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By - 7/31/14 - 11:30 am

Well, if they're hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, that is. If you post something, look for the Video header at the top of the article-creation page. Click Select Media, then paste in the URL for the video you want to include and hit Submit. When your post goes live, the video will be at the top.

By - 6/19/14 - 1:25 pm

I got a request today from somebody to have links on Universal Hub open in a new tab or window rather than in the same tab as the UHub page. Less confusing, because it would keep UHub open, she said.

It'd be easy enough to do, but before I make a change like that, I'd want to see what other folks think. A poll should... Read more

By - 12/30/13 - 8:08 pm

Unless you use IE, or are one of the other folks for whom the site had been looking odd in recent weeks. I've changed the template set used by UHub to fix display problems for such folks. Follks on phones may also see a bit of a different, hopefully better, display.

Everybody else, I hope, won't notice much of a difference, except maybe for the... Read more

By - 12/11/13 - 10:06 am

I'm seeing a growing number of comments along the lines of "you jerk, go die!" (actually, even worse, but you get the idea) If you're posting anonymously (i.e., you're not logged in, even if you do fill in the "name" field), sorry, I'm not going to mark that for public consumption. If you want to tear into somebody's position, by all means, go for it,... Read more

By - 9/25/13 - 9:51 pm

Just installed a jaunty little thumb thing, which you'll now find at the end of every single comment.

The software has the ability to do both up and down votes. I decided not to enable down votes, at least not yet, because we're already a fairly cantankerous group as a whole, and I didn't feel like adding still more negativity to the site. I do... Read more

By - 9/23/13 - 12:02 am

The token's time had come. Hopefully, the rest of the site won't feel too odd (but let me know if it does - especially the font for the article text).

The real reason for the change wasn't to mess with the graphics, though - it was more to upgrade to the latest version of the Drupal software that runs the site. I'm sure you'll find... Read more

By - 9/4/13 - 9:53 am

UPDATE: Site's been updated.

The current server's being switched over to a shinier and beefier machine.

By - 4/18/13 - 3:16 pm

Here's a new UHub rule: If you keep posting a link to the same conspiracy-nut article about the Marathon to Marathon-related posts here, even after you're asked not to, I will block your account.

By - 12/9/12 - 2:06 pm

I'm slowly wending my way through a major upgrade to the software that runs Universal Hub (for the CMS types: From Drupal 6 to 7).

You hopefully won't see much difference in the site - it'll still be your basic blog format - unless you connect with a mobile device. One of the things the new templates let me do fairly easily is have pages... Read more

By - 10/24/11 - 8:45 am

When you post a reply to a post or comment, you'll now have to type in letters you see in a "captcha" box, at the bottom of the posting form. This is actually something you used to be required to do up until a few months ago, when I upgraded the software and it managed to turn that off and I didn't realize it, despite... Read more

By - 6/1/11 - 3:25 pm

Which I am thrilled to death to announce because over the past couple of years running Universal Hub fulltime, I've learned that ad sales is an art - and I'm still at the paint-by-numbers stage.

Ron Welby is our new go-to guy for your Boston-based online ad needs (both here and across the Boston Blogs Network. Ron is an online veteran from way back,... Read more

By - 8/14/10 - 3:32 pm

With any luck, we should have honest-to-goodness UHub iPhone and BlackBerry apps up and running in about a month (I just spent a good part of a perfectly beautiful Saturday designing splash screens and icons).

The apps will have the UHub breaking-news goodness you'd expect, but also stuff like restaurant and store listings and reviews, all searchable and mappable. To get a rough idea of... Read more

By - 1/23/09 - 9:49 pm

Thanks to suggestions from Kalim Saliba and folks in this discussion, I've set up a UH group on Flickr. Anybody with a Flickr account can join in and post their best Boston-area photos to the group, discuss Boston photography, snort at my photo judgment, etc. As with the universalhub tag, I'll pick photos for highlighting here (if you don't have a Flickr account,... Read more

By - 1/17/09 - 11:47 am

I've been thinking (yes, always a dangerous thing) about photos here on Universal Hub.

First, I'm grateful to folks who mark their Flickr photos as "universalhub" or who e-mail me photos. There are some very talented photographers out there, and I'm glad I can highlight your work here. But that gets me to the next point:

I've noticed that when I post somebody's photo... Read more

By - 1/2/09 - 1:13 pm

As you may notice, the top of the page looks a bit different. The main thing I wanted to do was to see if I could move the content up a bit higher on the page - which I did mainly by getting rid of the gigantic "Universal Hub" (also, you Courier haters will notice the change in the font). In practical terms, the main... Read more

By - 12/8/08 - 3:09 am

[float=right]IMAGE(http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk143/nfsagan/blogcover1.jpg)[/float]The phenomenon of blogging has been around long enough for writers and pollsters to study it. In July, Pew/Internet and American Life Project published a study called

“BLOGGERS: A portrait of the internet’s new storytellers.”

You can find the full report (pdf) here. Take a quick gander at their findings below. Do you see anything there that surprises... Read more

By - 10/23/08 - 2:23 pm

I did that this morning - and managed to wipe out three+ years of neighborhood/town tags for every single post on Universal Hub (on the plus side: I discovered the database here works REALLY fast). No, I don't have a back up of the database from which to restore them. Because I'm a dolt.

Fortunately, the posts themselves are still here (hooray for data... Read more

By - 10/13/08 - 2:04 pm

I've started playing with some of the location-based modules available for the core software underneath Universal Hub. One of the things you can do is set up a map that shows the locations your posts are about (once you tag them with addresses). Here's the first:

Universal Hub News Map

It's a map of the... Read more

By - 8/10/08 - 6:57 pm

UPDATE: I think it's fixed now. I uploaded the latest version of the Atom module and now images are showing up in the feed (although you might have to wait for new images; I don't think old ones will show up).

If you get the UH RSS feed, but don't see any images (for example, on that post about the kite festival or the clown... Read more

By - 7/29/08 - 9:58 pm

The whys and hows in handy FAQ format:

Three main reasons: In some discussions, there were too many people using the default "anon" as a "name," leading to confusion. As UH has gained more participants, we've picked up more nasty hit-and-run trolls. And we've picked up a new breed of spammers who took advantage of the anonymous posting ability to craft comments that... Read more