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By - 12/12/12 - 8:26 am

Today's MBTA tales of woe come from the Franklin Line, where "mechanical problems" caused big delays and major crowding:

Suzie Mac, an hour late for work, reports:

Stopped at Norwood Central and train too full to let passengers on! Left them on the platform!

State Rep. Dan Winslow, a regular on the line, adds:

We're crammed on like sardines on Franklin train. Three train routes combined on one @mbtaGM? Why ^ breakdowns?

By - 10/17/12 - 10:51 pm

Shortly before 10 p.m., by a commuter-rail train on the Northeast Corridor tracks, just south of Canterbury Street.

MBTA Transit Police report the victim, a white male who appeared to be in his 20s, was hit by an inbound Franklin Line train.

By - 5/15/12 - 10:51 am

The Globe reports an outbound Franklin Line train hit a trespasser around 12:30 a.m. in Norwood, several hours after an inbound Acela train struck and killed a trespasser in Sharon.

By - 3/19/12 - 9:46 am

UPDATE: Franklin High School officials say the actual pugilists on the train were Franklin High alumni, not students, the Milford Daily News reports.

By - 12/31/10 - 11:20 am

NOTE: Post corrected to show the location of the car will be the one closest to the locomotive, which is only the first car in outbound trains.

The MBTA begins experimental rush-hour quiet-car service on the Franklin and Fitchburg lines on Monday. For the next three months, the car closest to the locomotive will be where be where cell phones go to die:

By - 10/28/10 - 11:38 pm

The MBTA's reporting lengthy delays on trains out of South Station tonight. Dan Esdale reports that, as of 11:30 p.m.:

The 10:35 Franklin train still hasn't left South Station. And they don't know when the signal problem will be fixed.

By - 11/7/09 - 1:21 pm

This time in Franklin this morning, MBTA Transit Police tweet. NECN reports the man, in his 40s, was struck at the Fisher Street crossing. Train 1028, outbound.

By - 5/21/09 - 5:56 pm

Sure, why not? Trains delayed due to a brush fire on the tracks in Hyde Park. Oh, yeah, Acela service also affected. Are there locusts on the Worcester Line?

By - 2/9/09 - 2:46 pm

Peter Maranci reports that not only did he get into Ruggles 35 minutes late - because the train ahead of his died and had to be pushed off the tracks (and then shot?) - but then he and other commuters had to rely on the kindness of a conductor just to get out:

... [B]oth of the doors on the side that I was on were stuck (no conductors around, of course!). We all turned and ran for other doors, but the train was moving by the time we got to them. Finally a conductor stopped the train, and we got off. But the doors now opened on the closed part of the platform, the part that has been crumbling for years. We stepped out onto a thick sheet of unsanded ice. We all made it across the ice and around the "CLOSED" barrier safely ...

By - 11/3/08 - 9:14 pm
Sure, his train this morning was 40 minutes late into South Station. But, Steve Sherlock reports, at least the conductor announced over the PA:
You can put your tickets and passes away. I am not going to get around to checking them today. Don't leave them behind.
Does Channel 5 know about this?
By - 10/31/08 - 10:07 pm

Dave reports that two cars in a row on his Franklin Line train tonight had no handles on the outsides of their doors:

... Some people ran for the first car that actually had handles, some tried to make contact with someone inside the train so they could open them from the inside and some just stood and cussed. I like to imagine Mr. O'Leary watching scenes like this kind of thing on a video feed in his office at the MBCR and just laughing and laughing.

By - 8/6/08 - 12:22 pm

Charlie on the Commuter Rail notes that the issue of commuter-rail conductors not announcing where their trains are going at Ruggles grows only worse:

They often don't bother to announce the destination of the train, and sometimes they don't even step out on the platform! Since the trains have been more and more erratic, time-wise (they can vary from the schedule by five minutes or more) this is particularly worrisome. Often passengers have to go into a train and ask the passengers inside where the train is going.

