By - 6/20/12 - 8:28 am

Oh, Harvard: The Crimson reports a construction company doing work on campus has taken down a sign asking workers to "show respect for Harvard" and refrain from swearing, drinking and drug use while on the job, after future 1%ers protested that the sign was just so patronizing and patriarchal.

Avinaash Subramaniam '14 said that he was "shocked" by the sign and that it held workers to a different standard than Harvard students.

By - 6/14/12 - 9:07 am

The Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development says preliminary figures from May show a statewide jobless rate of 6.0%, down from 6.3% in April - and well below the national average of 8.2%.

The private sector added 6,700 jobs in May. Six of the ten private sectors added jobs in May with the largest gain in Professional, Scientific, and Business Services followed by gains in Trade, Transportation, and Utilities; Other Services; Information; Education and Health Services; and Manufacturing.

By - 6/3/12 - 6:15 pm

Ai-Jen Poo, a gifted community organizer recently honored by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world, will speak at the Greater Boston Care Congress on June 16th. The Congress will launch the Massachusetts Caring Across Generations Campaign, part of a national movement to unite care workers, seniors, members of the disability community, and allies in order to create jobs, win affordable care services, and transform the care industry. The Massachusetts Domestic Worker’s Alliance will convene in the morning at the same location to draft legislation for a Massachusetts Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights.

Poo is a daughter of pro-democracy immigrants from Chiang Kai-shek’s Taiwan who has been active for decades in worker-led groups. She was influential in New York’s recent passage of a historic Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights and is providing leadership for the new national campaign, Caring Across Generations.

Caring Across Generations is the movement-building campaign of a national coalition of several hundred organizations representing care workers and care consumers. The Massachusetts Caring Across Generations Campaign is led by a steering committee of local organizations including 1199/SEIU, Mass Senior Action Council, Massachusetts Coalition of Domestic Workers, and Massachusetts Jobs With Justice.

By - 4/29/12 - 2:54 pm

My new employer offers a choice of Aetna vs. Tufts PPOs. I know we have a few health care workers here; does anyone have opinions about the general quality and breadth of the two networks, access to specialists, and how much "utilization review" red tape I'll have thrown at me? I have a number of chronic, difficult-to-diagnose symptom clusters, and I've been lucky enough to have Blue Cross for 10 years - they'll approve anything once they see a medical necessity letter.

By - 2/3/12 - 5:56 pm

A federal appeals court today tossed a lawsuit by two people working for a Fidelity subscontractor who alleged they were fired for bringing up possible accounting irregularities, because a federal law intended to protect the public from securities fraud is limited to employees of companies that are publicly traded.

By - 1/28/12 - 10:00 am

Some educational publishing startup in the South Station area is looking for people who can hire and supervise writers and take charge of the company's content in their subject areas. You know, content leaders. Also, among the job requirements:

Incredible work output, like a force of nature, or like The Beast from X-Men.

By - 1/19/12 - 11:29 pm

Librarians at the world's second largest private library system learned today they're now playing musical chairs.

By - 12/24/11 - 2:09 pm


Read more here from author Brad Johnson, a Boston native, who writes about climate and public policy for ThinkProgress.

By - 12/22/11 - 10:04 am

The East Boston Times-Free Press reports on efforts by clammers for compensation for lost wages caused when a large spill at the airport last year that caused the death of clams in beds around the airport.

By - 11/17/11 - 9:15 am

The state Office of Labor and Workforce Development reports preliminary October numbers show a statewide unemployment rate of 7.3%, compared to the national average of 9%.

Massachusetts employers reported adding a total of 10,800 jobs last month, the state says. The reason this is not reflected in the unemployment rate is because the state uses two different surveys for each - it samples households to determine the unemployment rate and surveys business owners to determine the total number of jobs.

By - 11/14/11 - 12:25 pm

The Boston Fire Department reports firefighters had to evacuate all 38 stories of 60 State St. when a second-floor leak sent water flowing into the building's electrical system in the basement.

The building normally has 2,300 or so workers on a weekday, the department says, adding the evacuation went smoothly.

By - 9/15/11 - 8:28 am

Brookline considers requiring people who operate ice-cream trucks to supply fingerprints, Wicked Local Brookline reports.

By - 6/27/11 - 1:22 pm

The Herald reports Boston school-bus drivers could strike as soon as school gets out tomorrow, which could leave kids in year-round programs for students with disabilities could be left on the sidewalk.

The article doesn't explain why members of Local 8751 might want to strike. For that, you need to look at the union Web site.

By - 6/24/11 - 9:27 am

The federal Department of Labor announced yesterday the Upper Crust Pizzeria chain will pay $81,000 in back wages and penalties to 11 kitchen workers it had improperly classified as exempt from federal overtime regulations.

"The Labor Department will not allow employers like The Upper Crust Pizzeria to violate the law and deprive vulnerable, low-wage restaurant workers of their rightful wages," said Carlos Matos, assistant director of the Wage and Hour Division's Boston District Office, which investigated the case.

By - 5/17/11 - 3:22 pm

The state Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development reports a cyberbreach may have let somebody collect personal data on people receiving Massachusetts unemployment benefits:

By - 5/17/11 - 3:12 pm

Boston's startup scene constantly gets compared, negatively, to San Francisco & NYC. A group of Bostonians had enough and decided to show everyone that we might not be the biggest or most famous innovation center but we are the loudest and nothing can stop us when we work together.

Bostonians from all over are uniting tonight to show that not only is our startup scene huge, vibrant and growing but we're also willing to help each other and others purely for the sake of helping. Need a job, a lead, or just someone to bounce ideas off of? Ruby Riot is calling your name.

By - 3/26/11 - 1:16 pm

Steve Nadis reports on his unusual path for a scheduled meeting on the North Shore earlier this week.

By - 3/25/11 - 1:16 pm

Associated Press reports on the canceled event in Taunton.