By - 6/9/12 - 12:34 pm

Oh, deer

Sweetz reports a deer was foraging this morning in a yard on Woodley Avenue near Stony Brook Reservation - where deer have been spotted before.

Thought it was fake at first until it moved.

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By - 6/8/12 - 7:41 pm

Good Morning Gloucester has the photos and video to prove it.

By - 5/31/12 - 8:00 am

Kevin Wiles, Jr. posts a photo of a deer that somehow wound up in a Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center bike cage today. Yes, in the medical area.

By - 5/30/12 - 5:13 pm


This squirrel kind of stood out in the Public Garden today. Wonder if any local drugstores have noticed boxes of hair dye looking as if they'd been chewed ...

By - 5/30/12 - 9:49 am

Around 8:20 a.m., an inbound Kat Powers reported:

On a D Line train in Newton delayed by a turtle on the track. Driver has announced she can't move the train because the turtle will die. Waiting for an official to move the turtle.

A few minutes later, she reported two MBTA officials arrived to try to move the recalcitrant reptile.

Action-news reporter Steve Annear... Read more

By - 5/30/12 - 7:45 am

Channel 4 reports Mt. Auburn Cemetery had to bring in somebody to shoot one of the turkeys that have made a home there after it attacked a worker, sending him to the hospital.

Cemetery officials say well meaning but clueless visitors are partly to blame; it seems the more people feed turkeys, the more aggressive they get toward people.... Read more

By - 5/27/12 - 12:53 pm

Turtle crossing

Richard Beaubien captured the scene Still River Road in Bolton, where somebody is looking out for their slow moving friends in shells.

Copyright Richard Beaubien. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.... Read more

By - 5/21/12 - 12:22 pm

Fishing on Plum Island

Tim Mouradian provides proof the stripers are back at Plum Island.

Copyright Tim Mouradian. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.... Read more

By - 5/12/12 - 11:37 am

Geese on train tracks.

Some geese were just hanging out this morning on the train track on the Cambridge side of the BU Bridge.

By - 5/3/12 - 8:31 am

Rescued ducklings at Deer Island

Fortunately, there was a happy ending. Kristin MacDougall at the MWRA reports a woman walking her dog at Deer Island called the MWRA when she noticed mama and poppa duck quacking for help at a storm drain yesterday.

Winthrop Animal... Read more

By - 4/29/12 - 12:20 pm

NorthEndWaterfront.com posts a photo of a coyote spotted on Copp's Hill Terrace in the North End this morning.

It's not the first North End coyote spotting, but they remain relatively rare, unlike in, say, West Roxbury.

By - 3/30/12 - 10:04 am

The Neponset River Watershed Association tweets that smelt were spotted yesterday in Quincy's Gulliver Creek, heading up the Neponset on their annual spawning run. Like the alewife, the smelt are anadromous, which means they live in the ocean but return to fresh water to spawn.... Read more

By - 3/28/12 - 3:18 pm

Don't you just want to gobble her up?

Dan K. stumbled upon a turkey with places to go on Eliot Street this morning.

By - 3/23/12 - 5:56 pm

Turkey in the tree.

John McLachlan reports this tree turkey whiles away the evenings in a neighbor's yard off Milford Street in the South End.

Copyright John McLachlan. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 3/23/12 - 4:14 pm

Downtown wildlife.

Maggie O'Neil photographed this coyote on Summer Street today.

The Animal Rescue League reports it captured the coyote in Chinatown, after a chase that included a brief foray through the mouth of the Ted Williams Tunnel. The League adds:

We are working with Mass Fish and Wildlife on a release site outside the city limits. No ACME products used on this

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By - 3/18/12 - 7:46 pm

They're peeping away at the George Wright Golf Course and Stony Brook Reservation tonight.

By - 2/29/12 - 10:16 am

Ramblin' Rocky out in daylight.

Cara posted this photo yesterday afternoon of a raccoon out and about in the daylight in Charlestown. People immediately suggested she call Animal Control because normally the only raccoons venturing forth with the sun up are rabid.

Kristin MacDougall reports there was a raccoon waddling around the Navy Yard around 11 a.m. yesterday.

If it's the same one, s/he walked a long

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