By - 11/15/06 - 4:33 pm

Because when it's 3 p.m. and all the caffeine-depleted urbanistas are clawing for their fixes, all it takes is one annoying never-satisfied customer to create complete chaos.

By - 9/25/06 - 3:44 pm

Yup, who once boycotted Dunkin' Donuts for four whole days because of employee incompetence, says she has grown weary of constantly flirtatious boys behind the counter at Starbucks:

By - 9/7/06 - 11:07 am

Aaron Margolis likes Starbucks so much, he's willing to ignore its Blue-Stateness and chug down its black gold. And he says its new New England blend is far superior to Dunkin' Donuts swill:

... Having consumed a 20-oz. cup of New England Blend every morning for the past few days, I give it high marks. A very nice cup of coffee indeed. ...

By - 3/20/06 - 4:42 pm

3Mote reports:

I used to hold a tiny smidgen of respect for the "barristas" at Starbucks, because they were actually required to manually make esspressos. Well, it appears the efficiency and cheap labor have won out over quality and flavor. The Starbucks at Central Square now has automatic esspresso machines. ...

By - 6/20/05 - 11:31 am

Dude. I'm loving the new Starbucks doubleshot promo where the guy rides around near North Station on a Starbucks bike and hands out doubleshots from his bike basket. I'm wondering how effective it really is as a promotion though, because I'm getting at least one per day from this guy, so I'm not going to need to buy the stuff ever. But hey, free boing. Gotta love that.