Kenmore Square

By - 6/15/08 - 12:04 pm

Boston Police report a man was stabbed in the men's room at the Cask 'n Flagon around 1:30 this morning:

According to witnesses, they observed a male suspect (5'07", light skinned black male wearing a light green shirt, jeans and sneakers) run out of the bar holding a small knife. Witnesses further stated that the suspect appeared to have blood on his hands.

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By - 6/11/08 - 9:57 am

Tom Fulry wishes the Sox would forget about gentrifying Boylston Street for a moment and turn their attention to that steaming whale excavation site in the ground that is Kenmore Square:

... At least slap a coat of paint on the old bitch Kenmore Sq and dress her up in her fancy hooker skirt so that the first sight these morons coming to Fenway

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By - 6/9/08 - 4:33 pm

Alan "Bubba" Daughtry of Dorchester pleaded guilty last week to a string of robberies of bakeries, convenience stores and other small shops last year, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office announced.

Daughtry, 37, got a 12-year prison sentence and 10 years of probation for holding up stores from Kenmore Square to South Bay, the DA's office says.

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By - 6/4/08 - 7:24 pm

Steve S. gets that real secure feeling when he notices the armed security guard asleep at the Bank of America kiosk - and he explains why, in the end, he decided not to knock over the bank.Read more

By - 6/3/08 - 8:57 am

The Lone Beader presents her latest opus.Read more

By - 5/28/08 - 4:11 pm

Steve Garfield discovers why parking seemed so easy on that road behind Eastern Standard along the turnpike in Kenmore Square today. And now he owes the city of Boston $40.Read more

By - 5/28/08 - 1:06 pm

Don't tell my kids, but it turns out I might not be as bright as I've been leading them to believe. For weeks, I've been reading the yellow sign on the right each morning, wondering, "What the hell is 'that sign'?"

Finally, it hit me.

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By - 5/8/08 - 3:09 pm

Jason wishes to remind idiot cyclists that traffic lights apply to them as well and that next time, they might not be so lucky.Read more

By - 4/19/08 - 10:59 am

The Herald tells us, but basically: Lots.Read more

By - 2/27/08 - 9:51 am

Brendan downs some newly legalized absinthe at Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square:

... In the end, I didn't see anything. No curious things, no monstrous things, and I didn't cut my ear off. But, to be honest, I wasn't expecting too much in terms of transcendental experience. If you can buy it in a bar, I really doubt its going to turn Commonwealth Avenue

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By - 1/22/08 - 11:58 pm

Riggs expresses admiration for the way a woman managed to get some college girl to stop hogging a pole on the trolley.Read more

By - 1/13/08 - 9:55 am
Where's my pants, dude?

Elisha Boudreau took some photos during yesterday's pantsless T rides.

Caroline Roberts provides a participatory report (she dropped trou):

... One woman had pictures of herself taken with pantsless riders and triumphantly shouted, "I'm putting this on my page!" Another young woman sitting across from pantsless riders who hadn't heard

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By - 12/27/07 - 10:26 pm

The Outraged Liberal wonders:

... Why did the MBTA feel the need to place bus shelters on the newly re-opened busway in Kenmore Square? Is it because the $32 million project features a canopy that may (stress may) look nice but is incapable of keeping riders dry when the rain and snow trickles in between the glass plates? ...

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By - 11/24/07 - 6:53 pm

Mats Tolander dissects the MBTA's latest explanations for why the Kenmore station reconstruction project is now being delayed even longer.Read more

By - 11/20/07 - 12:10 pm

David Brand, a BU student, recounts an incident early Saturday on Harvard Street that still has him upset - especially since it happened around the same time as Shawn Dow's death above a bloody brawl:

... On Friday night, a group of 3 guys yelled at my friends and I when we passed them on Harvard Street.

"Fags! Hippie fags!"

Big deal. Clearly

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By - 11/19/07 - 3:10 pm

Tommyvon recalls going to the Rat on its last day, ten years ago:

... I remember showing up for the show and people were buzzing about the closing. I'd heard the rumors for years but never believed it until that day. I was at the last day show, Aus Rotten and the Stratford Mercenaries headlined (with a memorable speech about the Rat on stage

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By - 11/18/07 - 7:49 pm

Mats Tolander discusses the recent closing of Truly Jorg's:

... It's definitely a set-back for the upscale vision of the post-ruffian so-called new Kenmore Square. The main problem for the new square is that is has more or less the same demographics to work with as the old one: Students, Red Sox fans and Lansdowne Street revelers. ...

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By - 10/29/07 - 2:45 pm

TS worked the paramedic detail in Kenmore Square last night. He describes the scene:

... Every so often, we received a report of someone injured. A man was punched in the face. Someone had broken an ankle. An intoxicated student had passed out. For these incidents, we executed a well-choreographed battlefield plan. My partner and I jumped on the back of a "Gator," a

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By - 10/29/07 - 11:08 am

In Kenmore Square last night, of course:

Dave Alpert lives in the Fenway: He reports on trying to get home from Cambridge last night:

... Once I crossed the Mass Ave Bridge, I immediately felt I had enterered a war zone. Police were barring entry to Beacon Street on

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