Kenmore Square

By - 6/8/10 - 3:50 pm

The Boston Police Department has asked local newspaper distributors to remove all their honor boxes by tomorrow from the areas around North Station, Kenmore Square and Faneuil Hall - and to keep them out of those areas until after the NBA finals. The specific areas:

  • North Station – Between North Washington and Merrimack and Causeway to Congress.
  • Faneuil Hall – Between North Sudbury to State St. and from Cambridge St. to Atlantic
  • Kenmore Square – Brookline Ave. and Commonwealth Ave.
By - 5/29/10 - 11:16 pm

Paola Ferrer snaps a photo of cabbies idling in the new bike lane on Comm. Ave at Kenmore Square.

By - 5/15/10 - 11:09 pm

The Riverside downtime was apparently scheduled. The downed wire on the B line at Kenmore, though? On the weekend that BU is graduating? Totally unplanned, natch. Totally chaotic as the T brought in buses for service between Copley and Kenmore - with extra bus service for B riders to Blandford. Take a look at the scene in Copley around 9 p.m.

By - 3/29/10 - 10:24 pm

A.M. UPDATE: The river actually dropped overnight, but as of 5:45 a.m., was rising again and was back to 11.5 feet.

USGS data shows the Muddy River rapidly climbing the height ladder today. If it gets to 15 feet, the MBTA will haul out the large wooden boards and the sandbags and blockade the tunnel the Riverside Line uses to get into and out of Kenmore station.

Floody Muddy redux

By - 3/2/10 - 9:58 am

Boston University Police report Jean Therapy, 524 Commonwealth Ave., was held up around 5 p.m. on Monday.

By - 2/12/10 - 8:54 am

Jeff Tamagini reports a run-in at Kenmore this morning with an MBTA supervisor unaware that the authority allows photography in stations:

By - 1/26/10 - 6:22 pm

Boston University Police report a woman waiting for the elevator in the basement of 725 Commonwealth Ave. was indecently assaulted around 1:50 p.m. on Jan. 20 by a guy who looks like this who then took the elevator to the third floor.

If he looks familiar, contact BU Police at (617) 353-2110 or 353-2121.

By - 1/23/10 - 2:23 pm

Emily Sweeney updates us on everybody's favorite trolley cat.

By - 12/7/09 - 9:08 am

The Globe reports T workers finally managed to capture the elusive cat and that a trolley driver from Roslindale took him home with her.

By - 12/1/09 - 9:21 pm

Boston Police tweet the Citizens Bank branch at 560 Comm. Ave. was held up this afternoon.

By - 12/1/09 - 8:00 am

The Kenmore Square burger joint is OK this morning, but a kitchen in an apartment above it is a bit of a mess: A stove fire brought firefighters racing to the scene last night, although sprinklers had mostly doused the flames by the time they got there, the Daily Free Press reports.

By - 11/17/09 - 3:56 pm

The Traveling Wheelchair reviews Kenmore Square:

...Once safely on the brick sidewalk, I found it plenty wide enough and fairly easy to wheel on the bricks. As we were about to cross the street at a pedestrian sidewalk, we were pleased to see there is a map with Braille for the blind to read; and the crosswalk made of brick which provides contrast and is easy to see if you are visually impaired like me. I like it because the brick will always stand out and not fade as painted white lines do. ...

By - 10/24/09 - 12:05 am

Boston Police tweet somebody had their face sliced with a knife on Comm. Ave. in the square late Friday night.

By - 10/15/09 - 2:02 pm
Fenway development

New footprint; click for larger version.

Construction begins next summer on a $500-million project across from Fenway Park that will replace a non-descript parking lot and aging commuter-rail station with new housing and offices - some built on a deck across the turnpike - and a large new train station, developer John Rosenthal and city and state officials said today.

By - 10/8/09 - 9:06 pm

Boston_Fireman tweets a car caught on fire around 9 p.m. on on Storrow Drive eastbound near the Kenmore exit. One person was reported trapped inside. Local 718 tweets the car hit a tree just before the BU bridge.

Danielle Ouellette tweets traffic is at a standstill.

By - 9/4/09 - 8:15 am

Sara Drummond tweets this morning:

T stopped so abruptly woman slid 3 seats. Stuck just before Kenmore [outbound] on green line. Maint working on train.

By - 9/3/09 - 11:59 pm

Photo of a cat on the tracks at the Kenmore stop on the Green Line Thursday night.

UPDATE: The Globe reported on Dec. 7 that a worker finally captured the cat and that a trolley driver took him home.