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If Boston cab-fleet owners want fare increases, they should be forced to clean up their acts, City Council President Maureen Feeney says in a letter to Police Commissioner Ed Davis, who oversees taxi fares in Boston.

The taxicab industry has been described as "sharecropping on wheels" with drivers forced to pay thousands of dollars in fees before they can earn any salary. This system penalizes both drivers and passengers. It is time for a comprehensive look at our taxi cab system in Boston. I ask you to strongly consider establishing a commission to review the taxi cab industry in Boston and recommend reforms to address the serious concerns raised both by passengers and by drivers.

My office has received several reports of illegal and out-of-town cabs operating in Boston, and of illegal kickbacks from hotel doormen to livery services. Taxi cab drivers face serious challenges and, in addition to your hearing today, I hope you will continue to work with them to address these issues. ...

Globe: Taxi drivers push for fare increases.

Boston to Brookline cabbies: Butt out.

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Taxi drivers push for fare increase.

The Outraged Liberal sympathizes with cab drivers, but wonders if fleet owners, who charge drivers $77 a day, are making out like bandits:

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ChezNiki explains how she just hates how there's no way to get from Logan to anywhere else by public transit in the wee hours, like, say, when her plane gets in. She posts a copy of a text message she sent a friend about her ride home to the West End recently:

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Jake Wark photographed this cab on fire around 8:15 this morning outside Center Plaza. He reports that Boston Fire arrived moments later and extinguished what was left of the taxi.

Update: Report from the guy who got the cabbie out of the car.