By - 9/8/08 - 8:01 am

Vickie watched Brady after the hit:

... It was the closet thing I've seen in professional athletics to a little child trying to find the happy place where things hadn’t reached the point of worst case coming true.

The instant realization that pulsed out from Brady’s spot on the field to all of us watching the television screen was what made that moment all

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By - 9/7/08 - 2:13 pm

Tom Brady took a borderline illegal hit from Bernard Pollard of the KC Chiefs in the second drive of the first game of the season. His left knee buckled a bit and he was helped off the field and to the locker room. His return is questionable.

Matt Cassel steps into a big pair of shoes for what may be a few weeks to...Read more

By - 6/19/08 - 8:41 am

Are we going to have to start slapping I Heart New York stickers on our backpacks when we travel west of Worcester?Read more

By - 5/16/08 - 8:47 am

You certainly can't accuse the Herald of hiding Tomase's Tapegate mea culpa. In case you're busy, the basic idea is:

Nobody lied to me, I just jumped to conclusions, I feel terrible, will carry this with me for the rest of my life, but I'm a better person for it and, yes, I'm still

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By - 5/15/08 - 1:54 pm

On Day 2 of Herald Held Hostage, Bruce Allen begins to feel alienated by the Herald, especially Tony Massarotti:

... My instinct tells me it's the Herald capitalizing on the publicity that this whole incident has generated. Tony writes angry column. Fans can't help but read it. They respond by commenting and talking about it with others. More papers are purchased. More ads

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By - 5/13/08 - 6:28 pm

Bruce Allen tries to sort out the whole issue involving the Herald Patriots reporter and what did or didn't happen in New Orleans in 2002.Read more

By - 2/15/08 - 11:08 pm

Willie Gary and three Rams fans allege the Patriots cheated in the 2002 Super Bowl by taping the Rams before the game and that that entitles them, other Rams players and the 72,922 fans who attended the game to $100 million. Gary played a total of 7 games with the Rams.Read more

By - 2/5/08 - 12:27 pm

Krissy reports somebody at South Station yesterday was selling T-shirts reading:


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By - 2/5/08 - 10:17 am

Preferably in suppository form?

Yes, The Loss truly sucked, Dan. We get it. But this isn't Baltimore in 1970 after losing three championships in three different sports in one year to New York. So enough with The Curse/Grady Little/Joe Namath crap, you tired old hack.Read more

By - 2/4/08 - 7:21 pm

Of course, like the Patriots last night, it was mostly ineffectual. Jerad Lewis reports that some of his Giants-fan friends were set upon by a pissed-off woman after they left his home last night:

... When they left my house in Somerville, I'm sure that they were very proud to be wearing their Giants sweatshirt and beaming from their team's exciting win. You probably

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By - 2/4/08 - 3:37 pm

Rhea Becker and Robert David Sullivan both work in buildings along what would have been the victory parade.

Becker is tired of victory parades:

... Whenever a Boston team wins a big sports contest like the World Series or the Super Bowl, they have a big parade that sails right past my office. It's a pain in the butt. The sidewalks clog up for

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By - 2/4/08 - 1:02 pm

Macy's is a huge company. Surely, somebody in its IT department would know how to do a database select that excludes people with Massachusetts Zip codes when they send out an e-mail ad for this garish, hideous thing, this awful glass chunk that you can see after the jump. So the only conclusion one can reach upon learning that Macy's actually e-mailed an offer to...Read more

By - 2/4/08 - 12:31 pm

Not that it's necessarily a reason to vote against her, but Hilary Clinton did seem a bit, oh, I dunno, up in our grill after last night's game. The Massachusetts Liberal discusses how she probably could have been more diplomatic than telling Ted Kennedy, John Kerry and Deval Patrick how they could "redeem themselves" tomorrow by "voting for a winner."

And what if they...Read more

By - 2/4/08 - 11:13 am

For some reason, Brendan couldn't get to sleep after 10:02 last night, so he watched a rerun of Puppy Bowl IV. He posts a review:

... This year's Puppy Bowl was significant for two reasons – 1: It was broadcast in HD for the first time, allowing you to view the on-field action in stunning clarity, and 2: It will probably go down as

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By - 2/3/08 - 10:03 pm

Oh, darn, darn, darn. Giants: 17, Patriots: 14.

Angela: To say I'm crushed would be an understatement.

DJDiva: I think this is as upsetting as when the Sox left Pedro in - in the 7th and he blew the game to the Yankees.

Dan Kennedy: Good grief:

... The Pats - and especially the offensive linemen -

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By - 2/3/08 - 5:11 pm

PATS fans pulled off a prank on the Statue of Liberty.