By - 1/27/15 - 6:25 pm

Mayor Walsh said today:

If you spend 10 hours shoveling out a space, it's your space for a couple of days.

By - 1/27/15 - 5:47 pm

Gov. Baker said he's lifting the eastern-Massachusetts driving ban at midnight, but Mayor Walsh said that doesn't mean everybody should go out and release their pent-up driving urges. He said he's keeping the ban on parking on key roads "until further notice:"

Boston is still in the middle of a winter storm of historic proportions. People should only be driving under emergency circumstances. We are doing everything we can to dig out and stay on top of every safety concern, but we need everyone's co-operation. It is not time for anyone to relax or get complacent.

By - 1/27/15 - 12:36 pm

Gov. Baker, now clad in a more appropriate pullover, says the ban is being lifted in the western part of the state, except for the turnpike, but that those of us easta Worcester need to stay off the roads.

State Police report issuing several citations for people ignoring the ban, but add they have yet to have to arrest anybody.

A member of the crack Boston media asked the governor about his changeover from a suit to something more casual. He replied:

Today is a snow day! I am dressed for a snow day.

By - 1/26/15 - 4:44 pm
North Station crowds in advance of the Blizzard of 2015

Crowds at North Station as North Shore trains delayed. Photo by Andrea Eberly.

UPDATE, 5:50 p.m. The Red Line surrendered in advance of the storm and is now just dead.

With those three words, the National Weather Service begins its latest report on the impending snowpocageddon, one its forecasters say could re-shape parts of the coastline with winds and waves punching out new inlets.

Later in the discussion, the NWS adds:


By - 1/26/15 - 1:19 pm
Elmer space saver in Dorchester

DeannaMae spotted Elmer on Mill Street in Dorchester today.

By - 1/26/15 - 9:38 am
Snow chair with no snow in Allston

A concerned citizen wants this pre-blizzard chair on Imrie Road in Allston removed.

Similar complaint about cones on Homestead Street in Roxbury.

By - 1/25/15 - 2:33 pm

Karolian reports this was heading onto the Zakim, adds:

Wish I had sound, made an impressive thump followed by impressive screams from the future Mrs.

By - 1/24/15 - 12:11 pm
Snow cone in South Boston

A concerned citizen kvetches about a snow cone on E Street between W. 7 and Tudor streets in South Boston this morning:

Some idiot has already started with a space saver. Please remove.

The city reports the issue has been "resolved."

Meanwhile, the city responded to this complaint from Elm Street in Dorchester about somebody shoveling snow into the street by sending out an inspector, who wrote a ticket.

By - 1/24/15 - 10:13 am
Snow-covered car

Ryan Ohnesian snapped a car whose driver just couldn't with the snow today.

By - 1/23/15 - 11:10 pm

State Police report on a bizarre collision in Arlington shortly before 7 p.m. that injured two. According to State Police:

By - 1/23/15 - 10:15 am

State Police report a Dudley man suffered serious injuries around 6:30 p.m. yesterday when a tire on a car on the other side of the highway came off, traveled across the median and smashed into his windshield.

State Police say the man was heading westbound in Wayland when the left rear tire and rim of an Ontario driver's 1994 Lincoln MK8 flew off the car. The driver of that car was uninjured; State Police did not speculate as to why his tire and rim suddenly let go.

By - 1/23/15 - 8:35 am

The pedestrian is hurt, the dog is dead. Karen Twomey at WBZ reports the bus was turning onto Dartmouth from Columbus. Because of the severity of the man's injuries, the homicide unit was called in - routine procedure for both murders and potentially fatal accidents.

Police have shut the intersection.

By - 1/21/15 - 10:57 pm
Casey Overpass

State transportation officials said tonight they will shut the Arboretum-bound side of the Casey Overpass in February, followed by the Mattapan-bound side by the end of March.

By - 1/20/15 - 9:27 am

With contractors now getting ready to begin tearing down the Casey Overpass, MassDOT will hold its first construction-update meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday in the Boston English auditorium, 144 McBride St. in Jamaica Plain.

MassDOT Casey Overpass page.

By - 1/19/15 - 5:52 pm
Overturned Jeep on Rte. 1 in Foxborough, Mass.

The Jeep, post-Wilfork. Photo by State Police.

State Police report that around 12:45 this morning, Wilfork helped get a woman out of a rolled-over Jeep after a crash on Rte. 1 near Gillette Stadium.

By - 1/19/15 - 9:02 am

Black ice made for a horrible commute and walk this morning. Patty reported:

Rt 9 East bound in Wellesley has a van on its side and a lot of ladders strewn across the street.

Ryan added:

Anybody cycling to work today please be careful. Invisible patches of ice everywhere, bike lanes/paths thinly salted.

By - 1/17/15 - 10:24 am

Ashley Keenan asks:

Any suggestions on a reasonable and reliable mechanic to do some upkeep on an older VW? Preferably near JP.

By - 1/16/15 - 9:03 am
Wacky car on Marlborough Street

We haven't gotten that much snow this year, but somebody in the Back Bay didn't let that stop them this morning, as Nicky Enriquez shows us.

By - 1/15/15 - 8:02 am
Protester on I-93 in Milton

Protester chained to a barrel on I-93 in Milton. Photo by Curmudgeon Prophet.

After weeks of trying to evade police lines at highway ramps downtown and in the Back Bay in nighttime attempts to shut down a road, Black Lives Matter protesters managed to shut down I-93 this morning in East Milton Square and at Mystic Valley Parkway in Medford.