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By - 5/31/13 - 2:04 pm

Federal agents last week raided an unlicensed radio station broadcasting from a Roslindale Square office building.

Although Bel Top Boston, which bills itself as the "top Haitian news station in Boston" was off the air this afternoon, past history suggests owner David Cange will try to return to the air at 88.5 MHz. In 2010, he ignored a warning from the FCC to...Read more

By - 3/13/13 - 10:59 am

The US Attorney's office reports federal agents seized radio-transmitting equipment from a pirate radio station transmitting from a Brockton home, in part because it was interfering with an air-traffic-control frequency for Logan Airport.

The seizure has nothing to do with Touch FM, an unlicensed station in Dorchester run by Clarence Clemons, who says he is running for mayor of Boston this year. Touch...Read more

By - 5/25/11 - 6:25 pm

Earlier this month, federal agents seized the equipment used by an unlicensed Mattapan radio station whose signal brought complaints from a licensed broadcaster - and Logan Airport.

The US Attorney's Office in Boston reports FCC agents executed a warrant against Datz Hits Radio which broadcast on 99.7 FM from Outlook Road in Mattapan. In a statement, US Attorney Carmen Ortiz said:

It is

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By - 9/28/09 - 1:05 pm

Hot 97, which thumbed its nose at FCC investigators and set up shop in Dorchester after being chased out of Hyde Park, has changed its frequency to 87.7 MHz and apparently boosted its power, too: Last week, I could barely hear it here in Roslindale; today, at the new frequency, it sounded like it was next door. It was still IDing itself as Hot...Read more

By - 9/24/09 - 12:42 pm

An unlicensed radio station kicked out of a Hyde Park office building is now broadcasting from a house in Dorchester.

Hot 97 Boston had been serving up hip hop, reggae and gospel from the basement of One Westinghouse Plaza, but after a visit from FCC inspectors, the station shut up shop and moved to 76 Esmond St. in Dorchester.

On Sept. 3, the...Read more

By - 9/22/09 - 2:42 pm

File under: Alrighty, then. Whoever operates The Wave, an unlicensed oldies station in Boxford, reports:

[O]ver the weekend, while I was not at home my coax was cut, and in the process my transmitter was damaged.

The coax has been replaced and I am operating at greatly reduced power. I have reported it to the local police we are looking for information leading to

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By - 8/3/09 - 1:18 pm

Hot 97 Scott Fybush reports that when a new pirate radio station went on the air last month, it promptly got a visit from FCC investigators, because its 97.5 frequency is right next to the frequency used by a legal station, Brockton's WKAF, at 97.7, which repeats the signal of WAAF.

Fybush reports...Read more

By - 9/12/08 - 5:08 pm

A station calling itself WHOT plans to set up shop at 97.1 and promises plenty of hot hip-hop action - no doubt interfering with Talk 96.9's many listeners in the inner city. Radio traditionalists, however, hope the FCC has something to say about this, although given how effective the commission has been in getting Touch FM off the air, they probably shouldn't...Read more

By - 5/8/08 - 12:44 pm

The FCC has ordered a local man to pay a $17,000 fine for running an unlicensed radio station on Blue Hill Avenue.

The FCC says Charles Clemons continued to run Touch FM at 106.1 FM even after FCC field investigators - acting on a complaint from engineers at licensed stations - told him to knock it off.

When confronted with the station's operation,

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