Downtown Crossing

By - 2/8/11 - 8:06 pm

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly reports on a ruling by the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination that the owner of a Downtown Crossing clothing store was irascible but not racist when he demanded to know why a black man from Kenya thought he sold watches.

The commission said Alan Swartz, formerly of Mr. Alan's Clothing, was just naturally cranky and that it did not believe Swartz threatened... Read more

By - 2/7/11 - 8:55 am

The Fire Department is on scene; expect delays, of course.

By - 2/4/11 - 6:59 am

Proposed Hayward PlaceProposed Hayward Place. Rendering from BRA.

The Boston Redevelopment Authority reports Millennium Partners have filed new plans for a 15-story residential building on what is now a parking lot across from the Ritz, which they also built.

Hayward Place will mean 265 new residential units,... Read more

By - 1/18/11 - 12:06 pm

Another day, another trash fire, shortly before noon at Downtown Crossing. Extinguished quickly, but power was cut as firefighters entered "the pit" to put it out. And with fire comes residual delays.

By - 1/14/11 - 9:00 am

Smoke from what the MBTA described as "a minor grease fire" on the southbound side could be smelled as far away as Broadway, but the Boston Fire Department gave the T permission to resume service around 9 a.m.

By - 1/7/11 - 8:15 am

Alleged burglar Police are looking for a guy who allegedly tried to steal a safe yesterday from a Chasidic center on School Street.

According to a a message on the Jewish-Boston mailing list from Zvhil - Mezbuz Beis Medrash, 15 School St., the guy walked into the center with a brown... Read more

By - 12/31/10 - 3:14 pm

Suspect A Malden man with an extensive record of violent crimes was ordered held in lieu of $5,000 bail today following an incident that left both him and his alleged victim lying on the tracks at Downtown Crossing shortly before noon yesterday, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Joseph McCloskey reached into the... Read more

By - 12/28/10 - 9:40 am

Yep, another water main went kablooie this morning, right at Washington and Winter streets, Channel 4 reports.

By - 12/23/10 - 1:25 pm

Davis at the fake shopDavis at the fake shop.

It looked like all the other stalls in the nondescript jeweler's storefront at 365 Washington St. in Downtown Crossing. But the two guys behind the new M.I.B. Jewelers spread the word they were willing to buy stolen goods... Read more

By - 12/22/10 - 6:44 am

Bob Ward makes some valid points in his rant about how much better New York does Christmas than Boston these days: We get the second-string Rockettes now and have to drive to Avon to see the Enchanted Village.

But he just can't leave bad enough alone:

How did you let it all slip away? Is Christmas really that politically incorrect? Are people really offended

... Read more
By - 12/21/10 - 6:29 am

The article by David Boeri and Andrea Shea is ostensibly about how the three revived theaters on Washington Street could lead a revival of the Hole-infested street, but is really an interesting walk back into the time when it was home to the city's large number of daily newspapers:

The printing presses for the Post were buried like a coal mine seven stories below

... Read more
By - 12/9/10 - 12:15 pm

GibbonsMBTA Transit Police report arresting a convicted sex offender whom they say was urinating in the middle of an Orange Line platform at Downtown Crossing yesterday afternoon.

Police say a woman "in an excited and shocked state" went up to two officers looking for fare evaders around 4:45 p.m. to alert them that a... Read more

By - 12/6/10 - 11:16 pm

Charlie Brown trees

Anali spotted these Charlie Brown trees for sale the other day in Downtown Crossing.

Posted under this Creative Commons license and in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.... Read more

By - 12/6/10 - 4:48 pm

What began as two girls fighting around 3:30 ended as a general melee involving up to 100 people at Tremont and Winter streets that required Boston, MBTA and State Police to disperse and ended with at least one injured person.

By - 11/30/10 - 9:51 pm

Dirty Water takes us on a tour of the Washington Street of yore.

By - 11/17/10 - 8:50 pm

The city's lost $20 million in tax revenue from the negative space and enough is enough, the BRA says in a letter sent today.

By - 11/8/10 - 6:43 am

The Globe reports on their refusal to pay into a "business improvement district" to market and spruce up the area. Bad neighbors, Tom Menino says.

By - 11/6/10 - 9:58 pm

A fire on outbound tracks shut Orange Line service at Downtown Crossing shortly before 10 p.m. Firefighters reported an apparent electrical fire as a train entered the station (see video). The T shut power down on the line - just as already frustrated Bruins fans were pouring out of the Garden. Power was restored about 10:20.

This is the second night in a... Read more

By - 11/4/10 - 7:23 am

WBUR gives us a peek at the renovated theatre, next to the also renovated Paramount.

By - 10/5/10 - 8:07 pm


If you peer into the ugly gray pillbox on the edge of the parking lot at Washington and Hayward Place, you can still see the tile "Essex" from back in the day when it was an entrance to the Essex stop on the Orange Line. No doubt there's a perfectly... Read more