By - 1/22/07 - 9:29 pm

Police follow fresh footprints in the snow to two teens (14 and 15) charged with stomping woman during robbery

166 Sudan St.

More info.

By - 1/21/07 - 4:34 am

Victim managed to get himself to Boston Medical Center despite multiple gunshot wounds. Expected to survive.

23 Topliff St.

More info.

By - 1/16/07 - 1:24 pm

Clerk at Ada's reports man with gun walked in, demanded cash. Clerk fought back, realized gun was fake, alleged perp fled, but was arrested.

118 Norfolk St.

More info.

By - 1/15/07 - 8:25 pm

Victims reported being beaten by three men; two arrested.

Bowdoin Street and Geneva Avenue

More info.

By - 1/13/07 - 6:35 pm

Woman loading groceries into car ordered away at knifepoint. Car used an hour later at ATM robbery. Police arrested man.

Mass. Ave. and Allstate Rd.

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By - 1/7/07 - 3:08 am

Police responding to a report of a fight found themselves under fire when guns came out. Several nearby residents were evacuated as heavily armed police raided a building in search of some of the participants.

249 Washington St.

More info.

By - 1/6/07 - 11:57 pm

Ms. Ito photographs firefighters battling a fire on Sydney Street this afternoon.

By - 1/5/07 - 2:58 pm

Another day, another couple of reports of the self-entitled not acknowledging the authoritah of local constables:

Boston Police report that they had to chase a car onto the Albany Street ramp to I-93 yesterday afternoon when the driver refused to stop for officers who said they observed several violations:

By - 1/1/07 - 5:45 am

Apparently shot due to events at a party; second victim reported in critical condition.

Clarkson Street

More info.

By - 1/1/07 - 5:43 am

Man, 19, only hit in right toe.

Quincy Street

More info.

By - 1/1/07 - 5:22 am

Both taken to Boston Medical Center; one treated for a non-life threatening injury, the other in serious condition.

41 Glendale St.

More info.

By - 12/30/06 - 9:56 pm

Victim comes home to find masked suspects in his kitchen.

49 Bellevue St.

More info.

By - 12/28/06 - 7:00 pm

Taken to Boston Medical Center for treatment.

786 Blue Hill Ave.

More info.

By - 12/27/06 - 6:05 pm

Victim, 24, expected to live.

214 Harvard St.

More info.

By - 12/21/06 - 11:01 pm

Money, food and cell phone taken.

Browning Avenue

More info.

By - 12/20/06 - 10:50 pm

Ernest E. Edwards, 24 and Jaida D. Cross, 19, both of Dorchester, charged with kidnapping man at gunpoint and driving him to his house to get money.

27 Oakley St.

More info.

By - 12/20/06 - 6:53 pm

Police report a couple of gangs seemed ready to rumble at Dorchester District Court around 12:30 this afternoon, but that they and court officials managed to separate them. Still, two guys acting suspiciously during a traffic stop near the court were arrested on charges of illegal possession of loaded weapons.

Also click on the link to read about a guy chased onto the Common by a mounted officer after he allegedly robbed a Charles Street boutique and a Dorchester mother robbed in her home by two armed thugs.

By - 12/19/06 - 10:55 am

Two suspects force way into house, rob occupant at gunpoint.

126 Armandine St.

More info.

By - 12/15/06 - 9:58 pm

One could die from the shooting at 23 Crowell St., according to BPDNews, which first posted on the incident at 9:02 p.m., only 7 minutes after police responded to the scene.

By - 12/15/06 - 8:55 pm

Two victims could die.

23 Crowell St

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