Orange Line

By - 7/24/13 - 1:23 pm

Robinson Transit Police report arresting a North Andover man on a charge of groping a woman on the Orange Line around 9:50 a.m. on an inbound train pulling into North Station.

Police say his victim got a good look at Scott Robinson, 40, and gave officers a description detailed enough to... Read more

By - 7/19/13 - 10:03 am

WantedTransit Police report they are looking for this guy for an attack on a mailman on an Orange Line platform at Downtown Crossing.

Police say the mailman was in uniform and minding his own business around 6:40 p.m. on July 10 when he tried entering the Orange Line. Police say Mr.... Read more

By - 7/10/13 - 5:22 pm

Around 4:50 p.m., Clownface3 found herself on a stuck inbound train just before North Station:

Orange Line train from Oak Grove heading into North Station is stalled in the tunnel, making weird noises. 3 minutes & counting.

And did I mention that I'm in a car filled with 20+ kids heading home from a summer camp field trip?

The camp counselors are telling the

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By - 7/9/13 - 8:15 am

WBUR interviews a bunch of buskers, including the woman who plays the harp at Downtown Crossing on the Orange Line.

By - 7/8/13 - 10:35 am

So this guy intent on breaking into the Depot Express Store at Back Bay station early Sunday walks by a camera, checks out the vending machine, walks by the camera again - only this time he remembers to cover his face - breaks in, then walks away.... Read more

By - 7/6/13 - 12:37 pm

Around 12:15 p.m. on the inbound side. Photo of the scooter on the tracks.

John reports he watched the guy get helped up and his scooter retrieved, says he almost drove off the platform a second time.

A T spokeswoman says the person declined medical attention and that service was delayed for about 18 minutes.... Read more

By - 6/22/13 - 10:21 pm

Raphael Dumas and some fellow grad students from the MIT Transit Lab spent today on the T - all of it. Starting at Park Street shortly before 10 a.m. (after bicycling over on Hubway bikes from MIT), they proceeded to get on and off every open stop on all four subway lines (and, yes, that included the Mattapan line and all the branches... Read more

By - 6/13/13 - 1:07 pm

All but Orient Heights on the Blue Line and Charles/MGH now have electronic countdown clocks to let passengers know when the next train should arrive, the MBTA says.

The T adds it's improved the algorithms used to calculate arrival times, in particular at stations right at the beginning and end of lines, for "an elevated Countdown experience."

Orient Heights, currently under renovation, should get... Read more

By - 6/12/13 - 3:36 pm

Alleged attackerA man convicted of beating up two women on the Orange Line in 2010 allegedly spent two months this year spitting racial insults at an MBTA worker at the Sullivan Square stop - and punched out a CharlieCard machine - the state Attorney General's office charges.

Joseph Balistreri, 39, faces three... Read more

By - 6/9/13 - 10:46 pm

MBTA shell game

No, this has nothing to do with Big Dig financing or fare increases. Derek watched an actual shell game in action at Back Bay station tonight. He reports:

This is the first time I've seen a crew working the shell game on

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By - 6/8/13 - 10:26 am

Transit Police report arresting a man from a Pittsburgh suburb at the Sullivan Square Orange Line stop last night before he could get the tar beaten out of him strangle a local following the end of the Penguins' O-4 series.

According to police, officers arrived at a disturbance around 11:30 p.m. at the station to find Ryan Baessler, 29, of Carnegie, PA, with his... Read more

By - 6/7/13 - 9:05 am

Orange Line service was halted around 8:45 this morning as police worked to remove a guy who for some reason decided to get on the tracks at Haymarket.

By - 6/5/13 - 2:51 pm

The Orange Line was shut in both directions after a woman was struck by an inbound train at Stony Brook around 2:45 p.m.

The station was evacuated and the T put together alternate bus service in both directions between Forest Hills and Ruggles.

Her death comes the day after riders at the Mass. Ave. station helped a man off the tracks after he'd fallen... Read more

By - 6/4/13 - 9:55 pm

Around 9:45 p.m. on the outbound side of the Orange Line station.

Nakia Hill tweets:

Omg! I just witnessed some brave passengers help a [man] who fell on the train tracks as a train approached. They saved his life!

Curt Nickish also saw his rescue:

He's bleeding but being attended to.

Casey was right there:

He fell right in front of me.

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By - 5/31/13 - 5:35 pm

Happened around 5 p.m., service was halted in both directions. Cop got her kid, both got off the tracks and service resumed a few minutes later.

By - 5/31/13 - 2:51 pm

Transit Police report arresting a man on charges he tried to steal a woman's phone out of her hands at the Tufts Medical Center stop on the Orange Line last night.

According to police, Joaquin Armaiz, 43, went up to a woman walking towards the platform around 7:40 p.m., grabbed her by the shoulders and demanded her phone:

The victim refused, the male then

... Read more
By - 5/24/13 - 3:10 pm

Hot-dog vendor nabbed Transit Police report arresting an itinerant hot-dog vendor who tried opening up one of the food stands inside the Orange Line station this morning without a permit - but with several outstanding warrants.

Police say a T worker called police around 5 a.m. when he realized... Read more

By - 5/21/13 - 3:39 pm

The Supreme Judicial Court today upheld first-degree murder convictions for two men who decided to escalate an Orange Line staredown with a rival in 2003 by shooting him, only the guy with the gun missed and instead put a bullet into a woman whose baby was only two weeks from term.

The baby was delivered alive in an emergency Caesarian section, but died shortly after.... Read more

By - 5/6/13 - 5:58 pm

As I was riding by Oak Grove (on the commuter rail) on my way home earlier, I noted a change. One side of the platform is now closed off, complete with fake walls to block whatever's going on from view of the passengers.

Anybody have an idea as to what they are doing, and why they need to reduce the station capacity by fifty percent... Read more