By - 1/16/14 - 1:52 pm

A Dorchester District Court judge set bail of $50,000 today for Cedrick Slayden, 18, arrested yesterday after an alleged failed home invasion that left another man dead.

But Judge James Coffey revoked Slayden's bail on an outstanding charge of larcenty for allegedly stealing a man's iPhone in the North End last May, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. The ruling means that even if... Read more

By - 1/16/14 - 10:20 am

This morning at 1096 Blue Hill Ave.

Suspects are described as four very thin Hispanic males, two of whom ran down Blue Hill Avenue toward Morton Street. The other two were in a red vehicle that police stopped on Blue Hill Avenue and who are now being questioned.

Last night, residents of an apartment at 369 Blue Hill Ave. were also pistol whipped... Read more

By - 1/16/14 - 7:16 am

The Globe reports the French consul in Boston visited the Codman Academy Charter Public School to tell students his gouvernment will only stop warning its citoyens to avoid Dorchester when it becomes safe.

But le dude said it could be done: He noted France no longer warns people to avoid the Combat Zone.

Sacre bleu: French government warns citoyens to stay out... Read more

By - 1/15/14 - 9:06 pm

Stanley Staco reports the man was shot around 8:55 p.m. at 955 Blue Hill Ave.

He may have been fired at eight times.

Police are looking for a man in a gray hoodie and sweatpants, who ran to Donald Road and got into a silver Impala - which then sped away.

Blue Hill Avenue was shut in the area of Harvard for the... Read more

By - 1/15/14 - 3:02 pm

THURSDAY UPDATE: The Licensing Board granted the request for a beer and wine license.

The Boston Licensing Board could vote Thursday whether to let a shuttered Vietnamese market on Dorchester Avenue be turned into an upscale shop selling everything a young professional could need for a dinner party - from wine and gourmet cheeses to self-service olive oil and home-made peanut butter.

At a hearing... Read more

By - 1/15/14 - 11:06 am

The Globe reports on an incident this morning in an Esmond Street apartment. A second home invader fled, was arrested by police.

UPDATE: Boston Police report charging the second alleged invader, Cedric Slayden, 18,, with illegal possession of a firearm.... Read more

By - 1/14/14 - 2:01 pm

When Det. William Gallagher of the BPD's licensed premises unit finds very young looking people drinking in a bar and they hand over licenses that seem to show they're over 21, he likes to ask them questions on the information on the cards. Such as what their Zip code is.

The trick came in handy on Nov. 8 at the Banshee on Dorchester Avenue in... Read more

By - 1/13/14 - 2:07 pm

The Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative has picked five finalists for its proposed Uphams Corner ArtPlace - which will tie into the expanded and renovated Fairmount Line. See the proposals and the artists.

Ed. note: I helped build the Web pages that introduce the finalists - which is how I learned about the project.... Read more

By - 1/12/14 - 9:04 pm

Around 8:30 p.m. at the rear entrance to the station. The two suspects are described as black, about 18, one wearing an Army jacket and sweatpants, the other wearing a red and black hoodie.

By - 1/12/14 - 9:01 pm

A manhole on Dorchester Avenue near Bay Street went FOOM into the night. Residents for blocks around had their lights flicker and their electronic devices show their resentment. One resident a couple blocks away reported hearing a loud thud; she thought at first her downstairs neighbor had slammed the door.

Meanwhile, lights went out from Uphams Corner down to the area of Blue Hill Avenue... Read more

By - 1/9/14 - 4:54 pm
Oak Square space saver

Can't blame a citizen for trying, in this case a Brighton citizen who looked down today, saw a lack of snow and asked this lady to stop saving a space in front of her Hobart Street home:

She told me the spots were hers and anyone that parked there would regret it.

Meanwhile, across town, a roving UHub photographer captured the scene today on... Read more

By - 1/9/14 - 8:37 am
Neponset River in Dorchester Lower Mills

Brian MacLean photographed the Neponset River in Lower Mills yesterday.

Copyright Brian MacLean. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 1/6/14 - 8:21 am

Dead trains at JFK/UMass and Harvard creating all sorts of fun for commuters this morning.

Various commuter-rail lines into North Station also having various issues. The Fitchburg Line has major delays because the 6:55 train hit somebody near Snake Hill Road in Ayer. The MBTA reports the person's injuries are not considered life threatening.

By - 1/2/14 - 11:22 am
Morrissey Boulevard

Morrissey Boulevard this morning. Photo by Mass. DCR.

Morrissey Boulevard is flooded and shut.

On the plus side, our resident supermodel is enjoying the snow.

By - 1/1/14 - 8:10 pm
Low on eggs

Max White photographed the egg case at the South Bay Stop & Shop tonight, in advance of the Tom Menino blizzard.

By - 1/1/14 - 7:17 pm

Carl Stevens at WBZ is tweeting that one woman really got clipped outside of a New Year's party at 12 Arcadia St. in Dorchester's Field Corner early this morning: An angry "friend" bit off half of one of her toes in a fight, sending her to the hospital.

... Read more
By - 12/31/13 - 10:53 pm

Transit and Boston Police and EMTs responded to the busway at JFK/UMass around 10:40 p.m., where a man showed up sliced in the throat and chest, although not life-threateningly so. Transit Police report he was stabbed off T property, but wound up there.

By - 12/31/13 - 11:56 am
Firefighters on I-93 in Boston

Sonia photographed Boston firefighters on the side of I-93 awaiting the passage of the hearse carrying the body of Sgt. Daniel Vasselian back to his hometown of Abington for burial this morning.

By - 12/30/13 - 10:59 pm

Around 10:15 p.m. at 124 Devon St. Expected to survive.

By - 12/30/13 - 8:46 pm

Jeff Boudreau reports the UMass Boston station is ending the Grateful Dead Hour on Jan. 12.