By - 2/4/08 - 12:31 pm

Not that it's necessarily a reason to vote against her, but Hilary Clinton did seem a bit, oh, I dunno, up in our grill after last night's game. The Massachusetts Liberal discusses how she probably could have been more diplomatic than telling Ted Kennedy, John Kerry and Deval Patrick how they could "redeem themselves" tomorrow by "voting for a winner."

And what if they...Read more

By - 2/4/08 - 11:13 am

For some reason, Brendan couldn't get to sleep after 10:02 last night, so he watched a rerun of Puppy Bowl IV. He posts a review:

... This year's Puppy Bowl was significant for two reasons – 1: It was broadcast in HD for the first time, allowing you to view the on-field action in stunning clarity, and 2: It will probably go down as

...Read more
By - 2/3/08 - 10:03 pm

Oh, darn, darn, darn. Giants: 17, Patriots: 14.

Angela: To say I'm crushed would be an understatement.

DJDiva: I think this is as upsetting as when the Sox left Pedro in - in the 7th and he blew the game to the Yankees.

Dan Kennedy: Good grief:

... The Pats - and especially the offensive linemen -

...Read more
By - 2/3/08 - 5:11 pm

PATS fans pulled off a prank on the Statue of Liberty.

By - 2/3/08 - 11:12 am

Some Pats predictions:

Lance: 38-21.
Matt O'Malley: 37-17.
Peter: 34-21.

The Globe, meanwhile, wusses out. Sure, their "19-0" book is back, but look what's now on the cover:

For informational purposes only

Also see:
The Somerville man who lives his Pats.

By - 2/3/08 - 11:00 am

Dave Alpert is one grumpy Fenway resident this morning, what with city towtrucks pulling cars away at the crack of dawn today (well, 8 a.m.), the better to give the tactical units room to move in on the hordes of drunken college students the city expects after the Super Bowl:

... So, why ban the cars? The cars aren't the ones drinking 40s, making

...Read more
By - 2/2/08 - 9:19 am

Jason's having some trouble getting from Boston to the Super Bowl.Read more

By - 2/1/08 - 8:47 pm

It's like they always say: Follow the money - right to everybody's favorite cable company.Read more

By - 2/1/08 - 4:12 pm

When Shelley drove by Danilchuk Auto Body on Rte. 1A in East Boston last week, they had one SUV crushing a Giants car. One obviously wasn't enough, Shelley discovered today:

Really grinding the Giants down

Meanwhile, over at Townie News, Fitzy analyzes the battle between "two teams, one from New York, via smoky,...Read more

By - 2/1/08 - 3:40 pm

Check out Chronicle on Channel 5 tonight to see Angela of Boston Brat discuss what it's like to be a blogging female Patriots fan:

... During the interview, I was asked various questions like how I felt about pink hats (hate 'em), who's my favorite player (Rodney), and what type of response I receive on this website from male fans. ... I really don't

...Read more
By - 1/31/08 - 10:32 am

Let's see: The Globe today reminds us it's not too late to rush out for some portable defibrillators for Sunday's game. Really, you can't get much better than that (except maybe the howler about whether Mitt Romney is still our favorite son, but that's not Super Bowl related).

Still, one can only hope some enterprising reporter is even now contacting the MWRA to...Read more

By - 1/31/08 - 9:25 am

Maureen Rogers lists the ways she is sick of the whole thing.

Harry, meanwhile, explains why some feature that shows alleged top Super Bowl commercials sucks:

... It is a 2008 version of It's lame most importantly because nobody really enjoys having their choices in such a feature filtered by the opinion of some wretch at ...

By - 1/30/08 - 3:06 pm

Beantown Bloggery details the wagers. I think Bloomberg is trying to kill Menino: 42 pounds of ruggelach? I love the stuff and try to stay away from Cheryl-Ann's because, mmm, nothing beats those dried out shrunken little pastries, but 42 pounds? That's enough to induce coronaries in an entire wing of City Hall.

In any case, shame on Mr. Mayor for wussing out....Read more

By - 1/30/08 - 12:05 pm

New York Giants: 2008 Super Bowl Champions [ILLUSTRATED] (Paperback)

Giants jinx! Also, could somebody please get local radio reporters to stop calling them the "New York Football Giants"? A. We all know they play in New Jersey. B. They haven't needed to be differentiated from the New York Baseball Giants for 51 years now. C. It's just stupid.

Oh, hey, the Herald has...Read more

By - 1/30/08 - 10:19 am

Stupor Tuesday? Tom Menino in a Giants uniform? All because Menino wants to come up with a plan to keep drunken college students from going on a rampage IF the Patriots win?

Also, WBZ 1030? That poll about whether Bostonians would rather go to a Patriots rally or vote on Tuesday? What drugs did you take when you came up with that? It's not...Read more

By - 1/29/08 - 10:08 am

UPDATE: No doubt spurred by thousands of calls from outraged Pats fans, Amazon has pulled the pre-order page down.

19-0: The Historic Championship Season of New England's Unbeatable Patriots (Paperback) - Now available for pre-order.

Via Peter N, who is aghast.

Harry hopes the book doesn't take its place in the library of other forgotten Globe books, including:

Unlikely Triumph: The Road

...Read more
By - 1/29/08 - 9:23 am

The New York Times throws in the towel, declares us winnahs:

Yet as the Patriots enter Sunday’s Super Bowl as heavy favorites - over the New York Giants, naturally - to win the city's sixth championship in seven years, "Not so, Boston" seems as outdated as those Pilgrims. Backward is forward, and Boston is first.

Read more
By - 1/26/08 - 9:01 am

No, not where he's been the last two days, but where he buys those flowers for Gisele. Would you believe the Stop & Shop on Newport Avenue in Quincy? How else to explain the sign Anali spotted there?Read more