By - 9/9/10 - 9:47 pm

Ninth District Rep. Steve Lynch and Democratic challenger Mac D'Alessandro discussed everything from the proposed Islamic cultural center in lower Manhattan to, of course, health care, in a 20-minute discussion on WGBH's "Greater Boston" tonight (Watch).

D'Alessandro said he supported the rights of a Moslem group to build a cultural center two blocks from Ground Zero: "We have a constitutionally protected right to practice...Read more

By - 9/9/10 - 1:40 pm

Channel 2's "Greater Boston" will air a debate between 9th District incumbent Steve Lynch and Democratic challenger Mac D'Alessandro at 7 p.m. tonight (the debate will be taped at 4:30). Greater Boston airs for 30 minutes, so that would make this twice as long as their earlier debate.Read more

By - 9/9/10 - 7:40 am

When he lost the primary to Deval Patrick in 2006, Reilly didn't show up at a post-election Democratic unity rally. And he's still sticking it to Patrick, this time over the issue of how the state helped Harvard Pilgrim get back on its financial feet. The Outraged Liberal explains how Patrick should have compared what the state did to a Wall Street bailout, rather...Read more

By - 9/8/10 - 6:46 pm

Video of a debate between Frank and his oppponent in the Sept. 14 primary, Rachel Brown. Brown opened by saying she wants to get rid of Obama, bring back Glass-Steagall and spend trillions on a project to move water from the mountains of Alaska and Canada to the deserts. Frank retorted that colonizing Mars is not the best use of federal funds....Read more

By - 9/8/10 - 8:46 am

The Daily Free Press interviews Sarah Sullivan, a BU student running a sticker campaign against against the 17th Suffolk incumbent.Read more

By - 9/8/10 - 6:14 am

John Carroll watched the debate so you didn't have to:

Glossary, Please

David Tuerck? Michael Widmer? The Pacheco Law? The Connector?

Are the candidates so out of touch they think the average voter knows what they're talking about when they just toss out those names?

Memo to gubernatorial hopefuls: You’re done with the insiders. It's real people you need to talk to now.

Richard...Read more

By - 9/5/10 - 10:44 pm

The Jamaica Plain Progressives posts answers to questionnaires sent to candidates in the 2nd Suffolk state senate race (Sonia Chang-Diaz and Hassan Williams), the 15th Suffolk state rep's race (Jeff Sanchez and Jeff Herman) and the 6th Suffolk state rep's race (Russell Holmes and Divo Rodrigues Monteiro; other candidates did not reply)....Read more

By - 9/3/10 - 11:08 am

Needham Patch reports on a Ninth District forum that featured Democrat Mac D'Alessandro and Republican Vernon Harrison. Their opponents, incumbent Democrat Steve Lynch and Republican Keith Lepor were no-shows.Read more

By - 8/30/10 - 9:27 am

The Jamaica Plain Gazette lists the six people running for John Tobin's city-council seat - only two of them from West Roxbury (probably because everybody else in the neighborhood is running for state rep or state senator).Read more

By - 8/26/10 - 8:25 am

The Globe runs a quick background check on the guy Charlie Baker dredged up to show how awful Massachusetts is for small businessmen:

American Express has filed a petition with the bankruptcy court, saying that DiStasio ran up more than $40,000 in bills on his personal card for luxury items in the weeks before the January filing.

Last month, Attorney General Martha Coakley fined

...Read more
By - 8/12/10 - 9:42 am

Baker owns up to just 10% of the Big Dig financing plan.Read more

By - 8/3/10 - 1:31 pm

The City Council will vote tomorrow on setting Nov. 16 as the special election to replace outgoing Councilor John Tobin, after city and state elections officials said attempting to hold the election as the same day as the already scheduled state elections would cause the planet to implode or something.

City Council President Mike Ross filed the request for dates today. Because of differing...Read more

By - 8/1/10 - 9:16 am

Technically, the governor has ten days to sign the casino/slots bill passed by the legislature last night. But the odds against that are pretty high. House Speaker Robert DeLeo, whose district would likely get both a resort casino (Suffolk Downs) and a slots parlor (Wonderland) vowed to raise the stakes if Patrick "amends" the bill (sends it back to the legislature with...Read more

By - 7/29/10 - 5:25 pm

Clinton pushes for Lynch before heading off to big wedding: Dave Parsons too more photos.Clinton pushes for Lynch, heads off to big wedding: Part of a set of photos by Dave Parsons.

Mike Ball...Read more

By - 7/26/10 - 10:19 am

With Tim Cahill insisting he hasn't changed his pro-choice stance on abortion, Mass. Citizens for Life is left trying to figure out how its PAC came to endorse him (still, worth noting that Tim hasn't restored abortion rights as one of his core values.)....Read more

By - 7/24/10 - 1:37 pm

He's Guy Carbone, former commissioner of the MDC (remember that?), big fan of Arizona and a gun-owning opponent of national health care. He's also apparently been running since May - as a sticker candidate - to get on the Republican ballot, which is currently vacant, since nobody bothered to collect enough signatures or get the state convention to endorse them.

Carbone ran for attorney...Read more

By - 7/22/10 - 10:37 am

City and state election officials recommended today that the election to replace outgoing City Councilor John Tobin be held on a dates other than the already scheduled general election.

City officials are looking at holding a preliminary election if needed on Oct. 19 and a final election on Nov. 16 to replace John Tobin, who is leaving his District 6 seat to become a vice...Read more

By - 7/21/10 - 8:41 am

The city election commissioner, the city council and the Secretary of State's office convene at 10 a.m. in the council chambers in City Hall to replace the soon to be "city councilor for Northeastern."

To date, former at-large candidates Matt O'Malley and Sean Ryan have announced they're running....Read more

By - 7/20/10 - 10:06 pm

Rob Eno shows us how Tim Cahill's campaign deleted the sentence "I believe in and support a woman's right to choose" from the "core values" page on his Web site sometime between May 25 and his endorsement today by Mass. Citizens for Life, which called him the only pro-life candidate for governor....Read more