Kenmore Square

By - 2/12/10 - 8:54 am

Jeff Tamagini reports a run-in at Kenmore this morning with an MBTA supervisor unaware that the authority allows photography in stations:

By - 1/26/10 - 6:22 pm

Boston University Police report a woman waiting for the elevator in the basement of 725 Commonwealth Ave. was indecently assaulted around 1:50 p.m. on Jan. 20 by a guy who looks like this who then took the elevator to the third floor.

If he looks familiar, contact BU Police at (617) 353-2110 or 353-2121.

By - 1/23/10 - 2:23 pm

Emily Sweeney updates us on everybody's favorite trolley cat.

By - 12/7/09 - 9:08 am

The Globe reports T workers finally managed to capture the elusive cat and that a trolley driver from Roslindale took him home with her.

By - 12/1/09 - 9:21 pm

Boston Police tweet the Citizens Bank branch at 560 Comm. Ave. was held up this afternoon.

By - 12/1/09 - 8:00 am

The Kenmore Square burger joint is OK this morning, but a kitchen in an apartment above it is a bit of a mess: A stove fire brought firefighters racing to the scene last night, although sprinklers had mostly doused the flames by the time they got there, the Daily Free Press reports.

By - 11/17/09 - 3:56 pm

The Traveling Wheelchair reviews Kenmore Square:

...Once safely on the brick sidewalk, I found it plenty wide enough and fairly easy to wheel on the bricks. As we were about to cross the street at a pedestrian sidewalk, we were pleased to see there is a map with Braille for the blind to read; and the crosswalk made of brick which provides contrast and is easy to see if you are visually impaired like me. I like it because the brick will always stand out and not fade as painted white lines do. ...

By - 10/24/09 - 12:05 am

Boston Police tweet somebody had their face sliced with a knife on Comm. Ave. in the square late Friday night.

By - 10/15/09 - 2:02 pm
Fenway development

New footprint; click for larger version.

Construction begins next summer on a $500-million project across from Fenway Park that will replace a non-descript parking lot and aging commuter-rail station with new housing and offices - some built on a deck across the turnpike - and a large new train station, developer John Rosenthal and city and state officials said today.

By - 10/8/09 - 9:06 pm

Boston_Fireman tweets a car caught on fire around 9 p.m. on on Storrow Drive eastbound near the Kenmore exit. One person was reported trapped inside. Local 718 tweets the car hit a tree just before the BU bridge.

Danielle Ouellette tweets traffic is at a standstill.

By - 9/4/09 - 8:15 am

Sara Drummond tweets this morning:

T stopped so abruptly woman slid 3 seats. Stuck just before Kenmore [outbound] on green line. Maint working on train.

By - 9/3/09 - 11:59 pm

Photo of a cat on the tracks at the Kenmore stop on the Green Line Thursday night.

UPDATE: The Globe reported on Dec. 7 that a worker finally captured the cat and that a trolley driver took him home.

By - 8/31/09 - 1:41 pm

Boston Biker reports there's a meeting at 6 p.m. today (yes, today) at the BPL main branch in Copley Square - and that, as you might expect, Back Bay doyens and doyennes will oppose the plan.

By - 7/31/09 - 11:46 am

UPDATE: Fire ruled arson.

The Boston Fire Department tweets that the fire early this morning at 21 Bay State Rd. caused $1.5 million in damage and forced out 12 residents and a dentist.

By - 7/26/09 - 8:36 am

The Boston Fire Department tweeted last night:

Incident Response: Tech Rescue response for Barnes & Noble bookstore at 660 Beacon St. Kenmore Square. at 11:22pm.

Incident Update: Small one foot square piece of morter fell to sidewalk. No injuries. Turned building over to BU (owner) to secure. 12:30 am

Final Incident Update: Six story building. Morter fell from top. BU will have engineer check further in the morning. Sidewalk closed for now

By - 6/24/09 - 8:56 pm

Small chemical explosion on the third floor, 590 Comm. Ave., around 8:45 p.m., hazmat team on the way.

By - 6/19/09 - 5:41 pm

Red Line, Green Line both having problems, the Twittersphere reports: People sitting in trains that aren't moving or jamming stations waiting for trains that aren't coming. Green Line especially fun: Switching problems at Kenmore at rush hour on a Red Sox game night.

By - 5/27/09 - 1:13 pm

Boston Restaurant Talk reports the seafood place at Kenmore Square's Hotel Commonwealth is closing this week.

Aujourd'hui deviendra Hier.