Boston Harbor

By - 10/16/07 - 8:53 am

Lolita Parker Jr. chronicles her trip to Hull and back via commuter ferry.

Hull water view of downtown.

By - 8/7/07 - 10:59 am

For some reason, people all across the country just love re-creating the Boston Tea Party and then putting their videos on YouTube. They can stop now; here is the best one ever:

By - 7/17/07 - 8:36 am

Flip recounts sailing on the Soling in Boston Harbor a couple days ago:

By - 7/10/07 - 9:09 am

WBZ: 2 ferries collide in Boston Harbor; no serious injuries reported.

By - 5/27/07 - 10:13 am

Evan chronicles a trip to this island in the outer harbor:

... This is probably one of the best day trip deals in Boston...$12 weekend rate gets you a round trip on a high-speed catamaran out to Spectacle and Georges Islands, a good distance away from the city and near where Boston Harbor meets the Atlantic Ocean. ...

By - 3/25/07 - 8:49 pm

steaming in

The New England steams into Boston Harbor this afternoon - that's the Deer Island sewage treatment plant in the background. Taken from Harbor Point.

By - 3/23/07 - 8:47 am

Marilora lives close enough to the harbor to be able to take pictures of the giant LNG tankers from her bedroom window. So she takes great interest in reports on the damage a terrorist attack on one could do, like incinerating everybody within a one-mile radius:

By - 3/16/07 - 8:12 am

Rbdeluxe posts some interesting photos from a lunchtime excursion along the Mystic and Chelsea Rivers at the harbor.

By - 3/6/07 - 2:56 pm

Sure, Sam Blackman was interested in the USS John F. Kennedy, but he says what really got his attention was the US Naval Hospital Ship Comfort, a "floating hospital" in town for some repairs, in part because of the contrast between a healing ship getting repaired and a warship getting decommissioned. But also:

Let me tell you something: the U.S.S. Comfort was more impressive for its size. It's huge. The pictures I took don't do it justice. The ship is over 270 meters in length (that's nearly 1/5 of a mile).

By - 3/4/07 - 10:30 am

Brian Calabrese posts some photos from the USS John F. Kennedy.

Interesting nighttime photo.

More photos from Ali Mangkus.

Even more photos. And more.

By - 12/16/06 - 11:00 pm

J.L. Bell discusses possibilities (seems that even after the Revolution was over, participants were reluctant to come forward) - and thinks he knows who released the first list of tea throwers, back in 1835.

By - 12/16/06 - 10:29 am

So Boston used to have a Domino Sugars plant. Anybody know where (and whether they finally dropped the last S for savings)?

By - 11/28/06 - 7:39 pm

Bostonia Rantida never tires of getting off a plane at Logan or seeing the Boston skyline appear on the 'Pike on the Fung Wah:

... It amazes me sometimes just how much I love this city; how I physically miss it when I am gone. ... It seems that my soul lets out a sigh of relief when I step back into city limits ...

Yup, meanwhile, is loving her new office view, which looks out over Boston Harbor:

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By - 7/30/06 - 10:03 am

Borderline takes you on a virtual kidscursion of the Harbor Islands.

By - 7/10/06 - 7:31 am

Being the tough kid that Jake is he wanted to reel in a fish he had snagged on his kids fishing rod.

By - 6/27/06 - 8:49 pm

jellyfish and garbagefish

After I took care of the administration of justice in Suffolk County, I went for a walk along the harbor. Near Columbus Park, I saw a lot of trash in the water. But that "bag" on the left is actually a jellyfish.