Boston Harbor

By - 8/26/12 - 11:43 am

Up in the air

Photographynatalia took in the cliff diving off the ICA yesterday.

By - 8/19/12 - 4:13 pm

The Constitution went out into the Outer Harbor today and briefly sailed under its own power in honor of the 200th anniversary of its victory over HMS Guerriere. On its return trip to the Charlestown Navy Yard, it paused off Castle Island to shoot its cannons.

By - 8/2/12 - 7:37 am

The East Boston Times reports on the impending suit over a fuel spill apparently caused by a worker falling asleep while he was "jamming the dead man."

By - 7/20/12 - 8:56 pm

Hingham sunset

Michael Page took this photo of the sunset over Hingham (and beyond it, Boston) this evening. Jon Bowen, meanwhile, snapped the Tobin as the sun went down:

Tobin sunset

Also see tonight's sunset over: Stoneham, Salem, Fenway Park and the South End.

By - 7/12/12 - 4:36 pm

State Police and Boston Fire marine units fished four people out of Boston Harbor by Christopher Columbus Park around 4 p.m. They handed the guy who fell in to EMTs, who took him to a local hospital for treatment.

By - 7/4/12 - 12:49 pm

Some photos from people about town today:

By - 7/3/12 - 12:33 pm

Tall Ship in Boston Harbor

Greg MacKay photographed several of the Tall Ships docked in South Boston, including the Ecuadorean BAE Guayas.

More photos:

By - 7/1/12 - 6:16 pm

Bay Bypass map

Vincent Zarrilli, who's been pushing this idea of a double-decked bridge across Dorchester Bay and Boston Harbor since the 1980s, is still at it. We spotted this flier taped to the side of City Hall yesterday. He's also been busy in his native North End.

By - 6/30/12 - 12:56 pm

The fleets are in - tall and navy ships from around the world, celebrating July Fourth, the anniversary of the War of 1812 and Navy Week. What to see.

Some photos from this morning:

By - 6/20/12 - 12:05 pm

AlertNewEngland reports that rescue crews, including a dive team, rushed to the North Washington Street Bridge shortly after 11:30 a.m. on a report of somebody plunging into the water and not coming out.

Just kids jumping off the bridge, both witnessed exiting the water at the marina. Everyone clearing the scene

By - 6/11/12 - 10:35 am

The Cape Cod Times reports the group that owns the Nantucket lightship that's long been docked in East Boston hopes to open it for tours starting mid-July, once it's moved to "a more accessible location nearby," which the Times doesn't specify, it being a paper on Cape Cod and all as opposed to a news outlet in Boston, which might have mentioned where it was moving, if only they'd reported on it.

By - 5/19/12 - 10:15 pm

Somebody splurged for some nuptial explosions over the harbor tonight.

Via Lauren Siegert.

By - 4/18/12 - 4:42 pm

Good Morning Gloucester has photos of the Beaver, the first of three ships meant for the Tea Party Museum, leaving Gloucester on its way to Fort Point Channel.

It's scheduled to arrive in the channel tomorrow morning, on the anniversary of the battles of Lexington and Concord.

By - 4/10/12 - 5:00 pm

The Boston Business Journal reports Harpoon Brewery is expanding its waterfront facilities, in part to make room for more visitors who want to see where the beer happens.

By - 4/10/12 - 11:39 am

No, not the one who now pushes calcium supplements. The one who got Peter Blute ousted as Massport director for baring her breasts on the infamous Boston Harbor booze cruise. CommonWealth tracked down Gidget Churchill and got her to talk, but also finds evidence to support Blute's claim the whole thing was a setup.

By - 3/30/12 - 10:04 am

The Neponset River Watershed Association tweets that smelt were spotted yesterday in Quincy's Gulliver Creek, heading up the Neponset on their annual spawning run. Like the alewife, the smelt are anadromous, which means they live in the ocean but return to fresh water to spawn.

By - 2/29/12 - 3:23 pm

No, not because Massport would want to buy some 40-story ferryboats if it agrees to take over ferry service from the MBTA but because the FAA is concerned the authority might use some of its airport revenue to subsidize commuter boats, Jon Chesto reports. T officials have floated the idea of handing the ferries over to Massport as a way to keep them running as the T runs out of money.

By - 2/25/12 - 9:21 pm

But the Mazda goes hmm ... Deer Island also has two "normal" windmills.

Ed. note: I have been schooled on wind things. This is a "cowled turbine," not a rotary windmill - no Dutch people in wooden clogs were harmed in the making of this interesting structure.

Deer Island is a fascinating place to walk around. Look outward as you walk along the path, and there are great views of the water, from Boston Harbor to the open ocean.