By - 7/18/13 - 11:16 pm

Lantern festival

Paul Villanova headed to Forest Hills Cemetery tonight for the annual lantern festival.Read more

By - 7/16/13 - 8:20 pm

Hull sunset

Darrell Daniel watched the sun go down over Hull after that brief rainstorm today....Read more

By - 7/16/13 - 10:40 am

Big slideBig slide. Photo by Rob Bellinger.

Greg Cook explains what makes Chuckie Harris Park, which opened yesterday, different:

By building the slides into the hills at Harris Park, GroundView makes them handicapped accessible. And climbing back to the top of the slide is made

...Read more
By - 7/15/13 - 6:46 pm

Bleach bottle

Chris Martin snapped this message on a bottle on Beacon Street between Dartmouth and Exeter....Read more

By - 7/15/13 - 10:48 am


When and where would you have found a rundown Boston block plastered with posters for Charles Capraro and Edward McCormack? The folks at the Boston City Archives know, of course, they always do. See it larger....Read more

By - 7/15/13 - 9:52 am
Bobby the Pig on Newbury Street

Leslee spotted some pig on Newbury Street the other day.

Posted under this Creative Commons license and in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.Read more

By - 7/14/13 - 9:17 pm


We don't know what you did, but as Steve Annear shows us, the music hall is not amused, so cut it out....Read more

By - 7/12/13 - 12:20 pm

Practice fire at LoganSee it larger.

Because given what happened here in April and given what happened in San Francisco a few days ago, people are going to get jumpy and alert reporters who are going to place immediate calls to Massport PR people...Read more

By - 7/12/13 - 10:21 am

So, my wife was given a reproduction of a photo when she took her job with the city several years ago. We love the picture and have it hanging in our home, but I have never been able (through moderate-to-no actual research) to discern the timeframe, location, or persons captured in the photo. I was hoping some of you could help me crowdsource the answer....Read more

By - 7/10/13 - 4:43 pm

Millers River

The Big Dig gave us an iconic bridge, a long tunnel under downtown, another long tunnel under the harbor - and some new parks, including a walkway along the long forgotten Millers River.

The river, once a largeish harbor estuary that ran into Cambridge...Read more

By - 7/10/13 - 1:55 pm

Harbor ducks

A mother and two babies paddled through the harbor by Puopolo Park in the North End.Read more

By - 7/8/13 - 10:49 am
Students in old Boston

But when and where was the photo taken? The folks at the Boston City Archives posted this. See it larger.Read more

By - 7/6/13 - 8:46 pm

Boat on the rocks

Boating UHub photographer Noah Sachs captured the Sawsea aground on Spectacle Island as two Sea Tow boats try to pull it off the rocks....Read more

By - 7/6/13 - 7:14 pm
Geese observing traffic sign in Hyde Park

On River Street outbound from Cleary Square, just before Turtle Pond Parkway, there's this Goose Crossing sign. This afternoon, what seemed like endless squadrons of geese took full advantage of the sign, crossing from the Neponset River to their ancestral grazing grounds on the large field across the street.

A group approached the road, waited until it was clear in both directions and then waddled...Read more

By - 7/5/13 - 11:32 am

Fireworks over the Charles

Nick Gillham watched the fireworks from Cambridge.

Rob Bellinger watched the fireworks from a South Boston rooftop:

Fireworks from South Boston...Read more

By - 7/4/13 - 11:33 pm

Fireworks over the Charles. Photo by Greg HumFireworks over the Charles. Photo by Greg Hum.

One highlight was when Keith Lockhart turned the baton over to Transit Police Officer Richard Donohue.

Several people said attendance seemed to be down...Read more

By - 7/4/13 - 11:20 am

July Fourth confetti

Kim was among the crowd showered with confetti after the commander of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company finished reading the Declaration of Independence at the Old State House this morning....Read more

By - 7/3/13 - 7:16 pm

Neponset at Lower Mills

Brian MacLean captured the Neponset at Lower Mills the other day.

Copyright Brian MacLean. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr....Read more