Kenmore Square

By - 1/16/06 - 10:09 pm

colorful sunset

Taken from the Museum of Science.

By - 6/21/05 - 10:41 am

Mike may pine for the Kenmore Square of yore, but Mats says there are some good reasons to yuppify it:

... It's not that I'm rah-rah about the New Kenmore Square, but I think us Kenmorians have to take one for the team here: Making Kenmore Square ridiculously attractive to parents of prospective BU students is just about the best-use one can

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By - 6/20/05 - 8:01 pm

Mike is getting sick of adulatory puff pieces about the new Kenmore Square:

... OK, show of hands - does anyone who actually lives in this neighborhood think Kenmore Square has improved? Did anyone without a vested interest in the new development really believe this was a "down-on-its-heels" neighborhood?

Personally, I miss the Deli Haus. The Rat. The old Cornwall's. And never mind the

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