By - 3/16/15 - 3:20 pm

City officials said today they are pouring extra manpower into cleaning up city streets and sidewalks as the snow melts, but say making Boston shine again is going to take help from residents.

City Councilor Sal LaMattina (North End, East Boston, Charlestown) said he hopes residents put as much effort into cleaning the curbs and sidewalks in front of their homes as they put into... Read more

By - 8/1/14 - 9:28 pm

The Globe reports the guy cleaned up in more ways than one - at least until officers who had him under surveillance at the Dana Avenue DPW yard arrested him on River Street.

By - 5/29/12 - 7:21 am

Start charging for trash bags or at the least, start enforcing the city ordinance against putting recyclables in the trash, our own eeka suggests.

By - 5/28/12 - 6:24 pm

Stupid road signs

UPDATE: Turns out it wasn't the city (or the state) that put the signs up; in any case, they've been removed.

An aggrieved Mission Hill resident reports from Tremont Street near Huntington Avenue, which the DPW has decided people really need to know is... Read more

By - 6/12/10 - 11:33 am

Earlier this week, you may recall, Boston Police asked newspaper distributors to remove their boxes from areas where hopped-up Celtics revelers/mourners might be tempted to use them to put holes in plate-glass windows. The Phoenix reports the Boston DPW apparently thinks plastic boxes for free papers are more of a risk, because it sent crews out to remove them while leaving the potentially... Read more

By - 3/4/09 - 5:23 pm

Wednesday is Prince Spaghetti Day trash day up on Grew Hill. Except, apparently, today, where the streets are still lined with trash barrels and bags. The Mayor's Hotline says they're running behind and whatever the crews don't get to tonight, they'll swing by tomorrow to pick up.

By - 3/4/09 - 10:13 am

So many West Roxbury residents called the Mayor's Hotline to complain about Monday's canceled trash pickup that the city sent trucks out today to pick up the trash, ParkwayBoston reports:

My phone started ringing at 8 o'clock this morning from family and neighbors saying that the garbage trucks were in the neighborhood. ...

By - 3/2/09 - 3:58 pm

Seems that the cancellation of today's Boston trash pickup doesn't mean a one-day delay, as with holidays, but as much as a week's delay for Bostonians not fortunate enough to live in areas with two or three pickups a week. Such as Ed Coppinger of West Roxbury, who wonders how he's going to get his snow-laden barrels back in the yard and whether he'll... Read more

By - 6/10/08 - 8:56 am

The Herald reports:

A Boston public works employee suspended twice for sleeping on the job faces firing after allegedly torching a Mattapan home in a boozy spat over a necklace, authorities said.

By - 5/28/08 - 10:07 am

Interesting: The Boston Department of Public Works is under investigation because of workers allegedly falsifying time cards, but the DPW director gets suspended because he did something to encourage an employee to do her work.

Oh, sure, that something was letting her telecommute from Venezuela for awhile, but there's no indication she did anything wrong or didn't do her work (even the city mouthpiece... Read more

By - 4/26/08 - 10:13 am

Good to see the mayor is cracking down on lazy Public Works employees, but why do stories like this always seems to mention how this isn't the first time an issue like this has come up?