By - 7/21/07 - 11:08 pm

Man, 21, found shot on Woodledge Street around 3:22 this morning, pronounced dead at Boston Medical Center.

By - 7/21/07 - 10:00 pm

Man, 21, taken to Boston Medical Center, expected to live.

380 Talbot Ave.

More info.

By - 7/21/07 - 3:22 am

Samuel DoCanto, 21, of Roxbury, taken to Boston Medical Center, pronounced dead.

Globe: Slain man was celebrating new job, friend's birthday.

Woodledge and Cunnningham streets

More info.

By - 7/17/07 - 5:57 pm

Boston Police report:

Around 11:14 last night, a South Boston man reported he was shot in the wrist at 444 W. 4th St.

Around 8:40 last night, police say two black guys, one with a shotgun, held up the Nextel store at 4254 Washington St. in Roslindale. Police arrived to find one woman bleeding from the nose; she said she was grabbed and pushed to the ground; two other people in the store were ordered to the back as the robbers rifled the cash register.

By - 7/14/07 - 10:00 pm

Teens, 15 and 16, taken to Boston Medical Center with non life-threatening injuries.\

2 Glenarm St.

More info.

By - 7/13/07 - 11:00 am

The two men were shot more than 40 times as they sat outside the Franklin Hill housing project last night, WBZ reports. Meanwhile, a man shot at Walnut Avenue and Townsend Street in Dorchester Wednesday evening died during surgery, Boston Police report.

By - 7/12/07 - 11:19 pm

Jeffery Jones, 42, of Mattapan and Jarrid Campbell, 27, of Roxbury, killed.

Franklin Hill and Shandon streets

More info.

By - 7/10/07 - 12:44 pm

UPDATE: A Suffolk County grand jury exonerated Vaughn; Roslindale woman pleaded guilty.

Andrew Vaughn, 31, was ordered held on $500,000 cash bail this morning on charges he slashed the three-month-old daughter of an acquaintance, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office.

The girl was taken to Boston Medical Center after the 1 a.m. attack on Maxwell Street and is expected to survive her neck and shoulder cuts.

By - 7/10/07 - 10:26 am

That would be the South Bay shopping center, which has gotten so bad that Jason reports he was forced to drive to Braintree to shop this past weekend:

... The parking lot is undergoing major renovations, and is currently a war zone. The traffic patterns at South Bay have always been chaotic, but adding random jersey barriers, loose blacktop, torn up roadways, heavy ground-moving equipment, clueless pedestrians with small children in carriages, and entitled Boston drivers, and it's a recipe for a sludgy disaster. ...

By - 7/7/07 - 1:18 pm

That's the meme that's starting to spread in advance of the fall release of Ben Affleck's adaptation of Dennis Lehane's Gone Baby Gone (featuring Morgan Freeman as God Ed Davis). The trailer has some nice nighttime shots of the city:

By - 7/5/07 - 11:57 am

Man robbed by three teen-agers.

257 Normandy St.

More info.

By - 7/3/07 - 9:05 pm

Boston Police report arresting Jovan Adams, 22, of Dorchester, for the May 15 murder of Cordeiro Andrade, 20, of Roxbury and the non-fatal shooting of a woman.

Police say they are now looking for Taquise Johnson, 18, of Roxbury, for the same shootings. Police say he is black, 6 feet tall, 150 pounds.

By - 6/28/07 - 12:14 am

Chased by three men who kept stabbing him; taken to Boston Medical Center in stable condition.

18 Howe St.

More info.

By - 6/27/07 - 9:50 pm

A Dorchester man faces charges he stabbed two Brookline men in Allston early on June 8, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office says.

Richard Wallace, 26, is charged with armed assault with intent to murder, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, threats and common affray.

By - 6/27/07 - 12:38 am

Man got into fight with two other men, one of whom stabbed him repeatedly.

1886 Dorchester Ave.

More info.

By - 6/24/07 - 11:25 pm

14-year-old from Mattapan faces a charge of assault and batter with a dangerous weapon.

81 Sydney St.

More info.

By - 6/23/07 - 10:01 pm

Boston Police report that Boston and Chicopee police arrested Patrick Mayhew, 20, of Dorchester Friday night and charged him with the murder of Joseph Smith, 39, of Dorchester. Smith was found with multiple gunshot wounds on Nottingham Street Thursday afternoon.

By - 6/21/07 - 9:22 pm

Joseph "Jo Jo" McAfee Smith, 39, found lying on the ground at 27 Nottingham St. around 1:40 p.m.; pronounced dead at Boston Medical Center.

Globe: Longtime Dorchester resident, 39, is slain.
Herald: Man gunned down in Dorchester.

By - 6/21/07 - 1:40 pm

Man, 39, found shot; pronounced dead at Boston Medical Center.

28 Nottingham St.

More info.

By - 6/19/07 - 11:36 pm

Boston Police report arresting Bernard Piscopo, 38, for the murder of Adam Rich at the 6 House bar in South Boston on Sunday.

An argument over a spilled beer allegedly escalated into a brawl in which Rich, 26, of Revere, and a friend were stabbed.

Piscopo is scheduled to be arraigned in South Boston District Court Wednesday morning.