Boston Harbor

By - 3/16/07 - 8:12 am

Rbdeluxe posts some interesting photos from a lunchtime excursion along the Mystic and Chelsea Rivers at the harbor.

By - 3/6/07 - 2:56 pm

Sure, Sam Blackman was interested in the USS John F. Kennedy, but he says what really got his attention was the US Naval Hospital Ship Comfort, a "floating hospital" in town for some repairs, in part because of the contrast between a healing ship getting repaired and a warship getting decommissioned. But also:

Let me tell you something: the U.S.S. Comfort was more impressive for its size. It's huge. The pictures I took don't do it justice. The ship is over 270 meters in length (that's nearly 1/5 of a mile).

By - 3/4/07 - 10:30 am

Brian Calabrese posts some photos from the USS John F. Kennedy.

Interesting nighttime photo.

More photos from Ali Mangkus.

Even more photos. And more.

By - 12/16/06 - 11:00 pm

J.L. Bell discusses possibilities (seems that even after the Revolution was over, participants were reluctant to come forward) - and thinks he knows who released the first list of tea throwers, back in 1835.

By - 12/16/06 - 10:29 am

So Boston used to have a Domino Sugars plant. Anybody know where (and whether they finally dropped the last S for savings)?

By - 11/28/06 - 7:39 pm

Bostonia Rantida never tires of getting off a plane at Logan or seeing the Boston skyline appear on the 'Pike on the Fung Wah:

... It amazes me sometimes just how much I love this city; how I physically miss it when I am gone. ... It seems that my soul lets out a sigh of relief when I step back into city limits ...

Yup, meanwhile, is loving her new office view, which looks out over Boston Harbor:

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By - 7/30/06 - 10:03 am

Borderline takes you on a virtual kidscursion of the Harbor Islands.

By - 7/10/06 - 7:31 am

Being the tough kid that Jake is he wanted to reel in a fish he had snagged on his kids fishing rod.

By - 6/27/06 - 8:49 pm

jellyfish and garbagefish

After I took care of the administration of justice in Suffolk County, I went for a walk along the harbor. Near Columbus Park, I saw a lot of trash in the water. But that "bag" on the left is actually a jellyfish.

By - 5/31/06 - 8:59 am

Evan hops on a ferry to Georges Island.

By - 3/19/06 - 11:26 am

Kat takes a panoramic shot from above Rowes Wharf out across the harbor and into the ocean, and explains how she loves wide-open vistas (click on the photo for the giant-sized version).

By - 2/11/06 - 10:04 am

Nice photos of the Nantucket Lightship here and here.

By - 1/18/06 - 11:17 pm

LNG Solutions is a new blog aimed at fighting the continuing transit of LNG tankers through Boston Harbor:

Liquefied natural gas tankers traveling through Boston Harbor carry volatile cargo and are terrorists targets. Sixty times a year, these floating bombs steam past thousands of homes and 500,000 residents who are in constant danger. We want these dangerous ships out of Boston Harbor.

By - 1/1/06 - 11:42 pm

Sisu starts out photographing her cat going into the washer, but ends up photographing one of those ginormous, helicopter-guarded LNG tankers coming into the Inner Harbor.

By - 10/27/05 - 9:48 am

Sco makes the case for putting an LNG facility there: Basically, better there than in the middle of a densely populated area such as Fall River - or around the Inner Harbor.