By - 7/20/12 - 6:14 am

The Jamaica Plain Gazette reports a developer plans to turn the old Blessed Sacrament Church into condos going for up to $725,000 apiece.

By - 7/18/12 - 10:33 am

The Boston Business Journal reports on a BRA hearing on the proposed $175-million One Canal project on a piece of land now owned by the state.

By - 7/17/12 - 4:27 pm

Kevin Wiles Jr reports (and photographs) a crane collapse at Longwood Avenue and Pilgrim Road.

Crane just missed hitting 2 buildings connected to the Joslin Diabetes Clinic.

No injuries, he reports.

By - 7/6/12 - 11:48 am

The BRA is hiring an Innovation District manager, the description for which sounds like the description for the people who run the city's Main Street programs in older 'hoods, only more innovationier - the successful candidate will attempt to recruit high-tech and biotech companies, instead of hardware stores and restaurants.

By - 6/14/12 - 8:04 am

The T just can't catch a break. The Globe reports a study due out today will say that those 15 straight months of increasing ridership are putting the local subways near a breaking point - where it will soon have more riders than it can handle, especially when coupled with new riders from massive new developments built near or atop subway... Read more

By - 6/13/12 - 11:18 pm

New memo straight from the top says construction on the Harvard science complex could resume in 2014, starting with a 500,000 to 600,000-square foot Health and Life Science Center.

Via Allston Brighton Community Blog.

By - 6/12/12 - 7:23 am

The Globe reports the BRA wants to give State Street an $11.5-million tax break to move into the Innovation District (so there must be innovative new ways to service the financial needs of the bank's rich clients, no?). It would be spread out over several years, the city would make a boatload of taxes on the building and, besides, the CEO made $16 million... Read more

By - 6/11/12 - 8:33 pm

The Herald reports Millennium Partners is doubling down on the original Vornado project with a building that would be taller and bigger.

By - 6/7/12 - 10:17 am

New Balance will pay to build and maintain a Worcester Line stop off Everett Street as part of a deal with the state Department of Transportation.

New Balance is planning a $500-million development off Guest Street that will include offices, a hotel, a sports complex and stores.

The stop will be called New Brighton Landing. A construction date has yet to be set.... Read more

By - 6/5/12 - 12:48 pm

Resort rendering

Suffolk Downs has put up renderings and justifications for its proposed $1-billion resort hotel which, to the untrained eye, looks like something you'd expect to see at the airport, rather than as a destination.

Looks like the track and Mayor Menino will be fighting a proposal for... Read more

By - 6/4/12 - 7:07 pm

The Boston Business Journal reports Don Chiofaro has finally figured out how to get things done in Boston, after waking up to a horse's head in his bed a little chat with Godmayor consigliere Peter Meade: The BRA will actually work with him to replace the Aquarium garage with something a little taller, as long as he stops doing stuff like going... Read more

By - 5/17/12 - 8:50 am

Emmanuel College got a green light from the city this week to finish plans for a 17-story dorm on Brookline Avenue and to lease part of its campus to Brigham and Women's for a new research building on Avenue Louis Pasteur.

In a vote earlier this week, the BRA approved the college's "institutional master plan," which calls for replacing the existing four-story Julie Hall... Read more

By - 5/15/12 - 7:20 am

Karen Cord Taylor writes the city needs to do more to stop us from becoming an overgrown retirement community, starting with requiring developers to build more units with three bedrooms in their downtown projects and making BPS build schools downtown - presumably on the theory that the young'uns now fleeing Boston couldn't possibly want to live in the outer neighborhoods.... Read more

By - 5/9/12 - 6:38 am

Karen Cord Taylor considers competing proposals for Parcel 9, next to Haymarket, which include a museum about Boston, a bunch of apartments and a hotel.

By - 5/4/12 - 9:14 am

The Tech reports on MIT's latest plans for the area around its campus, from extending the Infinite Corridor to building a new residential tower on Sidney Street. Also in the works: A "river walk" from Kendall Square to the Charles.

By - 4/27/12 - 2:14 pm

Bluewashing in Downtown Crossing

Workers this morning were busy bluewashing over the old murals showing the fabled One Franklin project that was supposed to rise like a phoenix from the giant hole its developers dug where Filene's used to be.

Note the red-and-white placard above the painter.... Read more

By - 4/27/12 - 7:25 am

Cambridge Day reports on a chat between city councilors and a consultant who says Kendall Square could do with another 3 million square feet of office and research space, some more retail and up to 2,500 housing units. Obviously, the only way to achieve all that is through taller buildings (even if the feds do give up the grassy fields of the Volpe Center);... Read more

By - 4/20/12 - 5:07 pm

The Boston Business Journal reports on the proposed Tremont Crossing that would include apartments, retail and office space and a new museum for the National Center for Afro-American Artists.

Developer Elma Lewis Partners, LLC has long struggled to get the first shovel in the ground for a project on the land. At one point, the BRA revoked its development rights to the land, but... Read more

By - 4/13/12 - 7:27 am

The Jamaica Plain Gazette reports on a 200-unit apartment building planned for 105A South Huntington.

By - 4/12/12 - 8:17 am

The Crimson reports on Harvard's latest, still kinda vague plans for Barry's Corner, the Allston intersection it basically bought up back in the heady days when it was going to transform the whole area into the Harvard for the Next Millennium.