Boston Harbor

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David Parsons photographed Dry Dock 1 at the Charlestown Navy Yard.

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The Boston Fire Department reports crews rescued an elderly man reported by the Lewis Wharf seawall in Boston Harbor shortly before 7 a.m.

The firefighters reached the man, put a safety belt around him and secured him to the ladder. Rescue 1 then lowered rope down the ladder.

The department says his wheelchair was found nearby. No word on how he wound up in the water. He was taken to Mass. General for evaluation, as was one firefighter who cut his leg during the rescue.

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Laura Scannell watched a raging stream at the Arnold Arboretum yesterday. Later, David Schachner took in the view from East Boston. Look at that sky.

Copyright Laura Scannell and David Schachner, respectively. Both posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

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I took a trip out to one of the Boston Harbor Islands one day last summer. It was a bit overcast, and few were there that day. Walking down along the beach, there was no one around, and there were no boats in the water in view. I heard a tinkling sound, like glass chimes. It continued, and I could see no building with chimes or boat or person that could be making the sound.....That day, I was also feeling a strong connection to my dad, who was born in East Boston back in 1905. I imagined him as a boy down at the East Boston waterfront throwing bottles into the water..... Then all of a sudden I realized where the sounds were coming from.

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The Phoenix gives us a tour of Long Island.

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Matt Conti reports the Conservation Commission recently voted to allow some maintenance work at Constellation Wharf in the Charlestown Navy Yard only on the condition that owners remove a gate that was preventing public access to viewing areas along its pier.

By - 2/13/10 - 10:43 am

The Conservation Law Foundation yesterday formally accused the city of failing to stop high levels of bacteria, oil and dissolved metals and chemicals pour into Boston Harbor through its 201 "outfall" pipes that collect road runoff from nearly 20,000 catch basins - and from the neighboring town of Brookline.

By - 2/5/10 - 8:48 pm

Adam Balsam says Tom Menino and Sal LaMattina should stop their posturing, listen to the Coast Guard and admit giant LNG tankers are safe.

Matt Conti, who lives in the North End, acknowledges the risk of a neighborhood-consuming fireball is low, but notes all the precautions the Coast Guard takes and says Boston shouldn't have to be the only city in the US where giant LNG tankers are allowed in a densely populated area.

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Over the objections of city officials, who don't want the risk of ships from a terrorist haven, the Globe reports.

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The Aurora, which normally makes the run between Hingham and Rowes Wharf, had to make an emergency stop at Spectacle Island when its engine caught fire around 11 a.m., according to reports from the Coast Guard and the Boston Fire Department.

By - 1/15/10 - 4:15 pm

Massive development along the harbor is so last century. E. Kevin Schopfer proposes a massive development IN the harbor - a floating block of concrete and steel in the harbor with enough room to house 15,000 people and "sky gardens" every 30 floors that he calls the Boston Arcology or Boa:

Boa will eliminate the need for cars within the urban structure to create a carbon neutral entity. Some of these elements are secured wind turbines, fresh water recovery and storage systems, passive glazing system, sky garden heating/cooling vents, gray water treatment, solar array banding panels, and harbor based water turbines. A massive park system platform (pedestrian only) will be more than double the current green space allocation for the waterfront of Boston.


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Katken photographed First Night, including this ice sculpture in front of Trinity Church.

Posted under this Creative Commons license and tagged as universalhub on Flickr.

Greg Mackay photographed ice penguins by the Aquarium. Matt Conti videoed the fireworks over Boston Harbor.

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The light source may have changed over the years, but the Coast Guard reports that the Fresnel lens that has let mariners know they're nearing Boston Harbor is the same one that was first used on Dec. 21, 1859:

By - 12/17/09 - 10:17 am

J.L. Bell tallies up just how much tea was dumped into the Harbor on Dec. 16, 1773 - and answers the question of just how large a chest of tea was.

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It will look something like this (assuming, of course, it's moved to one of the refilled canals):

Shaukat posts an interesting photo of the Financial District.

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Tug, tug, tugTug, tug, tug

The Theodore Too normally plies the harbor of Halifax, but came down to Boston this weekend to help do, um, something related to the annual delivery of the Christmas tree Nova Scotia gives us as thanks for our help after a disastrous ship explosion in Halifax during World War I.

When we got to the World Trade Center around 3:30, it was kind of odd: Theodore sat there grinning despite the fact there was absolutely nobody in the strange city to keep him company - we'd thought he'd be open for a tour then. Oh, well. The kidlet really wanted to see him and we did - and we got to marvel at the SimCity nature of the South Boston waterfront ("I can see all the blue squares," she said - think she plays enough SimCity?)

By - 11/15/09 - 12:05 pm

Pouring 40,000 oysters into Boston Harbor to help clean it up even more:

Massachusetts Oyster Project blog.


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Local 718 reports a barge fire in Boston Harbor out past Castle Island. Both Massport and Boston firefighters responded to the fire, which crews on one of the two tugs pushing the barge were able to extinguish.