By - 7/21/13 - 11:20 pm

A Reddit user reports on an incident that began on Morrissey Boulevard around 6:40 p.m. and ended on Neponset Avenue with an obese white guy in glasses first throwing a water bottle at his car, then smashing his windshield and mirror with his fists and threatening to shoot him:

Basically, this guy driving in my blind spot and I accidentally cut him off. He

... Read more
By - 7/20/13 - 9:02 pm

Hit and run crash

Tim photographed the remains of a hit-and-run crash on Kneeland Street in Chinatown tonight:

Taxi rammed this car into pole then sped off.

Stanley Staco reports the cab might have been stolen in a carjacking around 8:20 p.m. at... Read more

By - 7/20/13 - 8:34 pm

The driver of a car that hit barriers and the tunnel wall at the Government Center onramp died in the 3:30 a.m. crash, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. She was 33 and a Dorchester resident.

Preliminary evidence suggests the vehicle struck a concrete attenuator that splits the lane, then collided with the tunnel wall. Multiple civilian motorists stopped at the scene in an

... Read more
By - 7/15/13 - 5:55 pm

The state begins Longfellow Bridge detours this weekend as it begins to rip the bridge apart and put it back together better than ever.

Starting Saturday, only people driving from Cambridge to Boston will be allowed on the bridge. The Cambridge bound will instead be diverted via Storrow Drive up to Charles River Dam Road and then across that thoughtfully already re-built span into... Read more

By - 7/14/13 - 3:52 pm

Red and green lights

Mike Mac noticed the lights at Newbury and Berkeley were both red and green this afternoon.... Read more

By - 7/12/13 - 1:06 pm

State Police report that giant American flag that had been flying from the Zakim supports fell this morning, wrapping up a southbound car in its red, white and blueness, but causing no injuries or other crashes.

By - 7/12/13 - 11:04 am

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today a man arrested by a Smith College police officer will have to stand trial for operating under the influence even though his alleged infraction happened on a street not owned by the college.

The state's highest court noted that state law gives campus police officers the right to patrol and make arrests on land which their college makes "use."... Read more

By - 7/11/13 - 6:03 pm

93 and Zakim ramps

Justin Porter looked out his window around 5:30 p.m. and saw lots of motionless vehicles on and near the Zakim.... Read more

By - 7/8/13 - 3:53 pm

In reply to a Citizens Connect complaint about spots along N Street held for people with disabilities that never seem to get used at night, the city replies:

The mayor's commissioner for persons with disabilities investigated a number of spaces on this street and removed some. for further questions or specific addresses where the commission should investigate a space, contact our office at (617)

... Read more
By - 7/5/13 - 8:19 pm

WBUR interviews BRA Director Peter Meade, whose thoughts on encouraging public transit and young residents who aren't so tied to cars come a bit too late for the guy who proposed an Allston apartment building with almost no parking, only to get shot down by the city when nearby residents protested.... Read more

By - 7/3/13 - 8:41 am

Today's the last day for filing comments on the state's proposed two-year redo of the Cambridge Street overpass and the Franklin Street pedestrian bridge. Some people aren't all that happy with the current proposal, and think the state could do better to make it safer for pedestrians to get across the turnpike and train tracks. They even have a petition to attach your... Read more

By - 7/1/13 - 9:47 am

Bike rack

An irate citizen complains about this new bike rack on Worcester Square in the South End:

In a city where parking spaces are so limited that they sell for $560,000 how can you justify turning a resident parking spot into a bike rack?

UPDATE: City marks the... Read more

By - 6/28/13 - 11:31 am

Paris of the '90s? More like the Orlando of the '10s.

Union Square Main Streets posted this video of a truck-eating sinkhole that opened up this morning next to the Dunkin' Donuts.

Via Chris Devers, who asks:

This calls for a “time to repair our crumbling infrastructure” commercial, eh?

... Read more
By - 6/27/13 - 7:58 am

Craig Fitzgerald chronicles all the cars for which photos have been introduced as evidence to date in the Whitey Bulger trial, notes that "about 2/3s of these cars are all shod with Sears RoadHandler snow tires."

By - 6/23/13 - 8:19 am

Big trikes

Gedalia Pasternak took a gander at the latest in wheeled transportation in Harvard Square last night:

Interesting rides in Harv sq, including rap videos playing on side of trikes.

... Read more
By - 6/22/13 - 11:16 pm

Stanley Staco reports a car hit a pole at Washington and Erie streets around 10:30 p.m. A transformer on the pole exploded, wires came down, cars caught on fire and the nearby area was plunged into darkness.

Three people in the car were taken to local hospitals, police blocked Washington and Columbia.

By - 6/20/13 - 12:01 pm

And then after that, the tunnel, originally opened in 1961, will be shut every night between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. for four to five more months, MassDOT reports:

Every aspect of the tunnel is in fair to poor condition, and the time has come to put the Callahan in shape to last another 50 years.

State officials explain the $35-million repair project at... Read more

By - 6/19/13 - 9:37 pm

The remains of the car. Photo by Transit Police.Maybe don't take GPS directions so literally. Photo by Transit Police.

Transit Police report a Belmont woman followed GPS directions a little too closely last night - Her car wound up... Read more

By - 6/18/13 - 5:22 pm
Peeled truck

Boston Ward 4 Dems snapped the latest BU Bridge/Grand Junction casualty: A truck whose driver apparently and rather suddenly lost the ability to read, right in the middle of the evening rush hour today. On the eastbound side, at least.