By - 12/8/17 - 11:46 am

UPDATE: Globe report is out, says a male reporter propositioned a female coworker to sleep with his wife and that a mid-level sales manager made inappropriate comments to coworkers.

Dan Kennedy reports Kirk Minihane and Gerry Callahan spent an hour this morning talking about the sexual-harassment allegations floating around a recently departed Globe reporter and that the Globe itself is now working on a story about it: Read more.

By - 9/26/15 - 8:24 am

Mike Bergin, Boston fishing legend, does WEEI's Trending Now

Yes, the fish guy and Jay.

By - 7/25/14 - 12:42 pm

WEEI's Kirk Minihane says they're all out to get him because of their agendas, not just because he said something really stupid about Erin Andrews. Minihane explains what he says is the Globe's agenda (they have four writers who get paid to appear on 'EEI's archenemy station); doesn't really lay out the Herald's or Olbermann's agendas, except to say they have them. Oh, yeah, and Deadspin is run by a bunch of hypocritical clickwhores.

By - 7/16/14 - 12:49 pm

Go figure: John Dennis is not only still a racist, he doesn't see the hypocrisy of somebody who's had his weight problems criticizing somebody else's weight.

Via Bruce Allen, who notes the misogyny of that Minihane guy who's also on the show.

By - 2/14/14 - 7:47 am

Nobody wants to say, but whatever it was, it was enough to get the company to pull all its ads off WEEI.

By - 4/13/13 - 8:32 pm

Boston Sports Media Watch reports on how Pete Sheppard ended his career at WEEI this evening.

By - 2/13/13 - 7:59 pm

Boston Sports Media Watch reports on Glenn Ordway's departure from WEEI.

By - 8/16/11 - 7:27 pm

A couple of Staties visited David Portnoy of Barstool Sports and suggested it might be best for all concerned if he took down the nekkid photos of the Brady kid, if you know what they mean, and they think you do, so he did. At least, for today.

By - 11/27/10 - 1:06 pm

The Weekly Dig, which, granted, isn't the most disinterested observer in such things, reports (third item) the hot rumor in local radio circles is that Entercom wants to throw some money at the Phoenix to buy 'FNX and replace it with that milquetoast Mike format from 93.7 so it can move faltering WEEI onto FM and try to smack the Sports Hub around.

By - 2/27/10 - 12:47 pm

The Herald reports dude got himself suspended for sending "vulgar" texts to rival WBZ-FM, a.k.a., the Sports Hub. Props to columnist Jessica Heslam for this:

Massaua never responded to repeated text messages seeking a comment.

By - 9/1/09 - 10:04 am

On the Boston Radio mailing list, Roger Kirk reports he fiddled between the Sports Hub and 'EEI on the way home last night to compare the two:

98.5's DA was discussing the Topic Du Jour i.e. Teddy Bruschi's retirement with callers.

The Sox had the night off, so WEEI's host was engaged in animated conversation with a caller comparing the breast size of Serena Williams to other Tennis Players.

By - 8/21/09 - 10:16 pm

Bruce Allen compares and grades Boston's newest sports-talk station and its established archrival.

By - 2/27/09 - 11:07 am

David Scott dons his Kevlar and reports from the uneasy truce line between the Globe and WEEI, following yesterday's incursion by Globie Chadd Finn:

... If there's going to be a sports media war in this town, it certainly isn't going to include the Boston Herald or any other of our local pretender sites. ... As for a WEEI/Globe escalation of activity, I say, "Bring it on." Something has to shake up the status quo in this town and if Chad Finn's WEEI Manifesto is it, then let 'er rip. ...

As long as he's on the topic of the Globe, Scott wonders when "Curt Schilling's BFF" will just start publishing "Best of ..." columns instead of pretending he's offering new insights in his columns.

By - 1/7/09 - 1:59 pm

A Cambridge wedding photographer faces criminal charges for a series of phone calls he allegedly made to WEEI last fall.

David Banner, 57, pleaded innocent in Brighton District Court yesterday to two counts of criminal harassment, two counts of threats to commit a crime and one count of making annoying phone calls to employees of Entercom Communications in Brighton, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office. Banner was released on personal recognizance and ordered to not call any radio station in Boston.

The charges focus on four calls Banner allegedly made to the station in October and November:

In an Oct. 29 call that began with an expression of displeasure over his perception of the station's politics, Banner allegedly stated, "And another thing, the next time [Employee #1] laughs in somebody's face with his snide snickering laugh, I'm gonna come in there and kick his [expletive] teeth in. And then I'm gonna look for you and kick your [expletive] teeth, you [expletive] .... And you can tell [Employee #2] when he makes fun of people to look in the [expletive] [expletive] mirror. [Expletive] you." ...

In one Nov. 4 call, he allegedly said, "When you talk about somebody's look, look in the [expletive] mirror, you donut-eating [expletive] [expletive]. You and your [expletive] [expletive] daughter. Die, you son of a [expletive]."

In a second Nov. 4 call made to a different employee minutes later, he allegedly said, "Every morning when I listen to the show, I just say, jeez, maybe tomorrow I wake up and I hear that [Employee #3] and [Employee #4] died. That would be my wish, for you to [expletive] die."

"If someone finds a radio show that upsetting, the appropriate response is to change the channel," DA Dan Conley said. "Instead, we have here a pattern of extremely vulgar and, frankly, bizarre phone calls that rise to the level of criminal behavior."

The DA's office says all of the calls were taped; does not specify whether any were used on the Whiner Line.

Innocent, etc.

By - 12/1/08 - 3:21 pm

Does this mean he gets to share a press room with the CHB?

Big Schill actually announced the move on his blog last week, but I saw it and went, "oh," then went in search of my daily dose of gross T news or something.

By - 9/24/08 - 9:21 am

Ron Borges moves to the Herald after a whole month at WEEI.com.

By - 9/3/08 - 4:12 pm

WEEI.com is running a contest to find two sports bloggers for their site. Winners get a blog there and $5,000 to blog for a year:

All entries will be up to 500 words and should be focused in on the Boston sports scene, reflecting the author's wit, creativity, sports knowledge, and unique perspective to craft a piece of work which will stand out from what promises to be a sea of candidates. The deadline for submissions will be Sept. 30.