By - 7/31/15 - 8:35 am

Politico is starting up a Massachusetts section and Lauren Dezenski, currently at the Dorchester Reporter, will be writing it. Debuts in late August.

By - 7/30/15 - 9:32 pm

Yes, the movie on how the Globe Spotlight team took on Bernie Law is coming out soon.

You can also read the Phoenix story that actually broke the news before the Spotlight team.

By - 7/30/15 - 11:03 am

Jim Romenesko posts the memo from Editor Brian McGrory, which also says that part of a greater push to digital will mean turning copy editors into "multi-platform editors."

By - 7/28/15 - 10:19 pm

This just in from Emily Rooney:

By - 7/27/15 - 11:51 pm

No, not Shank - he claims to be happy. We're referring, of course, to Shirley Leung, whose post-Olympics column is petulant, exasperated, cranky. We can almost picture her, head down on the bar as she orders up another shot and complains about those ungrateful wretches she's forced to share an area code with.

By - 7/7/15 - 7:24 pm

The other day, the New York Times wrote about the South Boston snow pile that will not die. The Washington Post today follows up with a report on how Bostonians apparently think that's funny. Here's hoping somebody at the Chicago Tribune (hint, hint) follows up with a report on what we think about the WashPo coverage of the Times coverage.

The snow pile through the ages.

By - 7/6/15 - 4:51 pm

And is the number who are so full of themselves they actually call themselves "renowned" even smaller than that? The question arises because of this Craigslist ad:

Read more.

By - 7/2/15 - 8:21 am

The Herald reports Andrew Costello is recovering from the attack off Ocracoke Island.

By - 6/28/15 - 9:28 pm

The NewBostonPost hasn't started posting anything to its $2-million Web site yet, but its Facebook feed gives you an idea of what to expect: Photos from the Cambridge dance party, news of sunscreen dispensers in Boston parks and, oh, yeah, commentary on how a tyrannical Supreme Court is going against the laws of nature and trying to make women fathers and men mothers.

At the same time, Americans need to seriously reflect on their willingness to defend basic principles of freedom that are now in jeopardy.

By - 6/26/15 - 8:40 am
BINJ logo

Dig News Editor Chris Faraone is starting an effort to support and share investigative and interpretive reporting by Boston-area journalists who don't have an MSM press card. The Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism will, he writes: Read more.

By - 6/26/15 - 8:16 am

Boston Media Networks of Wellesley says it has raised $1.14 million - and hopes to raise another $860,000 - to start up the NewBostonPost, which will offer up Boston-based news and commentary. Read more.

By - 6/22/15 - 8:02 pm

Summer is here and so is our next batch of media production classes. There are some great classes to sign up for! If you haven't already joined as a member, please sign up for an upcoming orientation, online here. You will receive discounted tuition rates. You can find the online of all our classes here and below are the upcoming classes:

By - 6/16/15 - 8:44 pm

Somerville yesterday asked a federal judge to keep the state from making it hand over the names, addresses and phone numbers of Somerville residents with parking permits to a Globe reporter. Read more.

By - 6/16/15 - 7:56 pm

Our own Barstool Sports is suing a California company that claims it holds a trademark on the phrase "Back to Back World War Champs" before that company can sue Barstool. Read more.

By - 6/15/15 - 2:50 pm

When do you suppose the Globe will pick up on the Herald's exposé of the Patrick administration's $27M slush trust fund? I mean, it's been five days now since the story broke.

By - 6/15/15 - 6:28 am

A few weeks after he was dropped by WRKO, another radio network might put Limbaugh on the low-rated, low-powered Spanish-language WKOX, 1430 AM, RadioInsight reports, adding that to get him on the station, its owner will probably just ditch the Spanish programming.

By - 6/1/15 - 12:51 pm

The latest in a series of editorial calls to action on how the Olympics can reshape every single facet of life in Boston.

It's no secret that kids need to eat their vegetables to grow up strong and healthy and become productive members of society. And yet, so many Boston children refuse to eat their kale and their lima beans. We are, frankly, at risk of producing a generation of neurasthenic adults, barely able to get off their couches, let alone turn Boston into the world-class city it deserves to be. Read more.

By - 5/31/15 - 8:12 am

Mike Ball is a reporter type going way back, grew up in a household that had several papers delivered and is married to another reporter type, but notice from the Globe that it's raising home-delivery rates finally pushed him over the edge:

Read more.