By - 6/24/08 - 9:25 am

UPDATE: Whoever posted the video has taken it down. It was basically a rant about how awful Touch FM is supposed to be.

Just like the Scientologists: Urban Radio vs. Touch FM.

Avast! Feds fine Dorchester radio pirate.
The anti-violence march and the pirate radio station

By - 6/18/08 - 2:45 pm

A Suffolk Superior Court jury today found Calvin Carnes guilty of four counts of first-degree murder for shooting four aspiring musicians in a Dorchester basement on Dec. 13, 2005. Prosecutors say Carnes, now 21, shot Jason Bachiller, 20, Jihad Chankhour, 22, Edwin Duncan, 21, and Christopher Vieira, 19, a total of 15 times in Duncan's recording-studio basement on Bournside Street.

A pal of Carnes, Robert Turner, pleaded guilty in April to being an accessory after the fact to murder; he admitted watching Carnes kill the men.

According to the DA's office:

Evidence introduced at trial proved that Carnes accompanied Vieira to Duncan's Bourneside Street home, where the victims and others would socialize. Bachiller, Duncan, and Vieira would record music as the blossoming hip-hop group Graveside; Chankhour, a close friend, would often visit and occasionally assist in technical matters related to musical equipment in the band’s makeshift studio.

Carnes is believed to have taken a Glock 9mm semiautomatic handgun from Vieira, who had recently acquired it and was given to showing it off. After shooting Vieira, he shot and wounded each of the others, executing each with additional shots as they lay wounded.

Carnes and Turner also took an AK-47 and a 12-gauge shotgun belonging to the now dead men, then fled in one of their cars.

Closing statement by the assistant DA.

By - 6/17/08 - 5:08 pm

Boston Police report a teen was beaten and robbed in the Franklin Field housing project yesterday.

Police say an acquaintance of the teen stopped him as he walked through the project and asked him if he had $5 for food:

The victim reported that he told the friend that he had no small bills and only had $100 dollar bills, which he showed to him. The victim reported that he walked away from his "friend" and soon thereafter noticed that there was a large group of people from the nearby basketball court following him.

By - 6/16/08 - 4:54 pm

No verdict today. Jurors will reconvene tomorrow morning even though tomorrow is Bunker Hill Day and so a holiday for municipal and court employees in Suffolk County, according to the Suffolk County DA's office.

By - 6/11/08 - 12:01 am

Boston Police report an increase in home burglaries of late as residents install air conditioners. Seems burglars know many of the units aren't really fastened well, so they push them in, and jump in the window. So police say:

Double check that your a/c unit is securely fastened.

By - 6/6/08 - 10:04 pm

Boston Police report a man tried to burn a drinking buddy's house down when the friend refused to hand over the gold chain the guy accused him of taking:

... After purchasing the gas, officers learned that the suspect came back with the gas can, poured gas on the front porch of the building and ignited a fire. Several witnesses reported to officers that they observed the suspect igniting fire, and even after the fire was put out, stated that the suspect kept trying to re-ignite the fire. Prior to the suspect lighting the fire, witnesses reported hearing him state that he would burn down the building if he did not get his chain back. ...

Police escorted Horace O. White, 55, of Roxbury, to a place where he wouldn't be allowed to play with matches.

Innocent, etc.

By - 6/6/08 - 9:12 am

Three things that reinforce my decision to live in the Dorchester community: Dot2Dot Cafe ( I’ve been waiting for a cafe to open up in Dorchester since I moved here three years ago); DotOut at the Dorchester Day Parade; and the Revitalization of Dorchester Ave.

By - 5/30/08 - 12:19 pm

Anthony Lucas, 42, faces life in prison after a jury found him guilty yesterday in Suffolk Superior Court, the Suffolk County DA's office reports.

By - 5/28/08 - 9:10 pm

243 Bowdoin St. this afternoon. The man, 20, is Dorchester's 14th murder victim this year.

By - 5/25/08 - 11:49 am

The Globe reports yet another Boston firefighter has run afoul of the law: This time for allegedly soliciting sex for a fee.

An officer disguised as a prostitute was standing at a public parking lot near Blue Hill Avenue and La Grange Place at about 10:50 p.m. Friday when Collin M. Herelle pulled up in his white Cadillac and offered the officer $29 for a sex act, according to police.

