Kenmore Square

By - 3/16/06 - 3:01 pm

Little Brother is Watching billboardOver in the Wicked Good Conference, Crayonmoonbeam wonders who put up that billboard in Kenmore Square. The Web site doesn't say (and the domain registrant is "private"). Ron Newman speculates:

Since the last organization (of many) listed on their website is the American Hunters & Shooters Association,

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By - 1/16/06 - 10:09 pm

colorful sunset

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By - 6/21/05 - 10:41 am

Mike may pine for the Kenmore Square of yore, but Mats says there are some good reasons to yuppify it:

... It's not that I'm rah-rah about the New Kenmore Square, but I think us Kenmorians have to take one for the team here: Making Kenmore Square ridiculously attractive to parents of prospective BU students is just about the best-use one can

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By - 6/20/05 - 8:01 pm

Mike is getting sick of adulatory puff pieces about the new Kenmore Square:

... OK, show of hands - does anyone who actually lives in this neighborhood think Kenmore Square has improved? Did anyone without a vested interest in the new development really believe this was a "down-on-its-heels" neighborhood?

Personally, I miss the Deli Haus. The Rat. The old Cornwall's. And never mind the

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