By - 12/4/07 - 12:19 pm

Jeff: Another week, another heart attack for Patriots fans.

Kristen: Lazarused:

... After last week's slugfest with the Eagles, Tedy Bruschi predicted that the rest of the games would be dogfights. And if there's one thing Tedy Bruschi is not, it's a liar. ...

Denton: Thank you Brian Billick.

Harry: This blogger is wiped out this morning from last night's Patriot... Read more

By - 12/2/07 - 11:52 am

Thankfully, some things around here have gotten better since the Patriots' first Super Bowl appearance back in '86, including our grammar and our hair (oh, yeah, and the Patriots):

Posted by Jim Lehmann, who's been busy posting and linking enough Boston TV promos and commercials to keep you busy for awhile.

By - 11/26/07 - 9:34 am

DJDiva frets:

OMG this Pats game is the worst ever. WTF is going on?? ...

Miss von Schtoop explains how you can tell she's from Boston:

[I]nstead of reveling in Patriot wins, I am living in fear of their inevitable loss.

... Read more
By - 11/19/07 - 8:54 am

Jason Butler marvels at the score of the Pats/Bills game:

... And we don't even hate the Bills. How many points will we score on Shula's "Asterisk" Dolphins? On the "You cheated, so you didn't really beat us all those times" Steelers? On the Jets? Can the scoreboards roll triple digits?

By - 11/13/07 - 9:49 am

Boyfriend's family Christmas party in New Hampshire or couch in the Boston area to watch the Patriots play the Steelers on Dec. 9? Fortunately, the NFL has rescheduled that game to 4:30, so Angela can attempt a compromise:

... I will spend Noon to 3:30 at his family’s party, then haul ass from New Hampshire (it just HAS to be in N.H.) and make

... Read more
By - 11/6/07 - 2:42 pm

Channel 4 has the latest.

By - 11/4/07 - 8:15 pm

Angela cannot believe how bad the officiating was:

... I've had to fight off the urge to puke for about six minutes but it's not bad. I liken it to tears of joy - this would be victory vomit. Good thing I didn't have a halftime snack or else this could get ugly. ...

Kristen confesses to a crisis of faith:

... I

... Read more
By - 11/3/07 - 8:31 pm

Angela is, of course, rooting for the Patriots in tomorrow's match against the Peytonettes.

By - 10/28/07 - 12:58 pm

On Boston Brat, Angela registers her disgust with Modell's, where she went in search of some clothing with which to support her beloved Patriots:

... I frantically searched through rack after rack of work out pants, sports bras, and jogging suits. Finally, I found one rack with something, and I'll be God Damned, it was a PINK FLIPPING SWEATSHIRT with a Patriots logo. PINK!

... Read more
By - 10/23/07 - 9:17 pm

Patriots season-ticket holders who might have their tickets taken away now that the Patriots can get their names from StubHub get no sympathy from Angela:

... If you want to sell your tickets, fine. If you want to sell your tickets for well above the face value, fine. But don't get upset when you get in trouble for doing so. Don't try and make

... Read more
By - 10/15/07 - 11:30 am

And vice-versa? Dan Shaughnessy Watch has been chronicling the CHB's latest affectation.

By - 9/28/07 - 9:04 pm

It wasn't the way the guy on the bicycle was talking on his cell phone while weaving in and out of traffic on Rte. 62 in Bedford during rush hour that got Michael Gee's attention. It was his 1993 Drew Bledsoe replica jersey.

By - 9/28/07 - 12:08 pm

Turns out Kraft's company is a backer of Matchmine, a startup that attempts to aggregate user ratings of all sorts of stuff to give you recommendations on new things you'd like (anybody remember Firefly?). In fact, the core technology comes out of the Patriots' technology team. This video is mainly of the company CEO explaining the technology at this week's DemoFall conference, but... Read more

By - 9/17/07 - 4:21 pm

I'm with Amy: Fitzy, you're scaring me! If you're at work, don't watch this (or the pro-Britney scream it's in response to), without at least headphones, lest people get the idea you're making a grown man cry:

By - 9/17/07 - 10:26 am

Soxaholix sums it all up. Kristen also sums it up. She adds:

... I am tired, like, completely and utterly exhausted with the whole hating the Yankees thing. Now, don't get me wrong. I still hate them. A lot. Fire of a thousand exploding suns and what have you. But it is physically exhausting expending the energy necessary to work up the requisite

... Read more
By - 9/15/07 - 10:54 am

Former p.r. guy Seth Gitell writes how Belichick could have made things easier on himself.

By - 9/14/07 - 11:57 am

Or maybe she was really trying to impress a point on him. Jason Schwartz goes to the same Newton temple as Kraft and reports on her Rosh Hashanah sermon, in which she discussed, for some reason, the goodness of Cal Ripken Jr. and how he is an especially good model in an era of sports scandals:

... This was really awkward.

The guy sitting

... Read more