By - 11/12/12 - 8:53 am

The Daily Free Press reports Children's Hospital wants to replace the parking lot at 819 Beacon St., just outside Kenmore Square, with 650,000 square feet of clinical, office and retail space. And a 526-car garage.... Read more

By - 11/2/12 - 9:51 am

John Ford writes the developer is sending out mixed signals about the skyline-changing project.

By - 11/1/12 - 10:05 am reports the state has chosen two finalists for Parcel 9 - next to Haymarket, one focused on out-of-towners, the other on apartments, both with restaurants and food-market space.

By - 10/31/12 - 7:36 am

The Globe reports on plans for the old John Hancock hotel and conference center.

By - 10/26/12 - 8:46 am

With one major residential project already in the works, the BRA has started work on a South Huntington Avenue Corridor Study. The first part, figuring out what the study will cover, should be out within a few weeks, the BRA says:

The objective is to define the collective vision and physical character of this corridor for the foreseeable future that will clarify the

... Read more
By - 10/24/12 - 7:36 am

RossThe Herald reports City Councilor Mike Ross will return $2,000 in donations from executives of the company that wants to build a $195-million luxury housing project on South Huntington Avenue.

The Herald started nosing around yesterday after organizers of a campaign against the project released details of campaign contributions from developers and... Read more

By - 10/20/12 - 10:37 am

The Herald reports the board approved the new luxury project on South Huntington Avenue after letting City Councilor Mike Ross (D-Not Jamaica Plain) speak, but not any of the residents there. Next step: A zoning board hearing on Nov. 13. The Herald notes a BRA member implored the developer to dig up somebody who lives in JP to publicly support the project at the... Read more

By - 10/19/12 - 10:28 am

Kaid Benfield looks at what's going on in Codman Square, including the impending upgrade to commuter-rail service along the Fairmount Line:

The most striking improvement, of course, is the neighborhood’s new commuter rail station at Talbot Avenue, providing far better access than residents have previously had to jobs, services and amenities in downtown Boston and points along the way.

... Read more
By - 10/12/12 - 7:57 am

The Crimson reports on Harvard's latest imaginings for its vast tracts in Allston, which now include a new basketball stadium, a hotel and conference center and more buildings for the business school. Residents at a meeting on the latest proposals expressed concern about stuffing a stadium next to homes and about the way Harvard seems to keep coming up with ideas in bits and... Read more

By - 10/12/12 - 7:39 am

The Jamaica Plain Gazette explains how the builder behind the Blessed Sacrament project in Hyde Square is fighting the Home for Little Wanderers project on South Huntington Avenue.

By - 9/23/12 - 9:52 am notices an unusual assertion in the filings by the developer of the proposed retail/hotel/residential complex on the old Circle Cinema site: it doesn't seem to show many truck deliveries. The 82 residential units supposedly would generate just one delivery-truck visit a day - which would mean they can get mail but not FedEx or UPS deliveries, visits from Peapod, movers, dry cleaners, WH... Read more

By - 9/21/12 - 6:38 am

The Herald reports a developer has been quietly asking about whether it could take over the stalled South Station skyscraper plan and build a casino there instead. No names mentioned, but presumably Caesars is not a possibility.

By - 9/13/12 - 8:16 pm

New tower

The Boston Redevelopment Authority today approved the proposed Millennium Tower and Burnham Building project, which will feature a residential tower on Washington Street and a retail and office complex focused on what's left of the old Filene's building.

The project, led by the group that built the... Read more

By - 8/27/12 - 9:18 am

Mark Levy analyzes a Globe story that purports to find a growing "backlash" against tech development in the city, based largely on the fact that the Forest City project got defeated:

"The backlash has caught the notice of biotechnology leaders, who are asking whether the industry is still welcome in Cambridge," Robert Weisman wrote on Saturday.

This would indeed be an interesting story

... Read more
By - 8/21/12 - 9:28 am

The Herald reports four development groups have submitted proposals for a city lot next to the waterfront restaurant complex, ranging from more restaurants to a boutique hotel to a "floating event space."

By - 8/20/12 - 9:35 am

Seems neighbors of the old Bartlett bus yard on Washington Street didn't realize the community development group that now oversees the site was going to let a contractor use the yard at all hours for work related to a project to repair water and sewer pipes in Roxbury.

Based on this discussion, residents thought the work at the site would stop at 7 p.m.... Read more

By - 8/17/12 - 5:44 pm

Ferdinand livecam.

The Dudley Square building is being turned into the new headquarters of the Boston school department.

Via Both Ends of Dudley.

By - 8/16/12 - 4:05 pm

The Boston Business Journal reports on a presentation on the new residential tower that will allegedly fill the Filene's Memorial Hole. And while the developers aren't saying how much it'll cost to live 50 stories above Washington Street, the Journal finds one apartment expert who predicts "a 350-square-foot studio will cost $3,000 or more per month."... Read more

By - 8/9/12 - 8:07 pm

Adam Castiglioni reports on a BRA vote tonight to allow a 19-story hotel with 240 "micro guest rooms" at Stuart and Tremont.