By - 5/29/15 - 12:43 pm

A man arrested on charges he threatened somebody with a gun in Jamaica Plain in 2003 was re-arraigned yesterday - 12 years after he skipped out after his first arraignment - the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. Read more.

By - 5/26/15 - 1:57 pm

Around 1:30 p.m. on Lyndhurst Street between Washington and Allston.

By - 5/25/15 - 6:21 pm

A 17-year-old was shot around 11:40 p.m. on Tudor Street and rushed to Mass. General in critical condition, Chelsea Police and the Suffolk County District Attorney's office report.

By - 5/25/15 - 10:54 am

At 10 Bickford St. around 1:15 a.m., Stanley Staco reports.

By - 5/24/15 - 6:32 pm

WBZ reports the 7-year-old was riding his bike on Bowdoin Street near Quincy Street and was up from Brockton to spend the weekend with his grandmother. An adult was grazed in the head by a bullet in the same incident.

By - 5/24/15 - 1:23 pm

Boston Police report arresting a Mattapan man they say was packing a loaded gun while hanging out in Mattapan Square last night. Read more.

By - 5/24/15 - 12:20 am

UPDATE: One suspect arrested. Also changed some of the details in this post based on the police report.

Shortly before midnight, four men - one armed with a shotgun and one with a knife - broke into an apartment on Endicott Street near Cooper. The gunman fired his shotgun; the occupant was not hit.

Three of the men were described as black, wearing dark clothes. One was white, in his 20s, wearing a dark gray hoodie.

By - 5/23/15 - 9:36 am

Shortly before 1 a.m. at Weaver Way and Weaver Court, Stanley Staco reports. Boston Police report the victim, Larry Moore, 27, of Dorchester, was pronounced dead at the scene.

By - 5/22/15 - 11:28 pm

Around 11 p.m. on Pembroke Street near Tremont.

The suspects were described as two black males, in their 20s, both about 5'7" and thin and both wearing dark hoodies.

By - 5/21/15 - 9:18 pm

Around 9 p.m. on Rexford Street near Cummins Highway.

By - 5/21/15 - 6:39 pm

Shortly before 5 p.m., Boston EMS Incidents reports.

By - 5/18/15 - 9:33 pm

Around 9:20 p.m. at 10 Damon Place (Westinghouse Plaza).

By - 5/17/15 - 7:15 pm

Boston Police report the street outside Bijou, 51 Stuart St., was packed with Dorchester gang members at closing time early this morning - and some of them came ready for trouble with loaded guns. Read more.

By - 5/16/15 - 10:38 pm

Around 10:20 p.m. in the Fens near Park Drive and Jersey Street.

Both suspects were black and wore dark hoodies; one was about 5'10" and the other about 5'8". One pointed a gun, the other a Taser.

By - 5/15/15 - 10:08 am

UPDATE: A Boston Municipal Court judge set bail at $10,000 - the amount requested by prosecutors, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports, adds Stoughton Police ordered him to turn over all of the 17 guns he's registered to own, while the case is pending.

Boston Police report a Canton man impatient with the motorist in front of him on Tremont Street near Avery yesterday evening started blaring his horn, then pulled up and unfurled his middle finger, and then: Read more.

By - 5/13/15 - 4:29 pm

Boston Police report that when officers responded to a report of a fight and gunfire this morning, a man peeled off in car and led them on a high-speed chase for two miles before jumping out of his car and running away with a gun in his hand. Read more.

By - 5/12/15 - 8:32 pm

Boston Police report Jeromie Johnson, 33, of Dorchester, died after being shot at 50 Richfield St. around 8:20 p.m. on April 4.

He was taken to Boston Medical Center, where he eventually died, police say.

By - 5/11/15 - 11:17 pm

Boston Police report arresting a man they describe as a gun-toting gang member after a foot chase this morning - a little more than a week after he was shot in an apparent gun battle that left a street littered with 19 shell casings. Read more.

By - 5/10/15 - 11:05 pm

Around 10:40 p.m. Police and paramedics found him in a car at Washington and E. Lenox streets.

By - 5/8/15 - 11:50 pm

The man was shot around 11:45 p.m. on McLellan Street, off Blue Hill Avenue. Due to the severity of his injuries, the homicide unit was called in, just in case.