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By - 4/19/17 - 3:04 pm

The now former Fox bloviator got his start at the Boston Phoenix (yep), where, in 1974, he covered a talk by the director of The Devil in Miss Jones.

By - 11/21/15 - 11:57 am

Dan Kennedy, Phoenix alum and Northeastern professor, reports Stephen Mindich is donating all of the alt-paper's archives to Northeastern, which plans to gradually digitize them all. The Globe reports that in the meantime, the paper archives will be open to the public.

By - 3/1/15 - 10:40 am

So maybe the Fox commentator didn't actually witness wars, murders, fatal bombings, suicides or concrete-hurling rioters, but one thing he did watch was pornography in Boston.

By - 10/10/14 - 12:50 am

WPRI reports that the Providence Phoenix will publish its final issue next Thursday, ending nearly 36 years of service to Rhode Island. The Boston Phoenix stopped publishing in March 2013.

By - 1/2/14 - 1:59 pm

The New York Daily News reports that Chris Faraone, now at the Dig, yesterday filed a federal lawsuit against the New York Police Department, alleging its officers beat him as he covered Occupation Wall Street for the Phoenix last year.

By - 5/3/13 - 2:52 pm

David Bernstein reports on himself. Can a Best of Boston Politicians list be far behind?

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Peter Kadzis at WGBH and Carly Carioli at

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Hauling away the Phoenix

Jill watched yesterday as some guy went down Mass. Ave. in Cambridge, hauling away Phoenix boxes.

You can read articles from what would have been this week's issue on the Phoenix site (scroll past the big box where the PDF of the print issue would have been).

But wait, bonus extra good news that's so marvelous we can hardly stand it! Ron Newman alerts us that while the money-losing news and arts stuff is gone, the sex ads in the back live on!

No worries - BOSTON AT NITE IS HERE TO STAY! You can still pick up your free copy of Boston's best adult listings every Thursday in the big black box!

By - 3/14/13 - 2:53 pm

Pre-glossy.Pre-glossy. See the last cover.Both the Dig and the Globe report the Boston Phoenix is shutting down immediately.

The Phoenix itself tweets:

Thank you Boston. Good night and good luck.

The Phoenix has been around since 1966. It had been hard hit in recent years by the decline in print advertising and had sold off its radio station and merged the newspaper with Stuff magazine in an attempt to stay afloat.

Jim Romanesko posts a copy of publisher Stephen Mindich's memo to his staff:

By - 2/21/13 - 4:31 pm

This week's Phoenix carries an article headlined:

Fresh Blood: Meet Boston's new culinary muscle

By - 10/7/12 - 11:47 am

We think we'll go for a walk, Phoenix declares, in response to some Salon body collector.

By - 9/17/12 - 7:27 pm

The Phoenix's Chris Faraone, down in New York for the Occupy Wall Street anniversary protest, tweets he was among those arrested:

I just got out of jail. Was arrested despite screaming over and over that I'm a journalist.

By - 8/1/12 - 1:26 pm

Layoffs are involved. The new pub will be called the Phoenix, rather than the Boston Stuff or Stuffnix. Key question: Will they still run those "adult services" ads?

By - 5/18/12 - 7:52 am

The shrinking Phoenix Media Group still has one possible ace in the hole - a patent lawsuit against Facebook that, if successful, would give it ownership over one of the most fundamental parts of social networking.

At issue is a patent held by Phoenix subsidiary People2People on the concept of creating a personal page on a Web site.

People2People, then known as Tele-Publishing, Inc., sued Facebook in 2009, because Facebook, of course, lets users build personal pages.

By - 2/10/12 - 6:45 am

Oops, they did it again. The New York Times, which hates when people post copies of its work, posted a copy of a Boston Review article without permission. The Phoenix's Carly Carioli, who called out the Gray Lady for posting a story now owned by the Phoenix just the other day, does the honors again:

By - 2/8/12 - 3:50 pm

The day before ex-Times editor and current Times thumbsucker Bill Keller blasted people who reprint Times content without its permission, the Times reprinted a PDF of a Real Paper story without permission from its current copyright owner, our very own Boston Phoenix. Not just the words, but the actual pages from that long-ago alt-weekly, whose remnants the Phoenix bought.

The Phoenix is not amused:

By - 2/11/11 - 8:10 pm

Boston Phoenix Editor Carly Carioli reports the death of longtime Phoenix editor and writer Clif Garboden.

By - 11/29/10 - 5:49 pm

Phoenix Editor Carly Carioli has a short reply to the Dig item - which we, being good little media sponges, sucked right in - about how Entercom might be thinking of buying and shutting down WFNX to move WEEI to FM:

For the record: it's total bullshit.

No doubt Jeff Lawrence is formulating a response at this very moment.

By - 11/9/10 - 9:53 am

Last fall, the Phoenix sued Facebook, alleging the social network violated patents owned by a Phoenix subsidiary for creating user profiles online. Facebook yesterday returned the favor, suing the Phoenix for alleged violations of patents it owns on equally fundamental parts of the Web.

In its lawsuit, like the Phoenix suit, filed in US District Court in Boston, Facebook charges search engines on the Phoenix Web site that let uses find bands, events and restaurants violate a Facebook patent on a technique for letting users narrow the results of a search query. Facebook also charges its patent is violated by a Phoenix search engine that lets users specify exactly what sort of sex acts they want to see in X-rated videos catalogued by the Phoenix's adult sites.