By - 11/17/05 - 10:39 pm

Marcus raves:

Pho Lynn, the Vietnamese restaurant on Munroe St. Across from the Munroe St. Lofts has the BEST Vietnamese food I have ever tasted. ...

By - 11/9/05 - 5:15 pm

Lynn Lofts, the Skinny is a new blog aimed at people thinking about moving into a condo in the neighborhood - specifically, the Keith Building, where the author lives. He does not much care for the building's developer - and explains why you should be careful about moving into a unit too close to the commuter-rail tracks.

By - 8/16/05 - 2:40 pm

Smeg witnesses a weird accident in Lynn on his way home:

... The Jeep turned his wheel *a little*, then floored it, he had no way enough turn to make the corner, and he drove straight into the front of the Mustang, which roled back from the force. The guy in the Jeep then put it on full lock and floored it again, swinging around onto the curb and into the massive truck that was parked on the forecourt of a garage, badly enough that he wasn't moving again, and fluids started pouring out of his engine. ...