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Just when Lawrence is feeling good about life in Fields Corner, along comes Clear Channel with a billboard that reminds him:

... [Y]ou still live in the hood, white boy. Good lookin' out Clear Channel!

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Parkway Blog is a new blog by the reporters at the Parkway Transcript. Yesterday, reporter David Harris mused about what you would say to get out of school, after hearing about the kid at the Mozart School who told police he'd been been beaten and kidnapped - so he could get out of a school project.

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Please Slow Down Boston signs

Baker Street in West Roxbury is now lined with City Councilor John Tobin's impromptu slow signs (which makes sense, given that Baker Street is in the heart of the West Roxbury end of his district).

As I was taking pictures of the signs, a resident came out to talk to me (she thought I was photographing her house and was curious why). Have the signs worked? No, she said. What the street really needs, she said, is actual enforcement.

Besides, she added, the problem isn't really daytime drivers, but teenagers who use the street at night for drag racing and games of chicken. And they could care less what the signs say. She said this has been a problem for about a year now - ever since the retirement of a local cop who used to make a point of driving down the street on his patrols.

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You don't tend to see new single-family homes going up in West Roxbury - there's just no place left to put them. But there's one going up on Temple Street now - the owners of an existing house on a large lot had that house moved over enough to allow for construction of a new home.

It's depressing because it looks like something that belongs in a California subdivision, not a New England street full of Victorians, colonials and Capes: The front of the house is dominated by the garage. The front door is shunted off to the side, several feet behind the front of the garage, almost like an afterthought.

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hula trees

The MWRA's put these boards around the trees on the VFW Parkway to protect them during its three-year sewer replacement project.

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Police say woman forced into car at gunpoint, driven to West Roxbury and raped, then released (note: Police did not release exact location on Dorchester Ave.).

Police lookng for a black male, mid-20's, 5'3" with braided black hair, black ink tattoo on left shoulder; spoke with an accent. Driving a blue or purple four-door Dodge Neon. Update: Hyde Park man arrested.

Dorchester Ave.

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The West Roxbury Transcript reports that the closed Yoo Hoo's will be replaced by an Indian and Nepali restaurant, while Cafe Le Royal (which once used to be as close as Centre got to haute cuisine) will be replaced by the street's second Thai restaurant.

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No one hurt when uninvited guest began firing a gun; police recovered a bullet in the windshield of a 2005 Hyundai.

14 Elgin St.

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Thomas Hession, 23, of Roslindale charged with the armed robbery (a knife).

1779 Centre St.

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Friendly's no more

It hasn't been a good year for old-time Westie institutions along Centre Street. Slyne's, Yoo Hoo's, Hanley's, the bowling alley, and now Friendly's - all gone. OK, granted, the Real Deal is way superior to Slyne's and the service at Friendly's could charitably be described as "glacial" (to the point where, if we HAD to go to Friendly's, I'd lobby for the one in Dedham), but still, where ya gonna go bowling and get a cone afterwards? Short of driving to Ron's Gourmet Ice Cream and Bowling in Hyde Park, that is.

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Boston Police report that four wanna-be toughs from Boston's quiet neighborhood learned a valuable lesson shortly before midnight: Boston Common on New Year's Eve is not the best place to go around attacking people at random:

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So is it true that the Super Stop & Shop in Dedham will soon be moving into that new building next door, where the Levitz used to be? Like, in two months?

Looks like the building's big enough for, oh, a supermarket and a Barnes & Noble (in which case, how long before a Borders goes up)? And if so, is this one of those tectonic shifts where we'll gradually see the supermarket move northward up the former Rte. 1 (next up, it subsumes the Toys R Us, then that Gold's Gym building and then, it leapfrogs over the existing West Roxbury Stop & Shop until finally it lands on the grounds of the former Hebrew Center for Aged).

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The Globe yesterday had an interesting story about a spurt in housing development in Boston - accompanied by the above map. Attention Globe graphics department: Despite the name, West Roxbury isn't really next to Roxbury; it's next to Roslindale. Maybe you should have a Boston resident proof your maps?

My standard newspaper disclosure.

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After a spate of articles this past spring about the Fruits and Veggies Gang (good Westie lads who decided to have a bit of fun by beating up kids they didn't like after their jobs in the local produce departments), things seemed to quiet down. But the past few weeks, the police-blotter in the Roslindale and West Roxbury Transcript always seems to have had at least one item about somebody getting threatened or beaten up by a bunch of young men.

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Tomorrow, in West Roxbury, Gibran Rivera is holding a community meeting on property taxes. Gibran is running to represent West Roxbury and Jamaica Plain (District 6) in the Boston city council. To be discussed are the estimated doubling of residential property taxes over the next five years, and why a minority of properties (47%) bear all of the city's property tax responsibility.

When:  Thursday, November 3, 7:00PM

Where:  Theodore Parker Unitarian Church, 1859 Centre St., West Roxbury

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Dem bones

For the past week, the kids at the Joyce Kilmer Elementary School in West Roxbury have been all atwitter about the bones on top of the trailer next to the school, the ones you can only see if you're atop the slide or standing on the wall in front of the school. What died up there? And why does it have a knitting needle stuck in it?

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Dave wonders: How many hair salons can Centre St. in West Roxbury have?

... I am not saying this because I am jealous, but the other day I took Matthew for a walk and I swear I passed 7 from my house to (Catholic Memorial). Is this necessary? Who is saying "I would love to open a hair salon and I have the perfect place. Right in between Salon Sassoon and Snippy Snips and across the street from Sexual Scissors." ...

By - 7/30/05 - 10:14 pm

Apparently, the 12-space municipal parking lot off Centre Street in West Roxbury has become a major thoroughfare despite the lack of any outlet at the end opposite the entrance.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the neighborhood, a protest march for Tibetan independence on Washington Street near the Dedham line (complete with a couple of red-robed monks) this afternoon left us with a single question: "Huh?" If you're trying to gain attention for your cause, that spot is about the least likely place to hope for success - unless you really want to attract the people vacuuming their cars at the car wash.

By - 7/6/05 - 4:27 pm

Eileen discusses the Fruits and Vegetables gang (members allegedly worked in Produce at local supermarkets) that is charged with beating up people in West Roxbury: