By - 11/2/09 - 8:25 am

CommonWealth interviews some of the people who will write your term papers and essays for you - for a fee.

By - 10/21/09 - 8:47 pm

School-bus drivers coated in cement dust after a 2006 explosion at a Charlestown cement plant have filed a series of lawsuits against the plant's owners, charging the dust contained beryllium, which can cause a potentially fatal lung ailment.

By - 10/15/09 - 10:57 am

Never get romantically involved with a supervisor or a subordinate. Stop that right now, just don't even think about it.

If you feel the workplace is overly sexualized, don't go to office holiday parties, or if you do, don't wear risque outfits and get drunk.

By - 10/13/09 - 10:55 am

Which one could it be? It's not Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, where the blogging, tweeting CEO just posted a copy of the memo from his counterpart at another hospital. He stripped out the name, so we don't know if it's a massively gigantic hospital across town, but we hear from another source that Mt. Auburn Hospital also banned its employees from the social networks last week.

Effective immediately, the Hospital is blocking access to social networking sites including Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter from all Hospital computers.

The decision is based on recent evidence that some employees have been using these sites to comment on Hospital business, which is a violation of the Hospital's Electronic Communications policy and a potential HIPAA violation. ...

By - 10/12/09 - 8:23 pm

Alecia Batson reports an ad she shot last month is now airing in Maine as part of a campaign over some political issue none of us will know about:

By - 10/11/09 - 7:34 pm

Take a look at this notice for a photo shoot - they're looking for a black man between 55 and 90 with thinning gray hair, "mobile enough to lay on the ground comfortably
in a fallen position during shoot" - and overweight black men and women between 60 and 80. Pay is $1,000 a day for a 10-hour day.

Via Chanie.

By - 9/25/09 - 7:43 pm

Blue Mass. Group has the details.

By - 9/18/09 - 1:56 pm

A company in downtown Boston is looking for somebody experienced in content management systems. Sure, yawn if you must, but look at what they're doing:

By - 9/9/09 - 12:22 pm

Is there a school for it somewhere? Because somebody making a commercial is looking for adults with experience in mascot costumes.

Experience in mascot costumes? The post doesn't specify, but presumably that means experience with a) walking forward with limited vision, b) Not fainting in the heat and c) Not pummeling annoying children who come up to you.

Via Steve Garfield.

By - 9/3/09 - 9:59 am

Rhea Becker reports on a cocktail hour last night for people in the media:

...[E]veryone wore a name tag that gave their job title. My day job is "editor." I can't tell you how many people - of all ages - came up to me with tags that read "Freelance writer" and asked if I had work. ...

By - 8/20/09 - 9:50 pm

A federal appeals court this week reinstated a lawsuit by a former worker at a Raytheon plant in Waltham who argues that companies that supplied the beryllium products she spent eight years sanding and cleaning are responsible for her lung problems and Parkinson's Disease and should pay for her medical care.

By - 8/12/09 - 10:09 pm

Meredith reports signs of him still abound in the office and in work conversations, but she notes that not a single person mentioned his job at his funeral, which she appreciates:

... When I go, I hope not one person makes mention of my job as a way of summarizing my life. Talk of my love for the written word, for hiking mountains, for XC skiing, for my family and my husband, but dare you not mention a word about software documentation.

By - 7/16/09 - 9:28 am

We're hearing they're eliminating 31 positions - 8 through attrition and the rest through layoffs, in part because workers in Manila are much cheaper to hire.

By - 7/7/09 - 10:05 pm

Howie Carr thinks those little-known state and county holidays were created by hacks for their own enrichment. Apparently Howie thinks these holidays are on the books purely to enable all those Boston teachers, court clerks and sanitation workers to sail their 35-foot boats on the taxpayers' dime. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

By - 6/24/09 - 8:44 am

Tomorrow (Thursday) at noon at the John Harvard statue in the Yard.

By - 6/18/09 - 10:11 am

Barbara Ferrer: Boston public-health director.Barbara Ferrer: Boston public-health director.The city Public Health Commission is attempting to convince local businesses to not penalize workers who stay home for seven days either because they have the flu or they have to care for kids with it.

Barbara Ferrer, commission director, said seven days is the period required to ensure people are no longer infectious. "We really have asked the business community to help us with this," she said at a city-council hearing this morning called by Councilor Chuck Turner.

Also, she said, businesses need to trust their workers that they or their kids were sick, rather than forcing them to get notes from their doctors - because the medical system would be "doubled up" filling out all those notes.

By - 6/9/09 - 8:54 pm

She got to tell the world's meanest boss what he can do with his job:

... I will now shed tears of joy knowing that I will never have to endure another one of Mean Boss's tirades. He can no longer call me stupid, dumb, lazy, a baby, so on and so forth. He can no longer belittle me with insulting comments about how inadequate I am or how I can't do anything right or say that it’s my job to come into work 12 hours after I had a D&C. ...

By - 5/31/09 - 8:48 am