Public Garden

By - 9/20/16 - 1:19 pm
Swan Boats on their way out for the season

You know fall's here when the Swan Boats go away. Penny Cherubino watched them being disassembled today for winter storage.

By - 9/3/16 - 8:33 am

Boston Police report arresting two men on drug charges and one on gun charges after an incident Thursday evening inside the Public Garden. Read more.

By - 8/16/16 - 9:58 am
Sunrise over the Boston Public Garden Lagoon

Damaskin was up early enough this morning to watch the sunrise over the Public Garden lagoon.

By - 6/2/16 - 11:51 pm

Boston Police have released photos of somebody they say needs to pick on somebody her own size. Read more.

By - 5/3/16 - 1:10 pm
Ducks in the Public Garden

As if you needed more proof ducks can't read. Seen at lunchtime in the Public Garden - where I had one squirrel and one sparrow come after me when they thought I was reaching for food instead of my camera.

By - 4/3/16 - 3:36 pm
Snowman in the Public Garden

Joel Pettigrew ran across this snowman and what's left of his companion this afternoon in the Public Garden. More snow is, of course, forecast for tomorrow.

By - 2/12/16 - 6:27 am
Make Way for Ducklings in capes

You know it's cold when even the Public Garden duck family puts on capes, as Alyssa Martin shows us.

By - 2/5/16 - 12:51 pm
Pipe work on Charles Street in Boston

For the past few days, workers have been doing something with a large pipe under Charles Street and into the Public Garden. Manish Sinha gives us a view of the work in the snow today.

By - 1/23/16 - 5:31 pm
Snow falling on the Public Garden bridge

Rachel took a walk through the Public Garden late this afternoon.

Around the same time, Michael Ratty on the other side of Charles Street, walking through the Common: Read more.

By - 1/18/16 - 10:41 am
Snowy George Washington statue in Boston's Public Garden

Nick Cosky went for a walk around the Public Garden this morning. He also captured a snowy scene near the Custom House.

By - 1/16/16 - 7:50 pm
Mrs. Mallard for the Pats

27-20. Bring on the next guys.

By - 1/8/16 - 10:54 pm
Boston Public Garden lagoon after sunset

Nick Cosky walked around the lagoon in the Public Garden this evening.

By - 12/26/15 - 4:57 pm
Cherry tree blossom in Boston's Public Garden

Like a lot of other people, we spent some time near the bridge over the Public Garden Lagoon today just marveling at the blooming cherry tree.

A tree in the Arnold Arboretum was also in full bloom.

By - 12/5/15 - 1:13 pm
The George Washington statue in Boston's Public Garden at night
By - 12/3/15 - 5:02 pm
White squirrel in the Public Garden

Not this squirrel, spotted by PatrickWBP in the Public Garden today.

By - 9/18/15 - 12:29 pm
Floating head in the Public Garden Lagoon

A concerned citizen gets right to the point in a complaint filed at 8:52 this morning:

Floating heads in lagoon

Because, really, what more need be said, except maybe "why?"

By - 9/10/15 - 8:14 pm
Somebody doesn't like the inscriptions on the Good Will Hunting bench in Boston's Public Garden

So the Parks Department replaced a bunch of benches in the Public Garden this summer and now a concerned citizen is kvetching about Robin Williams fans marking up the replacement for the bench he and Matt Damon made famous:

PUBLIC GARDEN BENCH-new ugly graffiti from Robin Williams fans on this beautiful new bench! Please remove before more is added! The new bench is so nice!

By - 7/22/15 - 10:30 pm
Sunset over the Public Garden in Boston

Kathleen O'Donnell watched the sunset over the Lagoon in the Public Garden this evening.