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By - 11/20/13 - 2:40 pm
Mobile home

Somebody posted an ad on Craigslist and, yes, that is what the mobile home actually looks like:

Hi, I have a tiny home that I would like to either put in a vacant lot or a backyard. It is tiny. 20 feet long and 8 feet wide. I will be moving it in Fall and looking for a place to bring it to!

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By - 9/9/13 - 12:15 pm

Mayor Menino today released his proposal for getting 30,000 new housing units built in Boston over the next seven years at a combined public and private cost of $16 billion.

Although the bulk of the units would come through easing construction of market-rate apartments, the mayor is also proposing a 2014 referendum on enacting the state's Community Preservation Act, which would let the city add...Read more

By - 8/29/13 - 2:45 pm

The city's come up with a couple of posters for all the kids returning in time for Allston Christmas, including this cheery greeting from St. Bedbug:

St. Bedbug

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By - 8/25/13 - 9:32 am

The Herald reports the owner of a Fort Point condo is facing fines because his condo association objects to the American flag in his window:

Trustee Sean McGrail said the board was merely responding to a resident’s complaint about the flag, which breaks condo rules banning colored curtains.

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By - 7/13/13 - 5:13 pm

State Sen. Michael Barrett (D-Lexington) says it's nuts that some condo associations won't let their residents dry their clothes the old fashioned - and environmentally friendly - way and is pushing legislation that would let communities adopt "the right to dry."

His bill, S.924 would let cities and towns adopt a measure that:

Notwithstanding any general law or the terms of any contract, deed,

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By - 7/10/13 - 8:09 pm

A UHub reader who likes keeping up with the local apartment market noticed that a 1-bedroom, 775-square-foot apartment in a building off Rindge Avenue, a ten-minute walk from the Porter Square T stop, is going for $3,500 a month. Now, granted, it has stainless-steel appliances, stone countertops and its own washer/dryer unit. And it's all LEED certified and everything. And this is greater Boston....Read more

By - 6/13/13 - 2:37 pm

Curbed reports the IRS sold two foreclosed parking spaces in back of 298 Comm. Ave. for $560,000.

Yes, $560,000 for two parking spaces. Two uncovered parking spaces. Two uncovered parking spaces that are actually just one parking space long enough to fit two cars. Two uncovered parking spaces that cost more than the 2013 assessed value of one of the units in the...Read more

By - 5/30/13 - 11:43 pm

WBZ reports on findings by state regulators that the contractor failed to even check with DigSafe before its workers hit a gas main during road work, which caused an explosion that leveled Michael Burns and Bob Houser's home in 2010. The company fought the state all the way and the couple is now planning to cut their losses and sell the still house-less...Read more

By - 5/10/13 - 8:24 pm

A pissed-off citizen reports from Stratford Street in West Roxbury:

Dirty Tap and Toilet water due to Water and Sewer work in WR. Someone could have warned us?

Complete with a photo of a toilet with the lid up so you can fully appreciate what discolored toilet water looks like....Read more

By - 4/29/13 - 10:31 pm

Stop that pool!

A concerned citizen reports from Kilsyth Road in Brighton:


Or even worse?

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By - 3/19/13 - 3:05 pm

The Globe reports it's starting to happen, due to the tight rental market in Boston. Also, undergrads looking for fall apartments? So, so screwed.Read more

By - 2/19/13 - 9:40 am

WBZ reports there's no money left in the till to help people who can't afford their home-heating bills in a winter with oil prices now above $4 a gallon.Read more

By - 1/17/13 - 8:06 am

Well, not them, of course, but all those other developers. The Boston Business Journal explores the angst among developers about the 6,000 or so luxury apartments that could be built in Boston over the next couple of years.Read more

By - 10/5/12 - 8:50 am

Jennifer Forman Orth, our go-to expert for invasive species, reports that with falling temperatures, more residents can expect their homes to be invaded by these brown bugs that, when startled, smell up the joint.

In most cases, she writes, they're actually western conifer seed bugs, which showed up here in the 1990s and which, fortunately, are not messing with local ecosystems:

You can

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By - 8/10/12 - 8:28 am

A disgusted citizen - no doubt hoping the city doesn't forget Allston in its newfound zeal to go after the rat warrens of the Fenway - posts a photo of a very dead, very flat rat in the middle of Park Vale Avenue, and adds:

A growing regular scene in the neighborhood - large dead rats on the street.

The city promptly...Read more

By - 7/23/12 - 6:36 am

“Farmers To You” Announces Roslindale Service Starting August 1

For Immediate Release

Calais, Vermont. July 23, 2012

Farmers To You, a partnership between Boston area families and Vermont farmers, is pleased to announce the addition of Roslindale to their served communities starting August 1.

The Roslindale Congregational Church will be the pick up site. Located on Cummins Highway just a few...Read more

By - 7/15/12 - 12:57 pm

Steve asks:

Anyone know a garden center near Dorchester that sells ladybugs insect control? Want to try natural b4 resorting to chems.

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