Northern Avenue Bridge

By - 12/18/14 - 6:39 pm

The city has shut the old Northern Avenue Bridge "indefinitely" following a safety inspection that showed it was no longer even safe for pedestrians and bicyclists, according to a memo sent around today to local employers by the Seaport Transportation Management Association.

Walkers and bicyclists now need to take the Moakley Bridge - which was supposed to completely replace the Northern Avenue span - or Summer Street.

By - 11/16/12 - 8:24 am

Northern Avenue Bridge in 1930, from the BPL Leslie Jones collection.Northern Avenue Bridge in 1930, from the BPL Leslie Jones collection.

By - 8/18/09 - 9:05 am

Greg MacKay watched workgers yesterday getting ready to tear down what's left of the old bridge keeper's house at the old Northern Avenue Bridge.

Copyright Greg MacKay. Tagged as universalhub on Flickr.

By - 5/17/09 - 8:14 pm

David Parsons was invited to a 1940's film-noir photo shoot on the Northern Avenue Bridge.

Copyright David Parsons.

By - 3/4/08 - 10:57 am
Goldenstash and Mr. Lif

On the Northern Avenue Bridge.

Goldenstash goes to the library.