Boston Harbor

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Nantucket light ship

Historygradguy gets a closeup of the Nantucket light ship, now berthed in East Boston.

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A perplexed visitor inquires:

About 15 or so years ago, I was in Boston, maybe by the Aquarium, and noticed a statue in the harbor, kind of on the wall at the edge, of a sailor climbing out of the water. As the tide comes in, the body (statue) is covered and at high tide all you see is a hand reaching up. Do you have any idea what this, where this is, or if it even exists?

By - 7/16/11 - 7:14 pm

Scott Eisen, who was fishing nearby, reports the boat "disintegrated when hitting large wave at high speed."

The Coast Guard reports the boat flipped over, sending its occupants into the water:

One Good Samaritan jumped in from another vessel to assist and aided the injured boat operator until local responders arrived.

By - 7/15/11 - 12:51 am reports on a soused swimmer who evaded the dozen or so rescue craft that went in search of him when he jumped into Boston Harbor, then climbed out and ran away.

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Harbor sunset

Greg MacKay watched the sun go down over Boston Harbor and Logan Airport from Castle Island.

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Extreme sailing

It's weekends like this that remind you we're still very much a seaport. Above, a photo from Jeff Tamagini's collection of photos of Extreme Sailing. Below, Paul Keleher watched the BW Suez Everett LNG tanker churn through the harbor:

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Nobody's taken responsibility for a jet-fuel spill last fall that ended a decades-long clamming tradition, the East Boston Times-Free Press reports.

By - 6/19/11 - 7:08 pm posts video of last night's Parade of Lights in Boston Harbor.

By - 6/13/11 - 6:05 pm reports a Suffolk Superior Court judge has overturned the state's permit for turning the shelter at the end of Long Wharf into a seafood restaurant.

By - 6/10/11 - 2:37 pm

Boston Police report a lobsterman helped rescue some boaters swamped by the onslaught of yesterday afternoon's driving thunderstorm.

According to police, waves whipped up by the storm capsized the boat around 5:45 p.m. at the Reserve Channel by the Conley Terminal, as it was on its way to India Wharf. The lobsterman, not identified by police, took on the soaked mariners while a Boston Police harbor-unit boat pulled the sodden boat to the nearest dock.

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Lightning hits the East Boston waterfront

David Chau was in the right place and time to capture a lightning bolt hitting the East Boston waterfront during yesterday afternoon's storm.

Closeup of lightning hitting the East Boston waterfront

More lightning over Boston.

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LNG tanker in Boston Harbor

I happened to be walking by Long Wharf yesterday when I looked out at the harbor and saw this huge ship heading toward the Tobin. LNG tanker! They're kind of amazing to see, so I started walking at a good pace down Long Wharf. It was moving faster than I was, so about two-thirds of the way down, I stopped and took a couple of photos. Then I got closer to the plaza at the end of the wharf and took a couple more, including this one.

See the police car? When I got to the waterfront, I'd just raised the camera to my face when the cop told me no pictures. He was nice about it, said something about orders from above, told me this wasn't even one of the big tankers, but, no, I didn't press the point, which is probably why I'm typing this at home, rather than from a bench at Boston Municipal Court (about a minute later, he told somebody else to put their camera down).

Yet, obviously, I was able to get pictures without being stopped, just a bit further up the wharf. As could have anybody else in the throngs of tourists enjoying a nice day on the water, some no doubt with way better zoom lenses on their cameras. Meanwhile, on my other side at the end of Long Wharf was a couple closely examining a map on their smartphone. Or were they secretly taking photos? No, probably she really was a local and he really was a visitor and they were just figuring out where to go next.

Obviously, security for giant containers of flammable gas is a good thing, and maybe it does make sense to station officers at every vantage point along the harbor. But is it just security theater when any yutz can just stand a few yards back and do whatever it was they were going to do at the water's edge?

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The Boston Fire Department reports two BFD divers recovered a body from Fort Point Channel by the Congress Street bridge tonight. Boston Police report the body appears to be that of a male in his early 40s and that a preliminary investigation shows no visible signs of trauma.

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Greg MacKay captured the Mexican Navy's Cuauhtemoc at the World Trade Center. The training vessel is docked there through Thursday; tours are available.

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Water from below. Photo by BFD.Divers spray the fire from below. Photo by BFD. More photos.

Post updated at 12:30 p.m.

A stubborn wharf fire that erupted around 5 a.m. sent five firefighters to the hospital and did an estimated $3 million in damage to the two-story Sarrouf Law building at 95 Commercial Wharf, the Boston Fire Department reports.

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Imagine this with windows and tables and steaming bowls of chowderImagine this with windows and tables and steaming bowls of chowder.

A lawsuit by North End residents has tied up a proposed restaurant at the end of Long Wharf for so long the Boston Licensing Board held a hearing today to help decide whether to revoke the proposed eatery's liquor license.

The board votes Thursday on whether to continue to give the proposed operator of Doc's Long Wharf enough time to await a Suffolk Superior Court decision on the suit and to turn what is now a largely ornamental structure into a restaurant or to rescind his liquor license and award it to somebody else.

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Babies outside on Long Island

The Boston Public Library has put up more than 300 Harbor Island photos and drawings from the 19th and 20th centuries, including a photo of some nurses and babies on Long Island, back in 1930, when it had a hospital and a Civil War-era photo of Ft. Warren on Georges Island, when it still had live cannons.

Ft. Warren

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Shopping carts

Vikas Anand stopped by Carlton Wharf in East Boston today.

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Boston Police report arresting three men on charges they tried to abscond with copper wire from a public-health facility on Long Island.

Mike Zampitella, 43, of Quincy, Jarrod Hurley, 36, of Abington and Scott Otto, 44, of Boston, were arrested around 8:30 a.m. on Monday after, police say, they were unable to account for all the copper wiring in the back of their pickup truck. Police found the alleged bright bulbs at the island's security gate, where Boston Public Health commission guards had stopped them. Police charged them with receiving stolen property.

Innocent, etc.