By - 7/29/08 - 1:10 pm

Boston Police report a local man reached ramming speed as he raced toward five officers on mountain bikes - all in bright yellow uniforms - at Quincy and Clarkson streets in Dorchester around 10 p.m. yesterday. They got out of his way, radioed for help:

... The suspect continued to speed through several intersections, disregarding traffic lights and swerving across lanes, causing dangerous situations for both other motor vehicles and pedestrian traffic. An off-duty officer and another Boston Police unit were able to catch up to the suspect who then got off the motor scooter and fled on foot. The suspect was then observed in a yard off of Mt. Everett Street by officers, who placed him under arrest. The suspect then told the officers that the motor scooter was not even his and exclaimed, "All this for a f******* scooter." ...

Kahrie R. Hinson, 20, now faces a variety of charges. Two years ago, the Globe profiled him as a teen receiving training for "counseling other teens in his South End neighborhood on how to avoid violence and resolve territorial disputes without resorting to bloodshed."

Innocent, etc.

By - 7/27/08 - 5:51 pm

Adam Pieniazek describes, photographs firefighters putting out a fire around 3 a.m. on Trull Street:

... I did not know fire fighters also utilized bicycles but, as this photo shows, they do. Later on as I was leaving I saw a firefighter using the bicycle to get up Trull Street quickly to get to a supply van parked on Hancock Street to get a case of water bottles. ...

By - 7/24/08 - 11:05 pm

Chris Lovett examines some interesting real-estate deals of late.

By - 7/22/08 - 10:56 pm

Boston Police report: Shortly after 5 a.m. today, a man got lucky at Torrey and Oakwood streets, when a bullet only grazed his head; he was treated and released at Boston Medical Center.

By - 7/21/08 - 11:03 pm

Adam Pieniazek posts photos and videos of a flash flood on his street caused by yesterday's rain.

By - 7/20/08 - 11:09 pm

The Globe reports:

Ten soccer game spectators were injured — four of them critically — in Dorchester today when they sought refuge under a gigantic tree that was struck by lightning during a flash storm

I like how the Globe follows that with:

The victims, all males, had burns consistent with lightning strikes, authorities said.

Because you know how people in Dorchester love to make up stories about getting hit by lightning.

Lightning also knocked out Green Line service between Harvard Avenue and Packard's Corner. In fact, it hit a trolley. Amazingly, nobody hurt.

By - 7/18/08 - 6:23 pm

Larry Davidson compares the fresh soft-shell crabs at Roche Bros. and the Legal Seafood fish market and finds the Roche Bros. versions "tastier, fresher-tasting, and plumper" than the ones at Legal.

He also wonders why the Shaw's and Stop & Shop in Dorchester can't be as well stocked and have as good employees as the Roche Bros. in West Roxbury.

By - 7/18/08 - 6:05 pm

Boston Police report a man in a van was shot shortly after 8 p.m. yesterday at Columbia Road and Devon Street in Dorchester by a shooter with bad aim who was attempting to gun down somebody else. The man is expected to survive.

Around 6:45 p.m., yesterday, a Lynn man crossing River Street in Hyde Park wound up arrested after, police say, he got into an altercation with a motorist who thought he was taking too long to get across the street and began pounding on the guy's hood.

By - 7/17/08 - 8:58 pm

Boston Police report that Luther Boyd, 42, ended a lengthy argument with his brother-in-law by plunging a knife into him around 4 p.m. yesterday at 142 Harwood St.:

Officers spoke to a witness who reported that the two men, the suspect and the victim who are brothers-in law, had been arguing for most of the week and the argument escalated into a physical fight on this day.

By - 7/12/08 - 9:22 pm

Police report that when a clerk at Lambert's, 777 Morrissey Blvd. tried to stop a woman and a gaggle of kids from walking out with salads they hadn't paid for this past Friday, one kid stopped, the rest kept walking and the woman threw the salad container at the clerk and, for good measure, threw a punch.

