By - 11/12/07 - 9:21 am

Now comes a study of Boston-area coffee shops (via MetaBoston) that concludes:

... [F]emale customers wait an average of 20 seconds longer for their orders than do male customers even when controlling for gender differences in orders.

By - 11/5/07 - 11:44 pm

Jimbo has the (dark roasted) scoop.

By - 10/11/07 - 2:16 pm

On a blog called Boston Food & Whine, you'd expect a good whine from time to time. Tammy unleashes today on the Starbucks out by the Dedham Mall, which puts the "suck" in "Starsucks," apparently:

... Another issue is more often than not, there is residual coffee under the lip of the lid, so that when I grab the cup from the drive-thru window, it inevitably drips all over my clothing. ANNOYING... How hard is it to put a dome lid on a cold cup that is too full???

By - 10/2/07 - 8:16 pm

The Missus gets right to the point:

... What the hell is wrong with you people? ...

Actually, she uses some choicer words to roast them, and provides photographic proof of their suckatude.

By - 9/20/07 - 4:17 pm

The Metropolitan Princess rates four different Starbucks:

... I have squeezed my way into Dartmouth Street, been ignored at Copley, waited for an insane 15 minutes at Boylston, and been run over with a gym bag in Newbury. All in all it was worth it to find the best and ensure a better start to my day. ...

By - 7/18/07 - 3:16 pm

Sure, laugh all you want about brown-tinged swill or 17 sugahs or trans fats or that smirking Joker lookalike known as Rachael Ray, at least I never have to worry about being sneered at by some barista with an overendowed sense of importance who so cows me that I vow to get what he wants me to next time, that is, if I can ever summon up the courage to step foot in his store again.

... "Here's your ICED venti americano," he says, with a look of revulsion. ...

By - 6/30/07 - 8:37 am

Cognitive dissonance at the corner of Dartmouth and Stuart streets.

By - 6/22/07 - 10:37 am

Tim Jarrett learns that trying to fly out of Logan the week school lets out sucks because of all those leisure travelers. But he reports on an even bigger problem:

... [T]hey have moved the Starbucks out of the United side of Terminal C. And put a Dunkin' Donuts in its place. Now, I'm as Bostonian as the next transplant from Virginia, but if I wanted to drink dishwater flavored with corn syrup and soy powder, I'd order that. Instead, when I order coffee, I want it black and strong. I guess I'll have to wait until I land in Chicago.

By - 6/1/07 - 9:07 am

Miss Von Schtoop reveals the location of the Boston Starbucks where people go to pretend to work when they can't bear to tell their spouses/SOs that they are no longer gainfully employed:

... I couldn't stop staring. There were deals being made on the sidewalk out front, folks with complicated looking blueteeth contraptions clapped to their ears, job interviews being conducted in comfy chairs, lots of keyboard keys being poked at urgently. ...

By - 4/17/07 - 10:02 pm

Carmen reports:

... Overheard in Starbucks "It takes too many adjectives to order a drink in here. I'm tired." ...

By - 3/22/07 - 11:24 am

Deb is outraged that somebody recently got to her site through a search seeking a comparison between Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts coffee, because there simply is no comparison:

They aren't even from the same planet. Starbucks comes from a world full of hostile, hundred-legged aliens who grew warlike from being too damned hot all the time because their planet is too close to its star. Which explains why they favor over-roasted, bitter coffee. ... Dunkin's coffee, OTOH, proves that there is a God and He loves us. ...

By - 3/13/07 - 2:53 pm

Maybe that would explain what the uptight yuppie type was doing this morning at my regula Dunk's (Rte. 9 west in Wellesley - but, hey, that's almost Natick): Seeming to get upset when the staff didn't understand why he kept asking what the strongest coffee they had was and they started reciting all the different types of sugary things they offered (because, come on, this is Dunkin' Donuts, buddy) and he said "No, I'm just looking for the strongest coffee you have" and finally one of the workers got the idea and said "espresso" and that seemed to quiet him down.

By - 1/14/07 - 10:17 am

Jenny discovers that not everybody who buys coffee at the Copley Place Starbucks is an annoying twit.

By - 12/20/06 - 7:04 pm

If that Dunkin' Donuts Fritalian ad keeps stupid people away from Starbucks, that's just fine with John:

Because your doing so means people like Gary and I can get in and out that much faster with our Triple Venti Soy Mocha Peppermint No Whip Lattes in tow.

Meanwhile, the folks at Ace of Spades have compiled a list of the choices on the menu boards in that commercial:

By - 11/15/06 - 4:33 pm

Because when it's 3 p.m. and all the caffeine-depleted urbanistas are clawing for their fixes, all it takes is one annoying never-satisfied customer to create complete chaos.

By - 9/25/06 - 3:44 pm

Yup, who once boycotted Dunkin' Donuts for four whole days because of employee incompetence, says she has grown weary of constantly flirtatious boys behind the counter at Starbucks:

By - 9/7/06 - 11:07 am

Aaron Margolis likes Starbucks so much, he's willing to ignore its Blue-Stateness and chug down its black gold. And he says its new New England blend is far superior to Dunkin' Donuts swill:

... Having consumed a 20-oz. cup of New England Blend every morning for the past few days, I give it high marks. A very nice cup of coffee indeed. ...

By - 3/20/06 - 4:42 pm

3Mote reports:

I used to hold a tiny smidgen of respect for the "barristas" at Starbucks, because they were actually required to manually make esspressos. Well, it appears the efficiency and cheap labor have won out over quality and flavor. The Starbucks at Central Square now has automatic esspresso machines. ...