By - 12/29/12 - 6:17 pm

WHDH's Ryan Schulteis just did a report from Bridgewater, where he shoveled some slush to show us that, yes, it's wet. He was followed by the station's standing-on-the-side-of-a-highway reporter, Victoria Warren, who held a snow brush throughout her report, but didn't use it.

For some reason, reporters stationed at Gillette Stadium are doing their reports without hats on. Only Channel 4 weatherman Joe Joyce was... Read more

By - 12/24/12 - 6:32 pm

All Access reports.

By - 12/21/12 - 9:18 am

This year, the Globe named Olympians Aly Raisman of Needham and Kayla Harrison of Marblehead as its "Bostonians of the Year." Both are outstanding athletes and, no doubt, role models for us all, but Raisman lives in Needham and Harrison comes from Marblehead.

Past winners have included US Attorney Carmen Ortiz, who at least works in Boston; Scott Brown, who, granted, famously campaigned in... Read more

By - 12/20/12 - 4:35 pm

Ladies and gentlemen, your new Boston Globe editor: Brian McGrory.

By - 12/19/12 - 7:22 am

Dan Kennedy interviews Michael Morisy at, which a new foundation that will focus on crowdfunding freedom-of-information reporting has named to its donation system.

By - 11/30/12 - 9:34 am

John Carroll, who still gets ink on his fingers, reports on a new classified-ad-like thing in the Globe's G section: "Blog" posts from advertisers, complete with underlined blue hyperlinks (sadly, the Globe has yet to perfect that print-to-Web interface or figured out QR codes, so you'll have to type the URLs in yourself).

By - 11/30/12 - 7:58 am

News folks at other stations in town are fuming over the way WCVB's Susan Wornick got first dibs on video from an interview with Tom Menino at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. As one newsie at another station tells us (on condition of anonymity, natch), Channel 5 didn't score some great scoop - the mayor was just gracing them for its live coverage of the... Read more

By - 11/29/12 - 8:43 pm

A concerned citizen on Beacon Hill complained after the Boylston trolley accident this afternoon:

Is the helicopter circling for the T accident really necessary?? I don't think so... it's not medflight just the news being overly obnoxious. Not safe for it to fly over heavily populated areas. I thought there were safety regulations?

The city quickly closed the case:

The city of boston

... Read more
By - 11/28/12 - 8:12 am

No, not this one, alas. Open Media Boston has a couple of openings for stringers with some journalism experience.

We know $50 [per article] isn't much money. So we're looking for people that can crank out news content fast. People that don't mind having their work edited, but whose work doesn't need much editing. Because they know what they're doing. Which is, like, a

... Read more
By - 11/19/12 - 6:35 pm

Not that we have any evidence he's thinking of it, but it's good to know one-time protege Pat Purcell would have options for his scrappy little tabloid under a proposal to allow cross ownership in the nation's 20 largest TV markets. You may recall how Uncle Rupe had to decide between Channel 25 and the Herald back in the days when he and... Read more

By - 11/13/12 - 11:07 am

The Globe reports Editor Marty Baron is leaving the Globe for the Washington Post.

By - 11/11/12 - 10:19 am

UPDATE: File this under: Hello, Sweetheart, Get Me Rewrite. The headline on the online version of the story, which is what set me off, is "New T manager underwent professional counseling in Atlanta," which has a much different tenor than the print headline: "T's pick for chief faced scrutiny."

Read the lead story in the Globe today and you're left with the impression that... Read more

By - 11/10/12 - 11:01 pm

Beantown Mom, "a start-up luxury/glossy print magazine for moms in the Greater Boston area," is looking for a managing editor.

How luxe? It'll be the sort of pub that assumes its readers would be interested in a $3,500 acrylic crib, explains why you shouldn't feel guilty about spending $1,000 on a Bugaboo stroller ("When you splurge on a Bugaboo, you are certainly... Read more

By - 11/7/12 - 12:17 am

Yeah, losing hurts and sometimes all you can do is lash out at the people around you. Adults can make a learning experience of it, though, Holly.

By - 11/2/12 - 8:40 pm

Wicked Local Somerville reports: Drunk man yells at Somerville cops.

By - 11/2/12 - 10:05 am

The BBC's World Have Your Say has rented out Old South Meeting House today and stuffed it with "U.S. voters" who are supposed to be answering the world's questions about the presidential elections. The show airs live tonight on BBC World TV, 8:10 p.m., our time.

H/t Sarina Tracy and Ami Chitwood.... Read more