By - 5/24/08 - 10:12 pm

Boston Police report that when they went to investigate a group of a dozen guys milling around Hendry Street yesterday afternoon, one guy seemed particularly anxious to not have the cops around. They eventually arrested the guy, who turned out to be 14, on a variety of charges related to the semi-automatic handgun and ammo they say he was packing.

By - 5/23/08 - 2:10 pm

Oh, brother. That boy who claimed he ran away from a kidnapper on the way to St. Brendan's School in Dorchester the other day was lying just like the girl who texted her mother yesterday about bad things being done to her, Boston Police report.

Further investigation revealed that the young man had fabricated his story because he was concerned about being tardy for school.

Currently the Boston Police School Police Unit will work with the families of these two children to assist them with receiving any necessary social services. Also officers are seeking to get the children involved in community service. In addition, the Boston Police School Police Unit is working closely with the Boston School Department to develop an educational awareness program to reinforce to students the true and serious ramifications for falsifying information to their parent and authorities.

The Boston Police Department would like to take this opportunity to urge parents to have a conversation with their children about the seriousness of both these situations and the consequences that result.

So the anonymous person who posted this not long after I posted about the St. Brendan's kid was absolutely right.

By - 5/20/08 - 2:35 pm

Three-alarmer between Granite Avenue and Pope John Paul II Park; Red Line service briefly halted.


By - 5/19/08 - 4:49 pm

UPDATE: The kid lied; there was no evil man, Boston Police now say.

Boston Police report they are looking for a man who tried to abduct a 12-year-old boy walking on Gallivan Boulevard (near the CVS) on his way to St. Brendan's School this morning:

... The victim stated the suspect approached him from the rear vacant lot next to 663 Gallivan Blvd and stated, "Hey" and then grabbed the victim's right arm and attempted to pull the victim into the vacant lot. The victim was able to break free from the suspect. He then fled through numerous yards and streets in an attempt to lose the suspect. The victim made his way to St. Brendan's School and immediately notified the principal of the incident.

The suspect reportedly chased him through the vacant lot onto Marsh St. into the rear of Florian Hall where the suspect fled in an unknown direction. ...

The alleged perp is described as: A white male, mid 40's- 50's, 200 lbs, 5'10", with scruffy salt/pepper facial hair, wearing a black waist length leather jacket with red sleeves, blue jeans with faded/white spots near the thighs of both legs, a black baseball cap with black sunglasses, and gray New Balance sneakers.

By - 5/18/08 - 2:05 pm

A man sitting in a lobby chair with one hand down his pants while he sipped vodka from a plastic cup with the other was arrested yesterday when he declined entreaties from security guards at the Back Bay Westin to leave, Boston Police report.

Police say the man, from Bar Harbor, Maine, had a plastic shopping bag full of vodka bottles and an unzipped fly when they arrived at the hotel. Even the presence of police would not move him from his chair - at least, not initially.

By - 5/17/08 - 4:40 pm

Boston Police report arresting three men on drug charges at the Finest Cuts barbershop, 405 Blue Hill Ave. shortly after 6 p.m. yesterday. One of the men allegedly had more than a pound of cocaine on him.

Meanwhile, police say a man walking with three boxes of pizza on Saratoga Street in East Boston last night was allegedly set upon by a trio of ruffians who demanded a box:

The suspects then told the victim that the pizzas now belonged to them and started assaulting him by grabbing and punching him. Per the victim, the suspects, after assaulting him, took his pizzas and walked away. The victim en route home observed the suspects sitting in front of 189 Prince Street eating the pizzas they had just robbed from him. The suspects then attacked the victim again and began hitting the victim again forcing him to defend himself.

One of the three was arrested; the other two didn't stick around.

By - 5/15/08 - 9:04 am

This Sunday, there's going to be a "Man Up for Liquarry Jefferson Accountability March" from Grove Hall to City Hall, to try to get black men to take more responsibility for stopping violence in inner-city Boston (starts at 11 a.m.; it's named for the little boy shot by a cousin with an illegal gun a family member left lying around).

I didn't read about it in the Globe or the Herald, of course. Instead, I heard about it this morning on Touch FM, the pirate radio station a toothless FCC can't seem to shut down.

By - 5/8/08 - 12:44 pm

The FCC has ordered a local man to pay a $17,000 fine for running an unlicensed radio station on Blue Hill Avenue.

The FCC says Charles Clemons continued to run Touch FM at 106.1 FM even after FCC field investigators - acting on a complaint from engineers at licensed stations - told him to knock it off.