Boston Harbor

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Big fish

Rhea Becker was there when he caught this Boston Harbor striper off the Black Falcon pier in the Reserve Channel.

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David Parsons took a look at the sails on the Sagres II, one of the Tall Ships docked in Boston Harbor this weekend.

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Coast Guard photos.

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Greg MacKay spent some time by the Fish Pier with the Tall Ships.

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Karin took a couple photos as well.

Where to see the ships.

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Union Wharf

Ed O'Connor got up early for this dawn shot of Union Wharf.

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The "wall" that Coast Guard patrol boat (with the machine gun mounted in the front) is in front of is actually the side of the Suez Matthew, an LNG tanker passing through Boston Harbor on its way out of Everett this afternoon (it's the tanker that went adrift off the Cape last December).

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Scot Lehigh doesn't like the Tom Menino on display during the whole Tall Ships fiasco.

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Seems the Convention Center Authority was sitting on $1 million it really didn't have any other use for, so that'll pay for the security and stuff without which no large event in Boston can happen, the Globe reports. Of course, the crowds won't be quite as large given that the event starts July 8, which means it's kind of late to get any tourists to come to Boston for the whole thing. Oh, and officials would only talk to the Globe under cover of anonymity because it seems the first time authority board members will hear about the plan is when they pick up the paper this morning.

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Can they make it?

Jeff Weeks was on the ferry from Salem as it raced to Boston before a storm.

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Por la razon

The Esmeralda, a Chilean tall ship, was docked for a couple of days at the Charlestown Navy Yard, and amazingly, the city did absolutely nothing to keep people from seeing it. Faegirl took a lot of photos and provides some history of the ship, including its role as a torture chamber during the Pinochet years.

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The Coast Guard reports two kayakers dialed 911 on a cell phone after their kayaks overturned in choppy water near Boston Light yesterday afternoon. Crews aboard two Coast Guard ships sent to rescue them found the pair clinging to a buoy about a half mile southeast of Georges Island - and got them to shore for transport to South Shore Hospital. The Coast Guard reports the water temperature at the time was 52 degrees:

"This is a prime example of how wearing a life jacket and foul weather gear, such as a dry suit, can help protect you against the elements and ultimately save your life," said Lt. John Kousch, chief of Sector Boston's command center.

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The state has fined the owner of Independence Wharf on Atlantic Ave. for failing to open public areas on its property to the public.

In a statement, the department says Independence Wharf LLC has seen the error of its ways and agreed to pay both a $21,000 fine and $35,000 in missed state fees dating back to 2001 - when the owners agreed to create public spaces on the property as part of getting state permission to build right on the water.

The company will create "a facility of public accommodation of 2,856 square feet" on the ground level and will post signs letting the public know a 14th-floor viewing area is actually open to the public.

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That imp McCrea is at it again, this time asking why the city fully pays for the police and clean-up costs associated with the annual Southie parade, but wants the organizers of Sail Boston to either pay all those costs up front or have the boats come into harbor at night, when nobody can see them.

Of course, it has absolutely nothing at all to do with the fact that Tom Menino and Sail Boston organizer Dusty Rhodes hate each other.

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The Boston Sailing Center kicks off its season with free sailing on Boston Harbor on April 25 and 26 (between 1 and 5 p.m. both days).

First-time sailors as well as more experienced skippers are invited to join the festivities at Lewis Wharf. Sailing trips along Boston's historic waterfront will be conducted by aboard a fleet of boats ranging in length from 23 to 40 feet. The Center's award-winning teaching staff will be on hand to answer questions about sailing basics and introduce people of all ages to the exciting sport.

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Who knows? It might be the only one you get to see this year:


Greg MacKay, who took the photo at Rowes Wharf, reports the Stad Amsterdam will be docked here until April 12.

Copyright, Greg MacKay.

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This Saturday afternoon, the Massachusetts Oyster Cracker Project will be placing oysters in Boston Harbor, at the mouth of the Charles River.

The goal isn't to give the Union Oyster House a new supply of slurpable food, but to create a natural filtration system for the harbor:

Charles river flow is 300 million gallons per day. Ten small beds of oysters 225 feet square (less than a football field) could cleanse this volume on a daily basis.

Would this happen instantaneously? No. Would every gallon of flow be filtered? No. But can these Oysters improve the situation? Absolutely.

Via the Charlestown Connection.

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Speeded up for your convenience:

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Jelpics took some photos as the Queen Elizabeth 2 rounded Castle Island today for its last visit to Boston. Joshua Thayer took some photos at the Black Falcon dock. Rikkma photographed the QE2 setting sail.

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As a complete landlubber, the thing that amazes me about outer Boston Harbor on a nice warm day is how crowded it seems. There are tugs and dredges and freighters and ferries and sometimes even a giant cruise ship, all somehow making their way around without crushing any of the sailboats and other small pleasure craft bobbing and tacking and just sitting there.

Big ship

Oh, and whales! RDA was out on the Harbor this weekend, too, only got to see a whale, in addition to the Boston skyline and boats and docks.

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Great Blue Hill

Looking toward the Great Blue Hill (I think; somebody please correct me if I'm wrong) through a tunnel out of Fort Warren on Georges Island.

The fort is great for such framed views, given that it has zillions of slits and holes for cannons, guns and binoculars:

Out to sea