By - 4/8/06 - 10:02 pm

Found in bushes off road; treated as suspicious death.

Channel 4 says it is the body of Guiliado Rodrigues , an 18-year-old Rhode Island man reported missing a week earlier.

33 Mt. Ida Rd.

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By - 4/6/06 - 5:10 am

Unknown male knocked on door; when occupant answered, man showed gun and demanded money. He pushed her into a bedroom, took cash, then fled.

18 Salina Rd.

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By - 4/5/06 - 7:20 pm

Two people who answered a Craigslist ad for a 1995 Honda Civic were ordered to the ground at gunpoint, then robbed.

42 Westville St.

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By - 4/2/06 - 4:10 pm

One man, two teen-aged women shot in apparent drive-by shooting; all three shot multiple times. Reported in serious condition at local hospitals.

25 Creston St.

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By - 3/30/06 - 11:00 pm

Stabbing observed by officers; man arrested, victim taken to Boston Medical Center (exact time not on police posting).

Hermitao Rosa, 21, or Dorchester, arrested.

Hancock St.

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By - 3/30/06 - 8:45 pm

Heated argument between three men ends with one being shot, the other two jumping in a car and fleeing.

Three men eventually arrested in connection with the shooting; victim taken to Boston Medical Center with a gunshot wound not considered life threatening.

Melville Ave. and Washington St.

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By - 3/28/06 - 9:53 pm

Eat and Destroy yums up the food, wine and entertainment at Restaurante Cesaria:

... I cannot wait to eat here again soon.

By - 3/26/06 - 10:22 pm

15-year-old says he was riding bike home when he heard multiple shots from a vehicle, then noticed a bullet had grazed him.

Taken to Boston Medical Center for treatment of a minor laceration.

62 Holworthy St.

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By - 3/25/06 - 3:00 pm

20 males ready to rumble in the parking lot. As officers approach, multiple shots heard; crowd disperses (police report does not specify exact time).

Tyrone Hicks, 18, of Dorchester, arrested on various gun-related charges.

Columbia Rd.

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By - 3/18/06 - 10:00 pm

Victim: Two men, one with a gun, robbed him of cash and cell phone.

Hamilton St.

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By - 3/18/06 - 2:55 am

One man found shot in right leg in hallway; another tried to drive himself to the hospital, but was stopped by police for driving erratically - an ambulance took him the rest of the way. No details on their conditions.

153 Norwell St.

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By - 3/15/06 - 10:00 pm

Police break up fight between two juveniles, one armed with a can opener, the other with a sock filled with stones.

Police noticed the stone-sock teen had only one sock on; he was arrested. Time is approximate.

17 Olney St

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By - 3/13/06 - 10:10 pm

Two men in their 20's found shot; one pronounced dead, the other expected to recover.

Woodrow Avenue and Willowwood Street

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By - 3/12/06 - 2:46 am

4 party crashers get into argument with man; when they went outside, the man was shot in hand. A second man was also shot.

Both injuries not life threatening. The party host, Hemaude Pierre, arrested and charged with keeping a disorderly house.

7 Harwood St.

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By - 3/11/06 - 5:35 pm

17-year old was at New York Fried Chicken when 4 to 5 males entered. He was shot in the leg.

Injury considered not life threatening; suspects all fled.

531 Columbia Rd.

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By - 3/10/06 - 10:45 pm

Roxbury 18-year old waiting to enter party hears shots, then realizes he was shot. Taken to BMC for gunshot wound considered non life threatening.

25 Supple Rd.

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By - 3/10/06 - 9:45 pm

Derek WIlliams, 19, found with multiple gunshot wounds. Taken to BMC; listed in critical condition; died July 22.

9 Norwell St.

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By - 3/8/06 - 8:45 pm

Police say woman forced into car at gunpoint, driven to West Roxbury and raped, then released (note: Police did not release exact location on Dorchester Ave.).

Police lookng for a black male, mid-20's, 5'3" with braided black hair, black ink tattoo on left shoulder; spoke with an accent. Driving a blue or purple four-door Dodge Neon. Update: Hyde Park man arrested.

Dorchester Ave.

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By - 3/7/06 - 11:00 pm

Black male, about 35, flashed gun, demanded money.

Ran away wearing black baseball cap, black jacket.

1151 Washington St.

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By - 3/2/06 - 6:00 pm

Man says he was walking on Ames when he heard a gunshot and felt pain in his nose. Saw small red car flee.

Boston Medical Center doctor said wound to bridge of his nose caused by a BB pellet.

70 Ames Way

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