seen the monstrosity Malcolm Rogers is planning to build?

... Admittedly, the State Street moolah will only fund the $500 million monster indirectly - but really, if it was ever appropriate to "starve the beast," this is just such a time. ...

By - 8/15/07 - 8:04 am

No, not art on the T. Take a look at Leah's Subway Stories collage in ink and acrylic paint on bristol vellum paper.

By - 6/6/07 - 11:24 am

Tomorrow's First Thursday in Jamaica Plain:

Each First Thursday of the month more than two dozen businesses along Centre and South Streets are transformed into galleries featuring works from local artists. Open receptions at each location, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, offer a chance to meet the artists, enjoy refreshments, and experience JP's fabulous businesses in an entirely new light.

... Read more
By - 3/5/07 - 6:44 pm

Daily Candy shucks the starbucks and grabs a cup from Flamepoeira on Lewis Street in the North End, apparently just missing Bostonist.

Flamepoeira introduces a new type of cafe to Boston, a friendly, social, caffeinated art spot that is part Littlest Bar, part Pan 9-- yet oddly North End.... Read more

By - 2/27/07 - 2:57 pm

John Keith points us to this survey, which claims that Nassau and Suffolk counties in New York are a lot more "creative" than Boston. Even Carson City, Nev. is more artistically endowed than our pitiful little Hub, according to the list.... Read more