Boston Harbor

By - 5/13/09 - 8:54 am

That imp McCrea is at it again, this time asking why the city fully pays for the police and clean-up costs associated with the annual Southie parade, but wants the organizers of Sail Boston to either pay all those costs up front or have the boats come into harbor at night, when nobody can see them.

Of course, it has absolutely nothing at all to do with the fact that Tom Menino and Sail Boston organizer Dusty Rhodes hate each other.

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The Boston Sailing Center kicks off its season with free sailing on Boston Harbor on April 25 and 26 (between 1 and 5 p.m. both days).

First-time sailors as well as more experienced skippers are invited to join the festivities at Lewis Wharf. Sailing trips along Boston's historic waterfront will be conducted by aboard a fleet of boats ranging in length from 23 to 40 feet. The Center's award-winning teaching staff will be on hand to answer questions about sailing basics and introduce people of all ages to the exciting sport.

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Who knows? It might be the only one you get to see this year:


Greg MacKay, who took the photo at Rowes Wharf, reports the Stad Amsterdam will be docked here until April 12.

Copyright, Greg MacKay.

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This Saturday afternoon, the Massachusetts Oyster Cracker Project will be placing oysters in Boston Harbor, at the mouth of the Charles River.

The goal isn't to give the Union Oyster House a new supply of slurpable food, but to create a natural filtration system for the harbor:

Charles river flow is 300 million gallons per day. Ten small beds of oysters 225 feet square (less than a football field) could cleanse this volume on a daily basis.

Would this happen instantaneously? No. Would every gallon of flow be filtered? No. But can these Oysters improve the situation? Absolutely.

Via the Charlestown Connection.

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Speeded up for your convenience:

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Jelpics took some photos as the Queen Elizabeth 2 rounded Castle Island today for its last visit to Boston. Joshua Thayer took some photos at the Black Falcon dock. Rikkma photographed the QE2 setting sail.

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As a complete landlubber, the thing that amazes me about outer Boston Harbor on a nice warm day is how crowded it seems. There are tugs and dredges and freighters and ferries and sometimes even a giant cruise ship, all somehow making their way around without crushing any of the sailboats and other small pleasure craft bobbing and tacking and just sitting there.

Big ship

Oh, and whales! RDA was out on the Harbor this weekend, too, only got to see a whale, in addition to the Boston skyline and boats and docks.

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Great Blue Hill

Looking toward the Great Blue Hill (I think; somebody please correct me if I'm wrong) through a tunnel out of Fort Warren on Georges Island.

The fort is great for such framed views, given that it has zillions of slits and holes for cannons, guns and binoculars:

Out to sea
By - 7/20/08 - 5:27 pm

Boston 1775 begins the saga of Revolutionary War skirmishes over Boston Light, the lighthouse that basically controlled nighttime navigation into Boston Harbor.

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I am surprised that this wasn't banned before!

Toilet Dumping Banned In Harbor
Violators Could Be Fined Up To $2,000

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It so clean the Coast Guard has to stop people from swimming across the harbor's shipping lanes. The Coast Guard reports:

A local citizen notified Coat Guard Sector Boston that the man had jumped into the water from [Rowes Wharf] at about 9:15 a.m., and was swimming north, across the ferry channel, toward the John Joseph Moakley Courthouse.

Two Coast Guard vessels responded and pulled the unidentified man out of the water. Click the photo below for some video of swimboy:

Get outta the water, ya knucklhead!
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Reuters interviews Sally Snowman, the keeper of Boston Light. She has Ted Kennedy to thank for her job - he got a bill passed 20 years ago that requires the Coast Guard to keep an actual lighthouse keeper on duty there.

Via MetaBoston.

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Today's best sunrise photo, taken toward Logan from Long Wharf.

By - 1/26/08 - 11:27 pm

Michael Ratty wonders what the deal was with the fireworks over Boston Harbor last night - the ones he and several of his North End neighbors actually cracked open their windows to watch.

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Jason photographs a cruise ship leaving the Black Falcon terminal - from a plane about to land at Logan.

By - 12/19/07 - 8:00 am

J.L. Bell recounts how Boston Harbor almost became the site of the first submarine attack in history.

By - 11/19/07 - 11:48 pm

Sad all around: Fatal accident at West Boundary Road and Washington Street in West Roxbury this afternoon. Not by somebody having a heart attack, though, but by a 20something in a mini-van.

Better news comes out of South Boston, where a man who fell in the harbor was rescued by a Massport police officer who heard his faint cries over the seagulls.

By - 10/16/07 - 8:53 am

Lolita Parker Jr. chronicles her trip to Hull and back via commuter ferry.

Hull water view of downtown.

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For some reason, people all across the country just love re-creating the Boston Tea Party and then putting their videos on YouTube. They can stop now; here is the best one ever: