franklin line

By - 1/26/08 - 9:25 am

On the Franklin Line, Dave reports he's applied for another MBTA rebate, thanks to another late train, but wonders what he'd do with it since he already buys a monthly pass:

... Maybe my kids can use them to play train. We'll set up some chairs in the living room and just sit there and it'll be like the real thing. I'll get angrier and angrier and the kids will laugh and laugh. ...

By - 1/17/08 - 1:13 pm

Dave reports the 708 out of Franklin was 45 minutes late today.

By - 1/11/08 - 7:24 pm

On the 5:40 Franklin Line train last night passengers got to listen to this odd little exchange over the intercom:

Man: Hello, Mo.

(minute passes)

Man: Helloooo, Mo.

Woman: Hello.

Man: Got a flashlight?

Nothing after that, so we were only left to wonder why the man needed a flashlight so badly, and if Mo had one or not.