By - 3/28/15 - 10:29 pm

Stanley Staco reports that around 8:40 p.m., a woman sitting in her apartment on Senator Bolling Circle was hit by shots fired from outside the building. Her baby was not hit.Read more

By - 3/28/15 - 12:09 pm

UMass Boston has alerted its students and staff they can just stay home on Monday due to the official opening of Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the US Senate. A roving UHub recipient of the alert forwarded us a copy:

The University of Massachusetts Boston campus will be closed beginning at 7 p.m. on Sunday, March 29 through Monday, March 30.

Campus will reopen

...Read more
By - 3/27/15 - 2:01 pm
Big helicopter

The copter in question. Photo by Eileen Murphy.

Specifically Roxbury and Dorchester with a jaunt up to Kendall Square. It's prep work for Monday's visit by the Obamas and Uncle Joe to Columbia Point for the opening of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the US Senate - next to the Kennedy Library....Read more

By - 3/26/15 - 7:40 am

State Police report a passenger in a car that troopers had pulled over for motor-vehicle infractions last night got behind the wheel and started driving off - with a trooper who had tried to stop him dragged for several feet.

State Police say the incident happened at Congress and Pearl streets.

Troopers took the driver, later identified as Luis Cortez, 29, of Dorchester, out

...Read more
By - 3/25/15 - 12:05 am

Ryan Miller caught one of the two giant $1.5 million wind-turbine blades that turned up in Grove Hall on its way to Charlestown's Wind Turbine Testing...Read more

By - 3/23/15 - 8:25 am
Lenane Building in Fields Corner, Dorchester

The Lenane Building, planned home of new cafe.

Three Dorchester residents are turning to the community to try to raise the money needed to turn an empty space in the Linane Building, 1448 Dorchester Ave., into a cafe that will focus on both baked goods and the community.

Elisa and Vivian Girard, who live in Fields Corner, and Jack Wu, who lives in Ashmont, hope to raise $60,000 by May 5 on ...Read more

By - 3/22/15 - 8:31 am

Boston Police report a man with a gun tried outrunning officers in Dorchester on Saturday but failed after slipping and falling twice.

According to police, Shamallah Jones, 19, of Dorchester, got out of a stolen car around 1:10 a.m. in the area of Woodrow and Ballou avenues:

Officers quickly observed him clutching at this waist area in such a way as if to

...Read more
By - 3/20/15 - 5:38 pm

Boston Police report arresting a Dorchester man and seizing heroin, marijuana, an assault rifle and more than $10,000 in cash in a raid Thursday afternoon.

Police went into 14 Rosseter St. around 12:50 p.m. Among their items seized: 42 grams of heroin and 14 bags of pot.

Arrested: Damion Johnson, 23, of Dorchester, charged with trafficking heroin, second offense, distribution of heroin, possession of...Read more

By - 3/20/15 - 2:05 pm

Boston Police report a 17-year-old suspect in an armed robbery tried ditching his gun by tossing it as police closed in - which only meant an additional charge for the windshield cracked when the gun landed on it.

According to police, officers responding to a report of an armed robbery at Glenway and Bradshaw streets around 5:40 p.m. on Thursday were told the...Read more

By - 3/14/15 - 6:09 pm
Ice chunks washed up at Port Norfolk in Dorchester

Eileen Murphy captured some dirty Dotbergs washed up at Port Norfolk today.Read more

By - 3/14/15 - 5:06 pm

A man authorities say was the intended target of a gunman who wound up killing an innocent woman waiting for a parade on Blue Hill Avenue was indicted yesterday for his part in her fatal shooting, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

A Suffolk County grand jury indicted Wesson Colas, 22, of Dorchester, on charges of first-degree murder and armed assault with intent...Read more

By - 3/13/15 - 11:40 pm
Chelmsford Street in Dorchester

Neil the roving UHub photographer spotted this marker on Chelmsford Street in Dorchester today.Read more

By - 3/13/15 - 10:25 pm

Around 10:15 p.m. at 14 Lafield St., on the rear third-floor porch. Firefighters quickly knocked the fire down.Read more

By - 3/12/15 - 8:41 pm

Boston Police report a food-delivery guy who went to 25 Regina Rd. last night was robbed.

According to the victim, no money was taken but the suspects did rob him of his food delivery order. The victim states that, although he didn’t see a firearm, one of the suspects motioned at his waist area in such a way as if to suggest he was

...Read more
By - 3/12/15 - 6:58 pm

The BRA today approved a $23-million proposal by the Boston Teachers Union to replace its current headquarters next to the old Bayside Expo Center with a more modern structure and a parking garage.

In its initial proposal for an Olympic village, Boston 2024 proposed taking the land, along with neighboring offices and hotel, for construction of towers to house athletes - some of which...Read more

By - 3/12/15 - 7:49 am

Stanley Staco reports a man was shot around 12:20 a.m. on Barry Street by somebody firing from an older-model black Lexus, last seen turning onto Quincy Street.Read more

By - 3/10/15 - 11:25 pm

Boston Police report two separate food-delivery guys have been robbed at gunpoint in recent days at 25 Regina Rd.

In both cases - around 9:50 p.m. on Saturday and 10:40 p.m. yesterday - food-deliverers were met at either the front door or inside the three decker by two men in masks, who then proceeded to take all their money.

They're described as black,...Read more

By - 3/10/15 - 3:14 pm

The Boston Fire Department reports a woman rescued from a fire at 83 Tonawanda St. this afternoon died at Mass. General Hospital.

Firefighters found the woman on the first floor of the two-family home, the department reports, adding two firefighters suffered injuries in the two-alarm fire, reported around 2:40 p.m.

Investigators from the Boston fire and police departments and the Suffolk County District...Read more

By - 3/10/15 - 8:09 am
Amir Richardson

Boston Police report arresting Amir Richardson, 23, on charges he shot William Davis to death around 1:30 p.m. on Dec. 17 at West Cottage and Dudley streets in Dorchester - two months after another man was shot to death at the same intersection.

Police say homicide and fugitive-apprehension detectives teamed up with the US Marshal's office to find and arrest Richardson (shown...Read more