Logan Airport

By - 6/30/09 - 10:56 pm

Massport arrivals list at 11 p.m. Yellow means delays of up to 45 minutes; red means even longer delays.

Lots of canceled, diverted and delayed flights at Logan Airport tonight thanks to fog and, apparently, some sort of problem with the system used to guide planes into the airport.

Spencer McEwen tweets he has now been stuck sitting at T.F. Green on a Logan-bound Virgin plane longer than if the airline had simply put everybody on buses and driven them to Logan - and then driven them back to Green for the hell of it and then back to Boston. They've already had to pump out the plane's waste systems so passengers can relieve themselves again as they wait for "the Logan approach system" to get fixed.

UPDATE, 11:09 p.m.: McEwen reports the flight crew is now rationing what little food they have: Children and the elderly get first dibs.

UPDATE, 12:04 a.m: McEwen tweets on arrival in Boston:

Touchdown in Boston. Everybody cheered and clapped.

Steve Garfield tweets he was late getting in from LaGuardia due to the fog.

By - 6/22/09 - 8:08 am

Hey, remember the new runway that was supposed to reduce delays at Logan and not increase the number of jets flying over East Boston? Yeah, Massport got it wrong.

By - 6/19/09 - 11:32 am

At around 6:30 AM on Thursday, air traffic controllers gave clearance for US Air Flight 27 (an Airbus 320) to take-off on runway 15R. Meanwhile, at the crossing with Taxiway M, a Ford Explorer driven by a construction worker did not call to the tower to request permission to cross and caused an extremely dangerous near miss at Logan. The plane's wing came within inches of the vehicle as it ultimately departed safely. The driver is suspended pending investigation.

By - 6/9/09 - 7:32 am

Weather-related shutdown of flights on the Northeast Corridor has stacked up planes at Logan. My 6:50 am to BWI has been delayed to 8am. Expect similar delays for NYC and Washington area flights.

Currently stuck on the tarmac at Logan. First mentioned this about an hour ago on twitter.

By - 6/7/09 - 8:15 am

After dropping off old electronics stuff at the Bayside yesterday, the kidlet and I headed over to Castle Island for some lunch and to watch the harbor go by. We wandered around the fort and, whoa, the main gate was open and they were giving free tours (free tours on weekends through August). The history was interesting, the views from the top of the fort are wonderful and they've got all these cannons, several pointed at Logan. Most of them are plastic replicas - the War Department melted down the real ones during World War II for the metal - so Logan has nothing to worry about, which is good, since the larger cannons could shoot a ball three miles (or from the fort to Deer Island).

Our tour guide shows off the cannon bore:

By - 6/2/09 - 2:01 pm

Josh Stevens ranks various airports on their ground transportation and declares Logan "most bewildering" because of the Silver Line:

If a camel is a horse designed by committee, then Boston's Silver Line BRT (with scant emphasis on the "R") is a transit line designed by a committee of camels. In the course of a 20-minute trip to South Station, the Silver Line seems to pass through every stage of man and a few states of matter to boot. ...

Via Robert David Sullivan, who wonders if Stevens would have appreciated the Silver Line more if he'd also tried either a cab or the shuttle bus/Blue Line.

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By - 5/6/09 - 9:22 pm

Jimbo points us to this photo by George Cumming of what might be the dead Logan coyote - who seemed to be lactating a week ago, which means there are now some orphan coyote babies in Belle Isle Marsh.

By - 5/6/09 - 3:24 pm

Logan Airport had to briefly shut two runways today as crews tried to corral a particularly wily coyote, the Globe reports.

By - 4/24/09 - 10:43 pm

Tried to get into the cockpit of a Delta flight tonight, Massport says and Channel 4 reports.

Last September, a JetBlue flight from Logan to Fort Lauderdale was forced to land in Raleigh, N.C. after three passengers, possibly related, got into a fistfight, Channel 5 reports.

By - 4/1/09 - 3:14 pm

You know, the woman at Logan. Lookee here.

Via the Globe.

Innocent, etc.

By - 3/31/09 - 11:07 am

Wellesley stock broker Margaret Greer, 57, faces charges of assault and battery on a police officer and assault with a dangerous weapon following the Sunday evening incident, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office.

By - 3/19/09 - 8:35 pm

So there I was, sitting outside the barber shop in Terminal C, today, waiting for my wife. An older gentleman was getting his hair cut. And in a booming voice, he told the barber how much he'd spent in parking today after driving down from Manchester- what with a trip to a hospital off Brookline Avenue, lunch and then the airport. He sighed:

I'd take the rattler out to the airport if I could.

The rattler! I didn't know anybody still called the subway that!

By - 2/15/09 - 12:25 pm

Jimbo sums up why longtime East Boston residents don't believe a single word out of Massport when it comes to the 9,000-car rental-car garage it wants to build in East Boston:

... Massport lies, and it does so with impunity. Before any big new projects move forward, the agency's pattern of abandoning its promises should be reviewed, after which Massport should be made to live up to its word. Only then can there be discussion of the Logan Airport's future, and the people who live around the airport -- not just those who stand to profit from it -- should have a larger voice in such matters. ...