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By - 5/11/07 - 12:20 pm

I had a very cool lady do the flowers for my wedding 8 years ago. My friend is getting married and I am trying to find her. She lives in West Roxbury. She uses her own garden for most of the flowers. Her approach with the whole thing was very low key and simple. Her prices were VERY reasonable. Anyone PLEASE email me if you might know her name/address/phone #.


By - 5/9/07 - 9:38 pm

I stopped in at DeNo's on Centre Street to get some foodish stuff for dinner tonight. Huh, they now sell burritos. Finally - West Roxbury gets that last essential food group it's been so sorely lacking! I got a chicken supreme burrito (lettuce, pico de gallo, sour cream, Monterrey Jack and rice). It was heavy enough to whack somebody upside the head, and for $6.95, what more can you ask for?

But, wait, that's nothing compared to what I saw on the walk to the car. Right next to the Pu Pu, workers are busy finishing off Aisha's Treats, which, from the looks of things, will offer kosher vegetarian take-out.

The kosher alternativeYes, I just wrote: Kosher. Vegetarian. Take-out. On Centre Street. In West Roxbury. WHAT?!? Is a Kupel's II next?

Aisha Sobeih, the Aisha in the name, already sells Aisha's Termis, which is some sort of nut-flavored bean snack thing in a bag (you can get it at Whole Foods). If she is indeed opening a kosher vegetarian take-out place (as opposed to me hallucinating, which is possible, it was pretty warm today), it'll be the latest step in the foodie transformation of West Roxbury.

Once known mainly as a place for boiled dinners (well, and Middle Eastern takeout at Samia's), this most suburban of neighborhoods has seen an influx of new restaurants in recent years, from modern American (West and Spring Street Cafe) and Latin American/Italian fusion (MaSona Grill) to Indian/Nepali (Himalayan Bistro) and traditional Italian (Comella's). Why, Centre Street even has two Thai places now.

By - 4/23/07 - 4:33 pm

Paul Durkin and Joseph Behnke were both off-duty, at Behnke's West Roxbury home last June 22, when Durkin shot him during an argument over whether Behnke was sober enough to drive home, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office.

Durkin admitted to pulling the trigger on his Glock semi-automatic, firing once and hitting Behnke in the hip. He was sentenced to three years' probation on the charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and ordered to undergo evaluation for alcohol abuse. He had been scheduled to start trial this week.

By - 4/12/07 - 10:38 pm

Boston Police report a series of break-ins along Stratford Street, two involving houses in which the robbers simply walked in through unlocked doors. Police are (yet again) urging West Roxbury residents to lock their doors at night.

By - 4/4/07 - 5:09 pm
Bank robber

Boston Police report a woman, thin, about 5'6", robbed the Hyde Park Savings Bank branch on Centre Street shortly before 2 p.m. She rushed out, got into a van driven by a male accomplice. An off-duty officer who followed the robber and an accomplice into Dedham was injured when they rammed him to escape a dead-end street; he shot at them after his car was rammed, but they got away.

Ohrenberger Elementary School locked down, with students inside.

WBZ: Woman Robs Bank In West Roxbury, Eludes Police.

By - 3/29/07 - 12:49 pm

The Roslindale/West Roxbury Transcript reports:

... A West Roxbury woman reported to police that her neighbor, who accused her dog of soiling his lawn, threw dog feces on her lawn. A harassment report was filed.

By - 3/20/07 - 9:47 am

Allegedly, of course - innocent until proven guilty and all that. Boston Police report arresting three guys from Chelsea on charges of breaking into cars in West Roxbury's Bellevue Hill area:

By - 2/23/07 - 8:26 pm

Police are once again having to remind West Roxbury residents to lock their cars, because, once again, somebody is rifling through unlocked cars looking for change.

Police offer radical advice to West Roxbury residents worried about car break-ins.

By - 2/9/07 - 8:25 pm

Boston Police say West Roxbury residents could help end a recent spate of car break-ins by locking their car doors when they go inside:

... A commonality for the majority of the car breaks have been unlocked vehicles and stolen loose change. ...

West Roxbury residents told to lock front doors at night.

By - 2/7/07 - 7:19 pm

Boston Police report that a 15-year-old on Stratford Street took advantage of his parents' night out to throw a little party this past weekend:

Dozens of teenagers were found drinking at the party and the house was found to be in total disarray. The responding detectives and officers observed damaged property throughout the house and many items from the home were found to have been stolen.

By - 1/29/07 - 7:17 pm

Last week, the Roslindale and West Roxbury Transcript quoted a local police officer as telling West Roxbury residents concerned about break-ins they should consider "key-in, key-out" locks, which require keys to open from both the outside and inside.

Better bring those locks back to the store, police now say, because the locks violate Boston's fire code:

By - 11/30/06 - 1:03 pm

Imagine being a police captain in Roxbury who gets re-assigned to West Roxbury, that one of the first things you have to do is try to calm down several hundred anxious residents upset over a crime spree consisting of three house break-ins and an attempted break-in - and that you have to tell them that they could help stop the break-ins by locking their doors before they go to bed at night.

By - 11/24/06 - 8:13 pm

Seth Gitell reports that Sugar, the new bakery on Centre Street, is open:

... At around 2 p.m. Wednesday, the place was packed. It can only be described as a phenomenon. The ginger muffins, topped with cream cheese, were delicious. ...

Sugar is where Hanley's Bakery used to be, and is owned by the same guy who owns the Real Deal, which, of course, is where Slyne's used to be.

By - 11/16/06 - 9:41 pm

White suspect fled out the back door as police arrived.

655 VFW Parkway

More info.

By - 11/16/06 - 7:18 pm

Masked black man gets away.

59 Spring St.

More info.

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22 students taken to local hospitals with minor injuries after the three-bus pileup on the school driveway shortly before 2 p.m. Channel 4, of course, dispatched a helicopter to video the carnage.

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wooly bear

Millennium Park was crawling with wooly-bear caterpillars today. Most seemed to be inching their way down the hill - wooly-bear convention down at the Charles? The fuzzywuzzy above? Its head was on the left, as you can see below:

By - 11/5/06 - 3:55 am

Six men arrested on charges of beating up, robbing clerk.

1779 Centre St.

More info.

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Cant o'lantern

Boston sets another record: The most carved Halloween cantoloupes: Um, OK, one. But still, let's see Keene, NH beat that! At the Roche Bros. in West Roxbury today.