By - 10/23/13 - 8:32 am

Cue Acoustics, a Woburn maker of home audio systems, is suing General Motors for promoting something it calls the Cadillac User Experience, or CUE.

In its lawsuit, filed yesterday in US District Court in Boston, Cue says that because the GM CUE includes an audio system, would-be buyers could be confused and think they were buying a Cue product. The company says it asked... Read more

By - 10/22/13 - 2:24 pm

UPDATE: Service came back on shortly after 4 p.m.

Matt Robbins reports:

Verizon data conduit damaged last night at 800 Boylston. Major outage for downtown Boston

800 Boylston is the Prudential Center. One frustrated network administrator says the outage is going on 15+ hours:

Affecting hundreds of companies in Boston and Cambridge. Worst outage I've seen in 7 years of working in

... Read more
By - 10/22/13 - 7:50 am

The T will be running buses instead of trains over the Longfellow this weekend as workers get the tracks ready for the extensive repairs planned for the bridge. Also:

Bicyclists will be asked to walk their bikes on the sidewalk across the Longfellow Bridge to ensure the safety of all bridge users. On Saturday, October 26, there will be alternating single lane closures on Memorial

... Read more
By - 10/22/13 - 7:26 am

Alleging a conspiracy by a rival in Silicon Valley, Hopkinton-based EMC has unleashed a barrage of lawsuits against former salespeople it says left with proprietary EMC information.

In the latest suit, filed yesterday in US District Court in Boston, EMC charges that Chadwick Johnson, a former salesman in Texas, took with him, among other things, a spreadsheet with 93,000 entries of "names, purchase histories, deal... Read more

By - 10/20/13 - 8:47 pm
Kids on a cow

Throughout the day, a steady stream of people pulled into the Hilltop parking lot to pose with the cows. Even motorists on Rte. 1 slowed to take a gander at the cows on the restaurant's last day open.

Hilltop sign
By - 10/18/13 - 9:44 pm

Nothing like a little Friday-evening bombshell: Suffolk Downs is giving casino giant Caesars the boot, just weeks before East Boston voters are supposed to decide whether to approve the idea of a $1-billion resort casino next to the racetrack.

In a letter to the casino operator (attached below), Suffolk Downs COO Chip Tuttle said an investigation by the state Gaming Commission's Investigations and Enforcement Bureau... Read more

By - 10/18/13 - 11:40 am

Boston - Seyfarth Shaw and Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH) today announced their partnership in hosting a free legal services fair for the Dorchester/Roxbury community. The fair will be held at the Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps and Community Center on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Featuring representatives from many of Boston’s top legal aid agencies, including Greater... Read more

By - 10/14/13 - 8:44 pm

A Little Caesar's is opening on American Legion Highway, one door down from Simco.

It'll be interesting to see how long it lasts. Aside from Domino's, which has been around forever, Boston's more rural districts don't much cotton to chain pizza - anybody remember the Papa John's in West Roxbury? But if it can survive anywhere, American Legion might be it, given that it's turning... Read more

By - 10/10/13 - 7:52 am

Adam Castiglioni posts the building permit to prove it. Good news for Government Center workers who don't want to make the long trek to the Panera Bread on the other side of City Hall.

By - 10/4/13 - 12:55 pm

Seems confused investors are snapping up shares of our very own bankrupt Tweeter, rather than waiting for shares of the not-at-all-bankrupt Twitter to go on sale.

By - 10/4/13 - 10:50 am

A Boston resident has spent the past decade battling his way through the permitting and approval process that would allow him to build his dream house on what is currently an empty lot on the flat of Beacon Hill.

But now, just after receiving the final sign-off on his plans, he's decided he doesn't want to, after all.

In 2003, Beacon Hill resident and Delta... Read more

By - 10/3/13 - 9:59 pm

The famous non-profit organization is suffering at the (stage)hands of LocalOne.

See below for a couple of takes on the situation.
"Accepting Local 1's demand, Carnegie said in a statement, would 'divert significant funds away from the hall’s music education programs and into stagehand fees.'"
"This is a fight Carnegie Hall... Read more

By - 10/3/13 - 6:16 pm

If you go to the Yelp page for A-Plus Moving and Storage on Border Street today, you first have to click through a popup that reads:

We caught someone red-handed trying to buy reviews for this business. We weren't fooled, but wanted you to know because buying reviews not only hurts consumers, but also honest businesses who play by the rules.

Attached to that is... Read more

By - 10/2/13 - 6:39 am

Cambridge Day reports the owner of the Middle East in Central Square wants to buy the building the club is in. To pay for the purchase, he says he'd want to add four or five stories of residential units above the club.

By - 10/1/13 - 7:47 am

The Boston Business Journal reports the Boston Licensing Board rejected a proposed 1 a.m. closing time for a restaurant in the former Renaissance charter-school building because we can't have restaurants in that area staying open that late.

In fairness to residents, the developer of the school-to-apartments project did promise them any restaurant in the building would be open no later than 12:30 a.m., but... Read more

By - 10/1/13 - 7:31 am

Boston-based Scvngr, which sells a system that lets smartphone users pay for purchases, is suing an Illinois company before it can sue Svngr for patent infringement.

Scvngr, maker of the LevelUp payment system, accused eCharge Licensing, LLC of being nothing more than a patent troll trying to extort money from true innovators based on patents that should have been laid to rest years ago,... Read more

By - 9/30/13 - 9:57 am

Hardee's plans to expand into Massachusetts after first convincing New Yorkers and New Jerseyites they need a new way to stuff their faces. The chain claims:

We’ve heard from residents all across the region for years, begging us to bring our food back to them.

Via Boston Business Journal.... Read more

By - 9/30/13 - 7:55 am

The Daily Free Press reports on a strike against Insomnia Cookies, one of those companies trying to cash in on area college students' late-night need for baked sugar.

By - 9/27/13 - 10:05 am

The Globe reports the BRA yesteday approved the Yawkey Way deal with the Sox.

Meanwhile, the Herald reports the board brought in some muscle from Municipal Protective Services to stand guard in case people upset with the nearly $8 million tax break the BRA approved for the luxury Filene's Memorial Hole project tried to lunge at board members or something. The Herald... Read more

By - 9/24/13 - 2:13 pm

The Crimson reports the Harvard Square Dunkie's made famous in "Good Will Hunting" isn't closing. How do ya like them apples?