exploding manholes

By - 6/11/13 - 4:27 pm

At 3:39 p.m., David Ziegler-Voll tweeted:

Holy shit just saw 10 ft flames and smoke shoot out of a manhole cover on Atlantic Ave. across from South Station

Dale Cruse then added:

My girlfriend at S. Station said manhole cover smoked and exploded. Fire shot out while homeless man watched, like, "ain't no thang".

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By - 6/9/13 - 8:48 pm

"Manhole blown off with smoke pouring out," D. Matt Brothers reports.

By - 5/31/13 - 7:49 pm

Stanley Staco reports multiple manholes exploded around 7 p.m. in the area of D Street and West Broadway. NStar estimates 11 p.m. for power restoration

By - 3/8/13 - 12:46 pm

Cambridge Police report neighboring businesses were evacuated as a precaution but that there were no injuries.

By - 3/2/13 - 1:10 pm

Matthew Wilding reports a harrowing experience around 12:45 p.m.:

I just almost died when a manhole blew off on Washington st. In front of Dragon Chef.

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By - 2/25/13 - 11:31 am

Fire in the hole: Dartmouth and Newbury. Photo by roving UHub photographer Penny C.Fire in the hole: Dartmouth and Newbury. Photo by roving UHub photographer Penny C.

First around 9:15 at Tremont and Park and then around 11:25 at... Read more

By - 1/14/13 - 2:06 pm

Manhole went ka-boom shortly after 1:30 p.m. outside 590 Commonwealth Ave. In possibly related news, the Boston University computer network is down.... Read more

By - 1/11/13 - 3:45 pm

A manhole fire right at Brighton and Harvard avenues has caused power outages in the area. The city is also urging motorists to avoid the area, unless they like sitting in gridlock.

By - 12/28/12 - 10:53 pm

SATURDAY MORNING UPDATE: Fire must've done some major damage. A resident of the area around Wood Avenue in Hyde Park reports NStar told her power wouldn't be restored until 2 p.m.

A manhole on Cummins Highway near the Stop & Shop entrance burst into flames around 10:15 p.m., taking down with it power along Hyde Park Avenue between roughly Cummins Highway and American Legion Highway.... Read more

By - 7/6/12 - 11:28 am

The Boston Fire Department reports fire flared up a manhole behind 359 Huntington Ave. this morning when some "penetrating spray" being used by a worker to loosen a bolt on an underground transformer hit a "small torch" and flashed over.

The transformer itself had already been shut down for repairs, the department says. The fire went out by itself and there were no... Read more

By - 7/3/12 - 5:39 pm

North End Patch reports nobody was injured when manhole covers on Richmond, North and Cross streets began ascending skyward as if moved by an occult hand around 3 p.m.

By - 6/25/12 - 4:28 pm

Firefighters peer down the hole. Photo by Eric Athas.Firefighters peer down the hole. Photo by Eric Athas.

A manhole burst into flames around 3:45 p.m. right in front of the fire museum on Congress Street, causing traffic and power problems in the... Read more

By - 3/15/12 - 4:07 pm

At least three manholes along Huntington Ave. exploded this afternoon, sending literal shudders through the nearby 101 Huntington, which has lapsed in and out of electrical service today.

At 3:46, Bonnie O. tweeted:

Why did we just hear and feel an explosion outside from inside 101 Huntington? Fire trucks outside near Marriott.

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By - 9/9/11 - 9:29 am

Power is out along Warren Street from at least Montrose Street to Elm Hill Avenue, where firefighters responded to a report of a flaming manhole shortly before 9 a.m.

By - 8/19/11 - 10:22 am

When it was just a steaming manhole instead of a flaming one. Photo by Swirlygrrl.Manhole before it shot flames into the air. Photo by SwirlyGrrl.

The Boston Fire Department reports a manhole fire that started around 9:30 a.m.... Read more

By - 5/7/11 - 5:51 pm

Boston Police tweet manholes exploded this morning at Joy Street and both Mt. Vernon and Pinckney streets.

By - 7/31/10 - 10:55 pm

Salem Insider and Patch Marblehead are reporting underground explosions on Crombie Street in downtown Salem, sending manhole covers into the air and bringing National Grid and fire crews into the area at a rapid pace.

Ryan Westphal tweets the power is now out in his Salem neighborhood.... Read more

By - 7/6/10 - 10:26 pm

The Boston Fire Department is being kept busy this evening responding to multiple reports of manhole and power-line issues as overloaded lines give out under all the demand and heat.

By - 3/15/10 - 11:02 am

Amid all the flooded-basement and accident calls this morning, the Boston Fire Department also had to send crews out to manhole fires at State Street and Surface Road and Allston Street and Comm. Ave.

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