Police, again aided by an off-duty officer, say they quickly caught up with Christal C. Campbell, 39, of Dorchester, and charged her with charged with assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon (the salad?) and assault and battery. And they discovered she was already wanted on 26 other charges, including escape from jail.

By - 7/10/08 - 5:09 pm

Boston Police report arresting William Terrell Hart, 22, of Brockton on charges he tried to gun down a man at 103 Devon St. around 4:20 yesterday afternoon.

The man is in serious condition at Boston Medical Center, police say.

Hart will be arraigned on charges of assault with intent to murder, aggravated assault, assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon, unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, and unlawfully carrying a loaded firearm on a public way.

By - 7/10/08 - 8:42 am

Channel 4 reports the three, aged 13, 14 and 15, were standing on the third-floor porch of a triple decker shortly after midnight when somebody drove up and opened fire. All are expected to recover. The Globe gives the address as 60 Homes Ave.; says the shootings come after a man was shot at 107 Devon St. around 4:40 p.m. yesterday.

By - 7/8/08 - 4:31 pm

Police yesterday charged a Dorchester man with shooting a teenager in the back as the kid attempted to run away from him on June 26.

Police say that after shooting the teen at Nightingale and Wales streets around 2:50 p.m., Gevaughn Clark, 21, of Dorchester, got back in his car and, while attempting to put his gun in his pocket, managed to fire a shot into his own leg. They say he showed up later in the day at Carney Hospital with a bullet hole that started on his right hip and ended on the other side of his right leg:

Gevaughn Clark had stated that he got shot at the corner of Wales St. and Nightingale St. but stated he was walking to his car not driving.

Police say an investigation showed otherwise and that they recovered the bullet from the floor of his car. The teen's injuries were not life threatening.

By - 7/5/08 - 10:16 pm

Boston Police report officers managed to arrest a bike-riding gunman near Whitfield Street and Wheatland Avenue around 11:30 last night before he managed to shoot anybody. Gregory Davis, 18, of Dorchester, was arrested on charges related to possession of a loaded semi-automatic firearm.

By - 7/5/08 - 10:13 pm

Boston Police report a man was shot at repeatedly - and hit at least twice - in his car at 15 Elder St. in Uphams Corner around 4:19 this morning. Despite his injuries, he was able to drive himself to Boston Medical Center, police say.

By - 7/2/08 - 1:41 pm

Boston Police report a double shooting at 115 River St. early this morning left one person dead.

Police say they were called to Carney Hospital around 2:40 a.m. when two people with gunshot wounds showed up there:

One victim is 27 year old black male suffering from a non-life threatening gunshot wound to the arm. The second victim is a 28 year old black female who suffered a gunshot wound to the chest. She has succumbed to her injury and was pronounced.

Police say the man drove himself and the woman to the hospital.

By - 6/28/08 - 12:41 pm

Man, 29, fatally shot around 2:20 a.m at 113 Ames St. at Franklin Field. Pronounced dead at Carney Hospital, where somebody had driven him. He's Dorchester's 15th murder victim of the year (Dorchester murder map).

Double shooting on Calder Street, around 1:30 a.m..

By - 6/26/08 - 4:38 pm

$225,900 in statewide grants aim to help families cope with food and gas crisis

June 19, 2008 — EAST BOSTON — When school is out, kids who rely on free or reduced-price school meals need a safe place to go where they can get a healthy meal and have some summer fun. That’s why Project Bread is providing $5,500 in incentive grants to the Summer Food Service Program in Dorchester in an effort to help families cope with the skyrocketing cost of food and gas.

By - 6/24/08 - 9:25 am

UPDATE: Whoever posted the video has taken it down. It was basically a rant about how awful Touch FM is supposed to be.

Just like the Scientologists: Urban Radio vs. Touch FM.

Avast! Feds fine Dorchester radio pirate.
The anti-violence march and the pirate radio station