Kenmore Square

By - 5/10/07 - 8:17 am

Mats Tolander explains why it might now be Robmore Square and wonders when Boston Police will start doing some community policing in that community.

By - 4/8/07 - 3:38 pm

OK, the two really have nothing to do with each other (or do they?), but Mats Tolander provides proof of both Kenmore happenings. As for Popeye's, he notes:

Don't scoff. Customers piled in from the minute the doors opened.

By - 9/23/06 - 10:11 pm

World Leader, whose city councilor is Jerry McDermott, says enough about Hugo Chavez already: Take down the Citgo sign because it's embarrassing that a major Boston landmark is an ad:

... As the video says, London has its Big Ben, Paris has its Eiffel Tower, and Boston has its...Citgo sign?

By - 9/23/06 - 9:11 am

Harry Mattison, who actually gets to vote for Jerry McDermott (or not), says we should all rush out and buy genuine Citgo caps and golf balls to remind us of our First Amendment rights.

Oh, yeah, that pesky First Amendment. Dan Kennedy wishes to have a word with McDermott:

By - 9/22/06 - 1:57 pm

Beth lets Jerry McDermott, Allston/Brighton's district city councilor, have it with both barrels over his demand the city tear down the Citgo sign:

By - 9/21/06 - 1:40 pm

Dan Kennedy fact-checks Scott Allen Miller:

... Scott Allen Miller is raising a ruckus because "taxpayers" several years ago refurbished the landmark Citgo sign in Kenmore Square. Citgo, you see, is owned by the Venezuelan government, and Venezuela's president, Hugo Chávez, went off on President Bush yesterday.
< br />Trouble is, Miller was wrong -- in fact, Citgo refurbished the sign at its own expense, replacing the tubes with LEDs. ...

By - 3/16/06 - 3:01 pm

Little Brother is Watching billboardOver in the Wicked Good Conference, Crayonmoonbeam wonders who put up that billboard in Kenmore Square. The Web site doesn't say (and the domain registrant is "private"). Ron Newman speculates:

Since the last organization (of many) listed on their website is the American Hunters & Shooters Association, and their president is John Rosenthal, who owns property in Kenmore Square .... I'm going to guess it's him. But I could be very wrong.

Little Brother watching Tom Menino.

Update: Campaign to save the billboard.

By - 1/16/06 - 10:09 pm

colorful sunset

Taken from the Museum of Science.

By - 6/20/05 - 8:01 pm

Mike is getting sick of adulatory puff pieces about the new Kenmore Square:

... OK, show of hands - does anyone who actually lives in this neighborhood think Kenmore Square has improved? Did anyone without a vested interest in the new development really believe this was a "down-on-its-heels" neighborhood?

Personally, I miss the Deli Haus. The Rat. The old Cornwall's. And never mind the IHOP, I miss Charlie’s Cafeteria ...