By - 7/27/12 - 12:36 pm

Sometimes it pays to get pissed off, but given the relative lack of lions around here, will coyotes recognize the scent?

By - 7/26/12 - 5:54 pm

A report on a cat on Cape Ann that survived getting chomped by a coyote. Complete with photo of the tooth hole the coyote left behind in the cat's head.

By - 7/23/12 - 9:27 pm

NorthEndWaterfront.com reports on a terror raccoon that took over Hull and Sheafe streets before it died under somebody's porch last week, creating "a nasty, putrid state of air for days."

By - 7/22/12 - 3:57 pm

A collection:

In the fall of 2008 I began photographing caterpillars. These larval insects demonstrate a diversity of morphology and behavior better than perhaps any other group of animals in this region, and yet, they remain relatively unknown to even the most dedicated of naturalists. Through my photography, and through documenting the life histories of the species I find and raise, I hope to

... Read more
By - 7/9/12 - 12:19 pm

Mike the Mad Biologist chronicles the adventures of the mama duck for whom park workers built special housing in the Public Garden.

By - 7/7/12 - 7:32 pm


We drove into Dedham Square late this afternoon and saw what looked like a couple of hawks lazily circling overhead. But when we pulled into the parking lot by Rte. 1, it was obvious those were no hawks - they were too big. They decided to perch on a light pole... Read more

By - 7/1/12 - 10:20 am

A few days after a moose ambled into Wellesley, a moose appeared in a Weston backyard yesterday.

By - 6/29/12 - 12:34 pm

Both Jon Keller and Julia Spitz have interviews with the Cape/Brookline Bear:

"So, there's been some speculation about what to call you. What's your real name?"

"You couldn't pronounce it. No human can. Except that Boston mayor guy. I don't think he was trying to say my name, though. I'm not really sure what he was trying to say."

"No one ever

... Read more
By - 6/27/12 - 10:26 am

A concerned citizen reports:

federal bldg. causeway at lomasny. some sort of giant rat like creature walking around. looks like rat with a raccoon body the size of a med size cat!

By - 6/27/12 - 9:09 am

Trapped birdBird is the word.

Update, 10:09 a.m.: Animal Rescue League on its way.

At 8:42 a.m., butterh urgently tweeted from his Dorchester apartment:

Bird in my apt. Live adult, injured, ARL not open - What do I do?! We're freaking each other out. Need help.

Cyn Donnelly ... Read more

By - 6/26/12 - 2:43 pm

Ryan Schulteis at WHDH reports state wildlife officials say the bear somehow made it back east from where they brought him after he was captured on the Cape and are depositing him at an unspecified location even further west this time.

By - 6/26/12 - 8:41 am

UPDATE: Around 9:30, environmental police shot the bear with a tranquilizer. He ran up the tree, then, after the drug took effect, fell out of the tree, to be carted away to someplace a bit more rural.

Brookline bearResting bear. Photo by Brookline Police.

The wandering, ambling bear fell asleep... Read more

By - 6/25/12 - 9:08 pm

Stephen Walsh reports the bear has been spotted tonight near Skyline Park near the West Roxbury Parkway.

UPDATE: Spotted at the Baker School, really just a hop, skip and a jump from Hancock Village and the West Roxbury line.

By - 6/25/12 - 12:20 pm

UPDATE: Photo of the moose.

Stephen Jones reports Wellesley Police are investigating a moose sighting near Reeds Pond close to the Natick line.

Everybody stopped to stare out at Harvard Square
When she pulled up a seat at the juice bar
Could I please have a juice for this thirsty moose
She's been jogging cuz' she doesn't have a
... Read more

By - 6/25/12 - 11:03 am

Philip Borenstein reports the town just robo-called residents to alert them a bear (which found Dedham too boring?) was spotted this morning in the area of Second and Highland avenues by the Charles River - and the Panera Bread.

Text of Needham reverse-911 call.

But, hmm, if it can get from Dedham to Needham like that, how long before it winds... Read more

By - 6/24/12 - 4:42 pm

Deer crossing

These signs are pretty much the first thing you see after turning onto Truman Parkway from Neponset Valley Parkway in Hyde Park.


By - 6/24/12 - 8:51 am

Shortly before 7 a.m. today, Ben Ostrander tweeted:

Whoa, I just saw a black bear on the side of 95 south in Dedham near Legacy Place!

Sheeps Eating Me followed up around 9:20 a.m.:

I just saw a BLACK BEAR on Rt 109 in Dedham by 128. What???

About 8 minutes later, Nichole Davis tweeted:

Environmental police have been dispatched

... Read more
By - 6/18/12 - 8:38 am

Hawk in the Back Bay

Jesse Haley noticed this hawk perched at Boylston and Arlington this morning, "attracting tourists and scattering squirrels."... Read more

By - 6/14/12 - 8:35 am

The Massachusetts Wasp Watchers project is an effort to detect and do something about, no, not wasps, but emerald ash borers, a bright-green bug that eats the leaves of ash trees - and deposits eggs that turn into bark-eating larvae. And it's looking for volunteers.

Seems the smoky-winged beetle bandit wasp, native to these parts, just loves it some beetles, which it carries back... Read more

By - 6/12/12 - 8:14 pm

Somebody in Davis Square has some issues with an unknown neighbor:

[O]n the side street where we park, people throw tons of bread, bird seed, and other random food items [once someone left an entire plate of spaghetti] out several times a week in order to feed a flock of pigeons. As it is, it's pretty disgusting. The street and sidewalk are covered in

... Read more