West End

By - 11/6/14 - 6:45 am

The Suffolk Journal reports on the new West End home of the New York Trapeze School:

The facility boasts a full flying trapeze set, training equipment, mats, safety equipment, and a trampoline. TSNY is providing trapeze artists and students with more room than ever to stretch their legs and go far beyond their expectations of what flying really is.

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By - 9/18/14 - 8:42 am
Greyhound spots white rabbit in Allston

Andrea Crossan shows us what happens when a greyhound spots the fabled white bunny of Allston - on Islington Terrace.

Pandapwr, meanwhile, gets up and personal with one of the fabled white squirrels of the West End.

By - 8/26/14 - 3:49 pm

Roxbury, MA – It is election season for Massachusetts residents! There are so many important issues that need to be addressed. Whether it be violence in the community, education, the economy, or green energy, everyone needs to be heard. For the first time, the Young Professionals Network of the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts (YPNULEM) is hosting a series entitled “Candid Conversations”. During this series,... Read more

By - 6/2/14 - 1:49 pm

The Boston Fire Department reports two workers about 35 feet down a shaft where one of the Longfellow Bridge's "shakers" used to be were injured this afternoon when chutes funneling concrete down to them gave way.

Workers were placed in stokes baskets, secured and raised up to surface. Boston EMS treated and transported.

The department says their injuries were not considered life threatening... Read more

By - 5/25/14 - 8:51 pm

Margery Eagan and Jared Bowen interview Leonard Nimoy at WGBH.

By - 12/31/13 - 10:55 am

No, they won't be counting down to the rockin' New Year tonight, but will tell you how long until the next Red Line train. The T reports they blinked into existence today.

By - 9/29/13 - 10:28 am

A steam main at Mass. General gave way this morning, sending a thick plume of steam into the air - and generating a wicked loud noise. Jacob Baime, who took the video, reports:

The noise was so loud it startled me awake.

He adds that by 9:30 a.m., everything was calm again.... Read more

By - 7/19/13 - 4:47 pm

West End demolition

The Boston City Archives has posted some photos of the demolition of the West End on July 19, 1959, including this photo towards the old Registry of Motor Vehicles building from what was then Chambers and Barton streets.

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By - 6/22/13 - 9:31 pm

White squirrel

Darrel Daniel was walking through the West End apartment complex today and came upon a white squirrel, just like the late, lamented Albino Squrrel of Jamaica Pond.... Read more

By - 2/15/13 - 10:23 am

The Boston Redevelopment Authority yesterday approved the 32-story Nashua Street Residences, which will bring 503 housing units and a two-story mall to the area behind the Boston Garden and the Tip O'Neill building.

Although most of the residential units will be aimed at the family-less, some 32 units will have three bedrooms.

By - 2/8/13 - 8:58 pm

Firefighters are at 8 Whittier Pl., where a transformer exploded around 8:45 p.m., sending flames into ductwork in the building's garage. The situation went to two alarms, but firefighters had residents stay in place. One resident of 6 Whittier Pl. was rescued from a dead elevator.... Read more

By - 11/30/12 - 10:01 am

The Boston Licensing Board yesterday approved a request from Domino's to extend the delivery hours of its Staniford Street outlet from 1 a.m. to 3 a.m. because of near-unanimous support from West End resident groups and nearby businesses - a dramatic difference from the reception Domino's has gotten in certain other neighborhoods.

Two hotels and Mass. Eye and Ear both supported the Domino's request,... Read more

By - 7/19/12 - 4:50 pm

A mother used her body as a shield to try to block a woman waving a large knife at her two young children in the West End yesterday - 19 years after the woman was acquitted by reason of insanity for repeatedly stabbing another mother in a Charlestown supermarket.

Suffolk County prosecutors say that Diane Huggins, 58, approached a 35-year-old Back Bay woman and her... Read more

By - 5/22/12 - 8:24 am

WBUR talks to Leonard Nimoy about being forced to leave his boyhood neighborhood:

I wish I could go back to my roots. I can't. They’re gone. The buildings are all torn down. I try walking with my wife to show her where I lived, but it's so difficult because the street configuration has changed so much that I feel it’s gone. I feel my

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By - 5/9/12 - 8:17 am

A resident of the West End apartment complex has filed what she hopes will become a class-action lawsuit against her landlord over a $500 "amenity fee" that supposedly helps pay for a fitness center, concierge and freight elevator, but which she says violates a Massachusetts tenant-rights law.

In her lawsuit against Equity Residential Management, Cheryl Miller says the company's tenants are owed more than $5... Read more

By - 4/7/12 - 12:10 pm

Suspect. Photo via BPD.Suspect. Photo via BPD.

Updated, 6 p.m.

Boston Police report a man who robbed the CVS at Charles Circle this morning handed workers a note that said there were bombs both there and at the nearby West End branch of the BPL and to give... Read more

By - 9/8/11 - 4:30 pm

The Herald reports the artsy-fartsy crowd thinks SoCa would be a better name for the area south of North Station, or as they're re-imagining it, SOuth of CAnal, which barely makes any sense because Canal's more or less a north/south road, and just, gah, look, if you're so in love with frickin' Manhattan, move there already. Or if it's too unironic for you, try... Read more

By - 6/19/11 - 6:58 pm

Old Boston posts an aerial photo that shows the neighborhood's street layout, just without any buildings, so possibly sometime in 1959.

By - 12/29/10 - 12:27 pm

Eerie visage

If you walk past the weird old apartment building on Lomasney Way behind the O'Neill Building, you come to an underpass for ramps connecting Leverett Circle with the Big Dig. ChinatownKicks photographed the imprinted homage to the thriving neighborhood that once occupied the space... Read more

By - 1/21/09 - 1:48 pm

MBTA and city officials gather at Science Park station at 4:30 p.m. today to commemorate the fact that the station now has a "secondary name" of "West End." In a statment, City Council President Mike Ross said:

"Tourists and locals alike will now be reminded of this vibrant neighborhood whenever they take the train. I'm grateful to Dan Grabauskas for making the change so quickly."

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