Forest Hills

By - 8/28/07 - 1:25 pm

WBZ-TV reports two robbers armed with a semi-automatic weapon got away with $150,000 from Forest Hills Check Cashing on Washington Street after locking employees in a back room around 9 a.m.

By - 4/7/07 - 2:51 pm

Joseph Porcelli has the details on a time to get to know your neighbors, Monday, April 9 at the Dogwood Cafe.

By - 4/1/07 - 3:05 pm

The West Roxbury Courthouse Neighborhood Blog is written by the West Roxbury Courthouse Neighborhood Association (which, for those of you still not used to Boston, is actually in Jamaica Plain). Currently features a survey about redevelopment across from the Forest Hills T stop (including a question on what should be allowed if the owner of the private parking lot sells it to a developer).... Read more

By - 11/25/06 - 8:53 pm

Mass. Marrier is our host (and, yes, it's true - e.e. cummings really is buried under a tombstone reading EDWARD ESTLIN CUMMINGS):

... Instead of fame by distant contact, consider the fall and winter in one of Boston's most splendid parks. A few photos taken today show a bit of what you can see in staturary, wildlife, art, and iconography. ...

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By - 11/19/06 - 12:17 am


On Hyde Park Avenue in Forest Hills.

By - 11/13/06 - 10:23 am

Hatoff sign

Best review of a gas station EVAR! This review by Brittany was spotted on Yelp and is about Hatoff's in JP:

Holy s**t. This is the most awesomely f**ked up gas station ever.

They only take cash, and you have to push it under a bulletproof-glass window counter. There are about a million pumps, and

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By - 5/22/06 - 8:54 pm

Memorial Day sale

Wellsmere Monumental Works on Washington Street is having an appropriate sale this week. So's Davis Monuments next door.

Meanwhile, Rhea, who lives in the neighborhood, checks into cremation costs at Forest Hills and finds they're pretty thrifty.

By - 5/5/06 - 7:05 pm

Yeah, today was a beautiful day, but was there any excuse for this? Kat somehow manages to capture the shot across from the Forest Hills T stop:

... Is it that hard to pull up your pants?

By - 4/12/06 - 9:57 am

Mass Marrier describes the general suckitude that is the new CharlieTicket system (slower than tokens!); in particular, the interlude between tokens and CharlieTickets at Forest Hills this morning, when only a large box sat where two turnstiles used to be:

... The linesman sized T dude behind what could have been God's cuspidor -- a nearly four-foot tall stainless-steel box with a book-sized opening

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By - 2/8/06 - 10:42 am

Big and fat and Greek: Pizza!

Forest Hills' newest pizza place, on Walk Hill Street off Hyde Park Avenue.

Piece of Pizza.

By - 11/10/05 - 6:41 pm


Part of a mural on Hyde Park Avenue, across from the Forest Hills T stop.

By - 9/20/05 - 5:32 pm

Perspicax reports that after he got on the train yesterday afternoon, it took 70 minutes to get from Forest Hills to Back Bay.

I wonder how long it would have taken to just walk?

By - 9/2/05 - 12:09 pm

Susannah takes a picture of a pigeon on the T:

He walked on at Forest Hills and walked off at Green Street. Like it's a perfectly normal trip he takes every day.

Earlier: Pigeons on the glass, alas.

By - 8/8/05 - 5:16 pm

Nervda visits his grandparents' graves at Forest Hills:

... My mother's mother raised my brother and sister and I, while my parents were working 12 hour days. I can hardly believe that she's been gone for 7 years now. While we were at her grave, this dragonfly kept landing right next to where we were setting up. The dragonfly kept touching down on a

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