West Roxbury

By - 5/17/15 - 6:29 pm
Hopscotch board at Draper Playground in West Roxbury

In what has become an annual rite of spring in West Roxbury, a concerned citizen has complained to the city about the hopscotch board at Draper Playground on Washington Street:

Hopscotch painted wrong, too big and stops at 7.

Last May:
Citizen complaint of the day: Not to jump to any conclusions, but these West Roxbury hopscotch boards are just wrong...Read more

By - 5/15/15 - 11:02 am
Protester in West Roxbury against Spectra pipeline

Photo by Rhea Becker. That's the quarry entrance in the background.

Early this morning, members of the newly formed Parkway Pipeline Prevention League marked out the route of a proposed high-pressure natural-gas pipeline along Grove Street in West Roxbury, then turned themselves into E-5 detectives for booking. Read more.Read more

By - 5/10/15 - 8:45 am
Old kitty litter

An outraged citizen in West Roxbury complains:

Someone is dumping USED cat litter in sewer at corner of Lasell and Temple Sts. This has been going on for months.

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By - 4/29/15 - 3:46 pm

The City Council today unanimously called on the Boston Public Health Commission to study the possible ramifications of a proposed gas pipeline down Grove Street in West Roxbury and a proposed "metering and regulating station" for the pipeline right across the street from the West Roxbury Crushed Stone quarry, which still uses dynamite to dislodge the boulders it crushes.

The motion passed by the...Read more

By - 4/26/15 - 12:37 pm

Starts at 7 p.m.

Please bring a candle, a cup, flowers, flags, your thoughts and prayers and join us all as we show solidarity to the ones who are still living in fear and chaos, and remember the ones who are no longer amidst ourselves.

If any of you have any special poems or songs dedicated to the folks back home, please bring

...Read more
By - 4/24/15 - 9:45 am

Legislators from Boston and Dedham are proposing a VFW Master Plan Commission to look at ways to improve the VFW Parkway from Centre Street in West Roxbury to the Dedham line and Providence Highway in Dedham between the Boston line and the Washington Street rotary.

State Sen. Mike Rush (D-West Roxbury) and state Reps. Ed Coppinger (D-West Roxbury) and Paul McMurtry (D-Dedham) want the commission...Read more

By - 4/23/15 - 9:00 pm
Trabelsi and proposed King David Hotel in West Roxbury

Trabelsi with rendering of his proposed King David Hotel.

Developer Nissim Shimon Trabelsi says he's talking to several hotel management companies - including the one that runs the King David Hotel in Jerusalem - about running the chain of hotels he hopes to start with one on VFW Parkway in West Roxbury at the Dedham line.

At a community meeting called by the BRA tonight, Trabelsi told both the local union construction workers and...Read more

By - 4/23/15 - 8:01 pm
Sunset over Centre Street in West Roxbury

Looking down Centre Street in West Roxbury this evening.Read more

By - 4/22/15 - 9:56 am

The BRA holds a public meeting Thursday on a developer's plans to build a kosher hotel and restaurant on the VFW Parkway at the Dedham line.

The meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. in the District E-5 community room.

The proposed 69-room King David Hotel would go where the McDonald's on the southbound side used to be, until it burned down in 2013....Read more

By - 4/18/15 - 10:06 am

While sauntering along Centre Street in West Roxbury the other day I noticed that the Data Doctors franchise had closed up shop. I peered in the windows and the storefront has been cleaned, swept, and is bare to the walls. The sign in the windows says they had to close up unexpectedly. The franchise was located in the block fo stores next to the hardware...Read more

By - 4/17/15 - 4:10 pm
Firetrucks at 132 Mt. Vernon St. in West Roxbury

Boston firefighters responded at 3:55 p.m. to 132 Mt. Vernon St. for what quickly turned into a three-alarm fire.

The fire was reported knocked down around 3:20 p.m....Read more

By - 4/17/15 - 9:26 am

Firefighters quickly extinguished a fire in a dumbwaiter shafter at the Stonehedge Convalescent Center, 5 Redlands Rd., around 9:15 a.m.

Residents were sheltered in place; none needed to be evacuated.Read more

By - 4/15/15 - 8:13 pm
Arrows on Boston street signs

A disgusted citizen complains about the arrows on many Boston street signs, in this case on Centre Street in West Roxbury:

These overhead signs are useless. The text is so narrow that you can't read any of it. What's with the arrows taking up so much room? Is that even standard? Never seen that in any other city. These signs along Centre St are

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By - 4/15/15 - 2:20 pm
Fire in Stony Brook Reservation

Boston firefighters are in Stony Brook Reservation on the West Roxbury end battling a three-alarm brush fire. Jan watched the rising smoke from the Hancock building in the Back Bay.

Stony Brook is one of three areas in Boston particularly prone to brush fires - the other two being the marshes along the Neponset River in Dorchester and the Back Bay Fens along the...Read more

By - 4/11/15 - 10:43 am
Mayor Walsh and Gov. Baker face off in West Roxbury

Mike Davis took in the Shamrock Shootout this morning on Temple Street in West Roxbury - which officially opened this year with a face off between Mayor Walsh and Gov. Baker, officiated by Richie Gormley, the lord mayor of West Roxbury.

Then it was down to business for hundreds of local kids in a series of age-based street-hockey tourneys that stretched for several blocks....Read more

By - 4/10/15 - 1:47 pm

Driver lost control around 1:30 p.m., plowed into utility pole, took down wires and now the intersection is shut until utility crews can get in and make repairs.Read more

By - 4/8/15 - 9:32 pm
Proposed condos at Weld and Centre on the Roslindale/West Roxbury line

Residents living near the intersection of Weld and Centre streets on the Roslindale/West Roxbury line this evening applauded the developer who's bought the old Weld American gas station with the idea of replacing it with condos.

But at a meeting with new owner John Sullivan and project manager Gary Martell, residents worried whether the building, which might have either 18 or 21 one- and two-bedroom...Read more

By - 4/5/15 - 10:57 am

A sleepless Anthony Sears asked in the wee hours:

Anyone else in Westie hear that loud droning/helicopter type sound? Any idea what it could be?

Madkatmat replies:

Yes, sounds [like] it is coming from transformers on Baker st.

...Read more
By - 4/4/15 - 4:27 pm

Missing Dogs Massachusetts reports Pooh the dog, stolen along with the car he was in from West Roxbury was found safe and sound and was waiting for his owner at the city animal shelter in Roslindale today.

Also, the alleged car thief, from Dedham, was arrested in Haverhill....Read more