Bill Russell

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Bill Russell

Jeannette Andre photographed Bill Russell at the unveiling of his statue outside City Hall today.

This wasn't Russell's first viewing of the statue, though. On Wednesday, he and President Obama took a look:

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Bill Russell at Fenway Park

The Boston Public Library has posted a ton of Leslie Jones basketball photos, including a number of Celtics photos, such as this one of Bill Russell at Fenway in September, 1962 and this one of Bob...Read more

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WBZ reports the Bill Russell statue will be built in City Hall Plaza, just up the steps from the Red Auerbach statue in Faneuil Hall Marketplace.Read more

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The Herald reports. The mayor agrees, wants to put it on Causeway Street (but presumably not where it would look like Bobby Orr's about to tackle him).

On Facebook: Give Bill Russell a Statue, a Tunnel, SOMETHING.Read more

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