Also, there was a car on the Franklin Line last night that smelled like sewage.

You may recall how the initial "let's mess with commuters' heads and not announce destinations at stations like Ruggles" thing started during the secret work action, which is supposed to be over, but, you know, conductors just wanna have fun.

Meanwhile, Train Stopping shows that what we have on commuter rail is a failure to communicate: In response to a commuter complaining about inaccurate delay info on, a customer-service manager at MBCR (which actually runs the trains), replied:

We provide the MBTA with the delay information but we cannot access their website to post delay information; that falls under their purview.

Allegedly the MBTA is working on a fix, but has provide no completion date.

By - 7/15/08 - 8:51 pm

Are MBCR conductors on another secret job action, or do they all just have sore throats? Charlie on the Commuter Rail reports what happened at Ruggles yesterday afternoon:

... An outbound train pulled up to Ruggles at 4:19; everyone got on. One passenger asked what train it was, and discovered that it wasn't the Franklin train after all; it was the Needham train, running very late. We all started shouting and warning people, and there was a mass exodus of Franklin passengers.

By - 4/23/08 - 5:00 pm

Quasit escapes from train 715 on the Franklin Line, which seems about ready to grind to a halt from the sheer weight of all the people now crammed into it:

... Ridership has increased enormously; every seat is full to capacity, the aisles are packed solid, and even the vestibules - which are supposed to be off-limits for passengers - are full of riders.

Yesterday there were 14 people riding in the vestibule that I was in. I was in the spot exactly between two cars; that spot is probably the most dangerous on the train, because it's the intersection between the two coaches. ... Fares haven't been collected on the #715 for weeks. Passengers are openly talking about giving up their passes and buying 12-ride tickets instead, because you can easily get a month or two of rides from one; the conductors simply can't check tickets. ...

By - 4/17/08 - 11:00 pm

Steve Sherlock is composing poems for each stop on the Franklin Line - in "sherku" (like haiku, but with two more syllables) - for example:

No family store, no
Five and dime, not here
At Dedham Corporate Center
By - 3/20/08 - 4:40 pm

Now that the T and the MBCR have figured out how to make the trains run on time (it's simple: just change the schedules), how long before they "improve" the Franklin Line, where we see from a new commuter blogger that things are getting annoying?

By - 3/10/08 - 1:12 pm

Both Friday and Monday, Quasit's train from Franklin never stopped at Ruggles due to - sing it with me - signal problems:

I've put in for the on-time service guarantee on both days. Since the train never arrived at my destination, the MBTA can hardly claim that it was on time!

However, he does report some progress: At least conductors announced the bypass on the train.

By - 2/29/08 - 9:56 am

Figures. Those disintegrating, cracked Northeast Corridor ties will affect some MBTA commuters out of South Station. The Globe reports the rail lines between Back Bay and Readville will be shut June 14 through 17 to allow for replacement of the ties there. That means buses for commuters on the Attleboro/Providence, Franklin, Needham and Stoughton lines (dear Globe: What about the Fairmount Line?).

Commute-a-holic, meanwhile, points us to this fun story about the Winchester commuter-rail stop:

Signs warning pedestrians away from the in-bound entrance to the commuter rail station along Waterfield Road in Winchester are still in place, more than two weeks after hundreds of pounds of concrete fell from the ceiling. ...

By - 2/20/08 - 3:16 pm

Dave on the Franklin Line begins his report on this morning's commute thusly:

So I coasted in to Norwood Central this morning to find the usual festive atmosphere that heralds another colossal screw-up by the MBCR. ....

Meanwhile, Jeff Egnaczyk writes to the T to complain about its newly enhanced Worcester Line schedule (no, don't worry, he didn't use any bad words). He reports he got back a reply saying the changes "were negotiated between the MBTA/MBCR and CSX (owner/operator/dispatcher of this line) over the course of several months" and now he wonders:

... Do you know any corporation dedicated to customer service that would make a major change like this without the input of their customers?