By - 2/18/15 - 3:22 pm

From yesterday's commute.

By - 2/17/15 - 5:03 pm
Woman with knife threatens anybody who parks in her space

A roving UHub photographer spotted this box atop a snow mound next to a parking space in Grove Hall this morning.

By - 2/17/15 - 4:06 pm
Giant pothole on Newbury Street in the Back Bay

In announcing the end of the parking ban tomorrow, Mayor Walsh also said that in addition to continuing to remove snow, the DPW has started an inventory of all the potholes now lurking beneath the snowpack.

This afternoon, Amy B. spotted this mega-pothole at the intersection of Newbury and Exeter streets.

By - 2/17/15 - 3:32 pm

Mayor Walsh just announced the city needs another night to try to remove all that snow from major roads, so until 6 p.m. tomorrow it is, you know, like, well, basically, illegal to park on designated snow emergency routes, not that that's stopping anybody, at least along Washington Street in Roslindale.

The DPW reports it removed 1,200 truckloads of snow last night - bringing us to a total of 17,000 truckloads since that first blizzard in January.

By - 2/17/15 - 8:44 am
Carport crushed under weight of snow in Charlestown

Thomas Lukowski shows us a carport on Elm Street in Charlestown that gave way under the weight of all that snow.

By - 2/17/15 - 8:03 am
Car spins out on the Jamaicaway

Even on roads that look black, it's still slippery out there. Patty Neal inched past a spun-out car on the Jamaicaway between Bynner and Huntington around 7 a.m.

By - 2/16/15 - 8:59 pm
Brookside Avenue in Jamaica Plain

Things are getting bad out there. Around 8:40 p.m., Night Sea looked out at Brookside Avenue in Jamaica Plain, a normally two-way road now down to barely one lane, where two groups of motorists heading in opposite directions faced off, with neither budging.

UPDATE: Night Sea reports on the final outcome:

it took a lot of backing into driveways, church parking lots and side streets to end it. NOT a street I'd recommend driving on.

By - 2/16/15 - 10:26 am

Mayor Walsh said today the parking ban on main streets will remain in effect "until further notice."

At his latest snow press conference, Walsh also figuratively wagged his finger at people he said have taken to jumping out of windows into snow banks: Cut that out, he warned. There could be a giant death icicle that's fallen off your roof in that snow bank and what happens when you land on that? "This isn't Loon Mountain, this is the city of Boston," he said.

Walsh urged people to take it easy when shoveling; he said one person had a heart attack while shoveling yesterday and died.

By - 2/16/15 - 9:52 am
E. 6 Street in South Boston in the snow

Brian D'Amico has been chronicling the snow, from Boston to Braintree. Last night, he visited E. 6 Street, one of the two-way streets that is now officially one way, at least through April 1.

Copyright Brian D'Amico. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 2/16/15 - 9:21 am
Driver getting out of overturned truck on I-93 in Boston

Ryan Hamilton Walsh's trip to the airport this morning went more slowly than he expected due to delays caused when a truck overturned in the slush on I-93 at the entrance to the tunnel just past the Zakim.

Walsh reports the driver clambered out OK - as you can see above. The truck, however, was not going to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Overturned truck on I-93 in Boston
By - 2/15/15 - 6:05 pm

A chain-reaction collision in the middle of white-out conditions left several people injured around 2:30 p.m. on 128 south just past exit 27 in Waltham, State Police report:

State Police report the injuries were minor.

There is a report that a snow squall in the area may have contributed to this crash.

By - 2/15/15 - 4:59 pm
Moron with some snowpack

Jonathan Berk watched in amazement as a snowbank drove by on Huntington Avenue in the Back Bay this afternoon.

Oh, and in response to the doubters, he adds:

Took a right off West Newton onto Huntington. It was moving. Trust me.

By - 2/15/15 - 1:15 pm
Truman Parkway in the snow

A little snowshoeing this afternoon on the remains of the Neponset path along Truman Parkway in Hyde Park. Photo by Molly Lanzarotta.

By - 2/15/15 - 11:09 am

Quincy Quarry shows us how slowly plows have to go down his narrowed Dorchester street just to avoid taking out a car or two.

By - 2/15/15 - 10:30 am

Mayor Walsh said this morning city transportation officials are looking at extending the South Boston emergency one-way plan, in which a number of two-way streets become one way last night, to other neighborhoods.

But first, Walsh said at a press conference - people just need to stay off the streets. Even pedestrians. The high winds and drifting snow and low temperatures are making getting around too dangerous.

By - 2/14/15 - 10:40 pm
Shoveled in car in Jamaica Plain

OK, so a lot of people fantasize about shoveling in the car of somebody who's annoyed them, but as Joseph Porcelli shows us, somebody actually went through with it on Weld Hill Street in Jamaica Plain, leaving us to wonder why (hey, if you live near there, why not leave a note asking why?)

By - 2/14/15 - 9:39 pm

NorthEndWaterfront.com reports on a nasty space-saver note exchange in which one party tried to pin the blame on the owner of a Hanover Street store, who couldn't possibly be involved because she doesn't even own a car.

By - 2/14/15 - 6:21 pm

Ryan Hamilton Walsh thinks this is a winner, and we'd be hard pressed to disagree.

By - 2/14/15 - 2:36 pm
BTD crew putting up a Do Not Enter sign in South Boston

Stephen M. watched a BTD crew installing a Do Not Enter sign on E. 4 Street in South Boston, which is one of the nominally two-way streets the city will turn into one-way streets at 10 tonight.

By - 2/14/15 - 12:18 pm
Douchebag pickup at the Dedham Mall

Oh, sure, the owner of this pickup, spotted by Chris Ferry at the Dedham Mall, has an excellent reason for taking up three spaces today. Like he had to rush in to pick up some burritos at Chipotle or burgers at Five Guys before they got cold. We've all been there, right?

Ed. note: As somebody who frequents that particular Five Guys, yes, I am aware there's never a parking issue in that parking lot, but still, really, that's how the kids park these days?