By - 4/16/06 - 9:58 pm

Woman, 21, stabbed, kicked, punched and bitten by two people. Taken to BMC and treated.

Atikia Mikell, 23 of Roxbury and Tamara Rhodes, 32 of Roxbury were placed under arrest and charged with Assault and Battery by means of a Dangerous Weapon.

23 Bradlee St.

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By - 4/16/06 - 3:19 am

Man, 33, told police three men approached him, stabbed him in chest, then sped away in a blue Honda.

Victim taken to local hospital for treatment.

Blue Hill Ave. and Devon St.

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By - 4/15/06 - 11:58 pm

Female, 18, shot in lower right leg as she was leaving. Taken to hospital with injuries not considered life threatening.

73 Charles St.

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By - 4/14/06 - 7:49 pm

14-year-old said she was stabbed in the left side after verbal exchange with group of girls following her.

Catherine Pizarro, 18, of Roxbury, arreste.

266 Seaver St.

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By - 4/14/06 - 3:38 am

Guy getting stuff out of trunk struck in head from behind; suspect then takes off in victim's car.

Torrey St.

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By - 4/12/06 - 10:31 am

Jim Sullivan chronicles how he met his wife.

By - 4/8/06 - 10:02 pm

Found in bushes off road; treated as suspicious death.

Channel 4 says it is the body of Guiliado Rodrigues , an 18-year-old Rhode Island man reported missing a week earlier.

33 Mt. Ida Rd.

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By - 4/6/06 - 5:10 am

Unknown male knocked on door; when occupant answered, man showed gun and demanded money. He pushed her into a bedroom, took cash, then fled.

18 Salina Rd.

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By - 4/5/06 - 7:20 pm

Two people who answered a Craigslist ad for a 1995 Honda Civic were ordered to the ground at gunpoint, then robbed.

42 Westville St.

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By - 4/2/06 - 4:10 pm

One man, two teen-aged women shot in apparent drive-by shooting; all three shot multiple times. Reported in serious condition at local hospitals.

25 Creston St.

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By - 3/30/06 - 11:00 pm

Stabbing observed by officers; man arrested, victim taken to Boston Medical Center (exact time not on police posting).

Hermitao Rosa, 21, or Dorchester, arrested.

Hancock St.

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By - 3/30/06 - 8:45 pm

Heated argument between three men ends with one being shot, the other two jumping in a car and fleeing.

Three men eventually arrested in connection with the shooting; victim taken to Boston Medical Center with a gunshot wound not considered life threatening.

Melville Ave. and Washington St.

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By - 3/28/06 - 9:53 pm

Eat and Destroy yums up the food, wine and entertainment at Restaurante Cesaria:

... I cannot wait to eat here again soon.

By - 3/26/06 - 10:22 pm

15-year-old says he was riding bike home when he heard multiple shots from a vehicle, then noticed a bullet had grazed him.

Taken to Boston Medical Center for treatment of a minor laceration.

62 Holworthy St.

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By - 3/25/06 - 3:00 pm

20 males ready to rumble in the parking lot. As officers approach, multiple shots heard; crowd disperses (police report does not specify exact time).

Tyrone Hicks, 18, of Dorchester, arrested on various gun-related charges.

Columbia Rd.

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By - 3/18/06 - 10:00 pm

Victim: Two men, one with a gun, robbed him of cash and cell phone.

Hamilton St.

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By - 3/18/06 - 2:55 am

One man found shot in right leg in hallway; another tried to drive himself to the hospital, but was stopped by police for driving erratically - an ambulance took him the rest of the way. No details on their conditions.

153 Norwell St.

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By - 3/15/06 - 10:00 pm

Police break up fight between two juveniles, one armed with a can opener, the other with a sock filled with stones.

Police noticed the stone-sock teen had only one sock on; he was arrested. Time is approximate.

17 Olney St

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By - 3/13/06 - 10:10 pm

Two men in their 20's found shot; one pronounced dead, the other expected to recover.

Woodrow Avenue and Willowwood Street

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By - 3/12/06 - 2:46 am

4 party crashers get into argument with man; when they went outside, the man was shot in hand. A second man was also shot.

Both injuries not life threatening. The party host, Hemaude Pierre, arrested and charged with keeping a disorderly house.

7 Harwood St.

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