Chinese New Year

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Johnny took in the New Year's celebrations in Chinatown yesterday.

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Eater Boston alerts us to a one-day kosher-ish homage to the Chinese New Year at a Chinatown restaurant:

What happens when you mix the Chinese New Year with Jewish cuisine with O Ya/jm Curley alum Mark O'Leary, and then you serve it all at Shojo? You get dishes like luobagao latkes with lox, matzoh ball ramen, and black & white challah, and you only

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Chinese New Year celebration in Boston

Arturo Gossage took in the Chinese New Year celebrations in Chinatown today.

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Greg Cook took in the celebrations of the Year of the Hare in Chinatown yesterday .... Read more

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The Small Boston Kitchen reports on a Chinese New Year celebration last night at the newly re-opened Dumpling Cafe on Washington Street downtown:

The steamed dumplings were so soft and tender, each bite packed with the flavors of fresh vegetables and various meats.

By - 2/21/10 - 3:17 pm

Tom O'Keefe takes in the Chinese New Year festivities in Chinatown:

Mike Ball took photos and shows us the littlest lion:

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Chinese New Year

Paul Keleher took in the Chinese New Year festivities in Chinatown today. Charles Bandes took photos, too.

Photo used under Creative Commons.

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cHrOmeHeArTs1888 shot some video during yesterday's Chinese New Year events in Chinatown: